The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

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Foggy Bottom Campaign Setting Fan
Still holding a grudge?

It was 20 years ago!

In the spirit of this thread, the thread you're speaking of is unindentiable.

However, I'm betting on midichlorians. And yes, I do. They redeemed Jar-jar Binks, but they never will be pardonned for making the Force a by-products of mitochondria.
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There needs to be a variant of the Wizard class called the Rules Lawyer, that bends reality to his will.

Wouldn't it be a Warlord, though? Yelling loudly at things until they change is kind of their gig...

In CAR WARS, one of the weapons that came out in a magazine supplement was the Existential Blue Crayon Gun...

It fired paint rounds in a color called Existential Blue, that made your car's armor so depressed that it stopped functioning.

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