Tragedy at Silvergard OOC Thread

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Quick Tavern Timeline...

10:00 am: Big group arrives at Guild compound.

10:15 am: Big group heads for Hydra's Flagon. Valen heads to back of Compound to help Orin.

10:30 am: Big group arrives at Hydra's Flagon.

11:15 am: Alaric and Corath arrive at Hydra's Flagon.

11:30 am: Valen arrives at Hydra's Flagon.

All times should be noted as having "ish" after them.


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crazypixie said:
Nitpicky time...

Everyone please be sure to deduct the cost of whatever you're getting from the tavern from your available money. Thanks.

This is as it should be. Valen has spent 1sp (given to Orin) and 7 cp in his repast


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For the larger group...

Don't leave the tavern just yet. As soon as Arkhandus and Shadowmask get their responses in to Iphithis' arrival, he'll be approaching the larger group.


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I couldn't connect to EN World earlier today when I was finally able to use the computer, so I left the house after a while to do other stuff.


I'm alive. Just got managed to get on about 15 minutes ago.

As for alcohol, William will probably have one at normal drinking speed, then nurse the second.

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