The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

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Autistic DM (he/him)
Moving on to step 2...

A: "Man, I hate how restricted classes are. I like the Wizard, but I want it to be divine magic, and to use swords, and buff my allies."

B: "So, a Paladin?"

A: "No, I want to be a Wizard. Why can't those be Wizardy things. Why do Wizards have to be arcane, and not great with weapons and armor stuff. It's really pigeon-holing and confining."

(Not really what I think is mostly happening in step 1, but it sometimes feels that way at the edges).
Arcana Cleric with Booming Blade, here I come!


CR 1/8

The time has come where I need a JavaScript extension to chrome to warn me when I’m either NOT posting to this thread or when I AM!

Liane the Wayfarer

Frumious Flumph
Sounds like Theros. :cool:
(but without the pastor endorsements)
Listen, while I'm not running a MtG-based D&D campaign, Theros actually still had plenty of material I can use. The stereotypes that exist, existed in the MtG setting previously, and were just ported into the setting book -- not that that's good, per se, but I can understand why it happens that way. But it still has good material beyond the stereotypes and fanservice.

The book I was posting in response to has a good chance to be a train wreck, no matter which way it goes.


I've lived in New Jersey most of my life. Feel free to laugh! By any metric, New Jersey is easily the absolute second-worst state to live in, in the continental US...

...Just in front of all the others... :D
Maidenhead Bagels in Lawrenceville closed, the state is dead to me.

(Hm. Maybe if that Bakery/Restaurant across from Rutgers is still open it might be worth saving)

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