The Fall of Plaguestone OOC [CLOSED]

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Relaxed Intensity
Let's try out the new Pathfinder 2. I'll run the stand alone adventure The Fall of Plaguestone and we can see where things go from there. I think 3-5 players? Maybe stretch it to 6 if there's more interest? Base rules are written for a party of 4.

I would definitely be interested.


Yeeeeesssssssss... I have a build outline ready for every Plaguestone background. A half-elf rogue, a goblin champion, a gnome cleric, a human alchemist, or a half-orc fighter, depending on what niche needs to be filled when everyone else has chosen.


World Traveller (She/Her)
I'd love to give PF2 a go. I rolled a few characters just to get the hang of the system and I'd love to give it a shot.


I have been inspired by a lot of their system differentiations. I'm seriously considering a Fighter as well. Being a sword and board really has meaning with their shield rules.

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