Unearthed Arcana The Unearthed Arcana Is Back With Cleric's Unity Domain!

This week's Unearthed Arcana has reappeared, with a renamed cleric domain and a replaced cleric...

This week's Unearthed Arcana has reappeared, with a renamed cleric domain and a replaced cleric ability! "Unearthed Arcana presents three new subclasses for you to playtest: the College of Creation for the bard, the Unity Domain for the cleric, and the Clockwork Soul for the sorcerer."

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 8.04.39 PM.png

The Love Domain is now the Unity Domain:

"A sense of oneness shines at the heart of healthy communities, whether bound together by friendship, blood, faith, or some other uniting force. The gods of unity deepen such bonds and delight in their strength.

Clerics of these gods preside over marriages and other familial bonding customs, but they also nurture the emotional bonds of friendship and camaraderie. Their divine blessings bolster and protect allies in battle through these deep bonds and turn aside malign influences."

The Impulsive Infatuation power has been replaced with Shared Burden which allows you to distribute an ally's damage taken amongst other willing creatures.

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Scruffy and Determined
People are always asking for an unarmed fighter build, but they never stop to think about the unarmed bard.
idk why but now I'm imagining a bard that inspires people by going around and beating up bad people in public. that one clip of jacked up Rick and Summer (???) going around and beating up naughty word people that I never got any context for comes to mind.

I think they could split the bard into 2 subclasses. "Inspiration plus potential" has some interesting possibilities that I could see growing as you level up, and an animator bard could also be interesting.

The unity domain cleric fits together better then the love cleric did.

I am glad they gave the order sorcerer bonus spells known; interesting to see if all of them make it to the final product (last I heard, Mike Mearls was big into bonus 1st and 2nd level spells for sorcerers); I think it would be cool if they reprint tiny servant and give that to order sorcerers as one of the bonus spells (heat metal doesn't seem particularly orderly to me). I was still hoping the capstone would summon a bunch of modrons instead of spirits of order, but such is life.


I like everything here, and I like it slightly more than I did in the version we previously saw.

I also still think that Ceremony should be a domain spell for this domain, it fits at least as well as for Love.

Tsuga C

So....is it pretty much assured that Planescape is the next book then?

Ravnica is a poor substitute for Sigil, but that's about as close as you're likely to get to a 5E Planescape. If they were to reboot Planescape, Todd Stewart needs to be heavily involved from the get-go.


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