D&D 5E UA Travelers of the Multiverse survey is live! Update: it’s offline now.

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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
It’ll probably close soon if you haven’t filled it out yet
I wish they gave a bit more time for people to actually use the UA before gathering feedback. I had to answer that I haven’t play tested any of the options, though I would like to have done, there just hasn’t been an opportunity. I’m gonna play a Plasmoid in a one-shot… tomorrow…


I crit!
We got in Astral Elves, Thri Kreen and Plasmoid
Oh and griff and hadrozee

The big things were I wish the elves had some astral or space thing, maybe being able to see into the astral, and the griff needs a gun thing or some kind of military tradition thing, like giving a player a help or command bonus action.

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