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PF2E The Fall of Plaguestone OOC [Closed]

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I hear there's an Errata out already with some fairly major changes in places. (Wizards supposedly aren't supposed to get a lv 1 class feat?) I haven't found the full document yet, but if we do, how do we want to handle it?

Edit: Apparently, it's coming but hasn't been officially published yet. Here's the few notes I found on a post about it.

  • Humans are supposed to have one more language (Common + Bonus + INT).
  • Your proficiency in simple weapons is also what your proficiency in unarmed should be, including the wizard. Monk is an exception as they are better at unarmed.
  • Ki spells cue off Wisdom for the monk.
  • Sorcerer is missing a 17th level Resolve class feature, just the same as the wizard's (includes master will save, critical success, etc.).
  • Wizards don't get a 1st level class feat by default. This was a mistake. They only get one for being a universalist.
  • The adventurer's pack is only 1 bulk.
  • Heroic Recovery takes you to 0 hit points, not 1.

Sigh. Why can't they get it right first time out? I pay good money for them to get it right.

Anyway, until something official comes out, we can play by the book, since that's all we really have. I use the PDF mostly, so if they update that with the errata, that's what we'll use. No one has time to keep track of the infinity of errata and nerfs like PF1 had. That was half the reason I supported PF2.


So another game came up in which evil characters are preferred. Silly, but I'm not too crazy about playing evil all the time. I'm going to pull Dedrick to play in that and go back to my alchemist idea.

Question. I heard that this AP had something about an alchemical crossbow. Is it something that I could start with or would I have to find it along the way?


I am looking forward to seeing what choices you have made with your rogue, Fitz.

In any case with a Chirurgeon for single target healing and a Cleric for healing a party of six we should be nearly invincible.*

*Famous last words.

Seeing as I don't really know how "good" any choices are, I've mostly been picking things based on if they "feel" like the character I have in mind. She's a Tian Fan-Dancer, who wants to get away from the seedier aspects of that life and go adventuring. She's almost done, but I've struggled a bit to make sure I'm doing things right.


Eh, I am not super concerned with how good we are in combat, strictly speaking. I am sure as long as we manage the resources we do have properly that we will get by just fine. Certainly the "goodness" of the rogue's combat choices is probably at that bottom of the list of what I am curious to see.

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