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The Two Greatest Things in Life Are Finally Together (Hint: Star Wars)

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Dying in Chargen
I think I'm having a financial PTSD flashback from my wife hitting Sur La Table down on 4th street in Berkeley.


Totally Awesome Pirate Brain
Dude, my wife bought the Beauty & The Beast dutch oven. The lid handle is a 24 karat gold plated rose. The whole thing is otherwise a blue that perfectly matches Belle's dress.

I also want that roaster.

Almost as epic as this desk organizer.


Is Star Wars fandom even still a thing? I feel like this is at least 25 years past it's sell by date.
I;ve just looked around my room here, I can see action figures, books, a Star Wars pencil case (with Star Wars Edge of the Empire dice in it). Sotrmtrooper themes notebooks, and so on.

Hi everyone. My name is Greenstone and I have a problem.


Staff member
I may be ahem Forced to buy some out of the line for myself, and I know some of those smaller items will be going to some friends as gifts.


Staff member
I haven’t decided on WHAT. I mean, the trivets are no brainers, and the little pots are very affordable- perfect for gifting or personal use.

Of the pricier items, the only one I could justify would be the Solo roaster. The others are simply too expensive...and I already have several Le Creuset* Dutch Ovens that I love and use, not to mention an excessive amount of other cookware.** Price aside, I don’t think I’d have room to store another one!

* my iPad tried to Autocorrect that to LE Creuset. As in Lawful Evil. Hmmmmmmm...

** seriously. Waaaay too much. Like...beyond a devoted cook to possible nutjob.
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