D&D Movie/TV The D&D Movie Has Begun Filming!

Director Jonathan Goldstein tweeted "The campaign begins" with the following image!

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley will be directing the film which features "an ensemble cast and take a subversive approach to the game."

The film stars Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Hugh Grant, and Rege-Jean Page.


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CR 1/8
That worked well for the Lego Movie (which wonderful, even for adults, for folks who didn't see it or the equally good Lego Batman Movie), but I'm not sure the mechanics are compelling or universal enough for a D&D film.
They wouldn't have to use specific mechanics, I don't think. Just playing to the idea that a character's success hinges on a die roll wouldn't be terribly difficult to convey. No mechanics beyond than "high roll good, low roll bad" would be needed.
(DM is narrating the in-game action as it unfolds.... )
Character goes sliding toward a cliff and stops there, teetering on the edge, as stones and a sword go clattering over.
Cut to a d20 tumbling in slow motion across the dining room table.
Cut back to character teetering.
Cut back to die rolling.
Cut back to character close up on eyes, worried, sweating profusely.
Cut back to rolling die... to stop on a 20!
Cut back to character, who drops, grabs the edge, and backflips up to safety! Success!
Yeah, pretty gimmicky. But used judiciously, it might be a fun way to tie the game world of the PCs to the real word of the players.

Guess we'll see soon enough, though! :)

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What sort of action?
A sortie is ambushed and unable to recruit allies in time to rescue their captured team mates the lone survivor already under pressure by lies about them betraying the others is forced to recruit people she would otherwise not go anywhere near.
Thus an aging band of former mercenaries who are as far from heroic as you can get have one last adventure knowing full well for most this is certain death but unknown to their recruiter they have secret weapon each of them are a legend in their field and the enemy are about to discover their reputation is well earned!


That term, "subversive approach", is what worries me about this. I suspect it means a take on D&D which will offend most fans / players of the actual game. I really hope I'm wrong though.
If they are looking to make something for most players, that's aiming at the teenyboppers.


5 or 6 is a lot for both good and bad characters? Not for something like this, which should have a fairly large cast of core characters. Sure, it may not be as large as the Fellowship, but I doubt it is about a lone adventurer. Or are you expecting this to be like Conan, where the main character runs around solo, while picking up a temporary companion or two on his adventures?
No, I expect 4-5 core characters in a party, and a villain, and a handful of supporting characters. Just like Guardians of the Galaxy.

Forge Fletcher actually sounds like a hero’s name. If it was truly subversive, it’d be Hugh Grant’s character as the, like, most famous adventurer of all time being called into one last dungeon delve to save the world from the monsters below...who will be played by the other cast members.

Doric sounds like a bard to me. But maybe a goblin bard...

Yeah, not gonna be that.

If they are looking to make something for most players, that's aiming at the teenyboppers.
OK... thank you for furthering the depressive nature of my take on this... mind you, I suspect that is the point of their "subversive approach". On the other hand, if my expectations are low enough I can't be disappointed so there is that :D

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