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The Hunt for the Blue Palace (Yoon Suin/Troika!)


Dusty Dragon
The figments climb with you, nattering all the way.

"oooh, look at the slugman bend!"
"it's because they have no bone."
"Then how do they... you know..."
"They don't"
"This tree has bark on it!"
"They all have bark?"
"They do? I learned something today"
"The porter is climbing!"
"He ports! He speaks! He climbs!"
"Totally OP"
"I can't see the blue palace, but I think I see 2 purple hills!"
"That's not hills, that's Apu's ass!"
"Stop looking at my ass!"
"Shut up Apu, you aren't here remember?"
"Oh yeah..."

Looking around there are no evidence of the Blue Palace

"And now it is time for the ritual!"
"Yes the ritual!"
"The ritual sacrifice?"
"No silly, that requires a beautiful maiden"
"If you squint really hard the porter could do?"
"Shut up yob!"
"Quiet everyone. Focus."
"Hocus Focus Abradacrabrus..."

Suddenly, the branches are covered in a smooth, impossibly slick grease. Your grip fails. The figments slip off and start flying, laughing.

What do you do? (A luck or a skill check would do here, but if you come up with something good...)

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Dusty Dragon
In an impressive display of coordination, the templar managed to wrap the trunk with their flexible bendy slugman legs and use their swords to slow themselves down.

The porter... well. Pinpehlu latches on to a figment... who is way too small to hold both of them aloft. He held on with all his strenght (which was considerable), but all Pinpehlu achieved was landing on top of it. A jet of purple goo flew out.

You both (by both I mean Pinpehlu and the figment) take:
Falling damage: 2D6 = [2, 2] = 4
Stamina damage

(OOC: that could have been way worse...)

The other figments gasp. The fallen one slowly drags its way out of the stunned porter's body.

"Yob is alive!"
"Of course I'm alive, I'm right here"
"Shut up Yob!!! erm... I mean, who's down there?"
"I think it's Sir Poopalot!"
"oh dear. Are you ok Sir Poopalot?"

The nearly flattened figment rolls over to face the sky and says in a croaking voice:
"I think I pooped myself"
"... I didn't know we had anuses"
"... well... I do now..."
"Oh dear. Yob, go fly down and give him a hand"
"I'm not doing that, he's covered in poop! And he smells like a porter"
"That porter was not a flyer"
"Fly porter they said. It will be fun they said"
"Shut up you two and go grab Sir Poopalot!"

The figments touch down, help their flattened brethren up, and start flying away. What do you do?


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Ouch," says Pinpehlu weakly, getting up from the ground, covered in goo on one side. Rubbing his hand over the painful places on his body, the porter inadvertently spreads the goo around more than anything.

"I could use a bath," he says with a weak smile, "But I think I'll be alright. Do you think there's a pool or something nearby?"

OOC: Stamina 12/18


Dusty Dragon
It was clear that the general area seemed clear of danger, given the ruckus... and sadly, free of Blue Palace as well.

I believe the plan was to go north from there? The Figments are getting distant, but still in earshot if you want to say something else to them.

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