D&D 5E Underwater Adventures!


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"I agree... Palaces are where the best chance of treasure and also people to speak with would be. There or that tower, maybe a mage's tower? Surely that would have treasure worth our lives." Jamoar said with a nod at Tai-Tai

OOC: Some would say that you might not want to listen to the 7 Wisdom (after a +1 from Feat) person about the wisest options though...

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Stamr continues to swim in circles. He doesn't know anything about the city or its occupants, and cannot offer an informed opinion. He defers to the others, who currently seem to prefer to head straight for what is likely the most populous and guarded area. He is uncertain, but won't question it.


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Perilor shrugs.

"Dome, palace... We've got to start somewhere. And those riches will not just swim away after all those years."

Xander shrugs at the group.

"Dome, palace, or tower we will eventually be searching them all. We should make sure there are no dangers in the city before rushing towards the treasure. Treasure will do us no good if we are killed by some threat hiding in the city. We should clear each building as we move into the city. This way we know we have a safe exit out if we run into trouble."


Round 0

“I agree with Xander,” Corus said. “Let us head for the closest structure. Then clear the city as we move through it. The dome is large and open, yes, but that means any threats will likely be observable before they reach us. We can keep someone above near the hole to keep watch while the rest search.”

Corus flipped over and started to head down to the city, holding his trident in readiness and keeping aware of any trouble.

Action (Extra Attack): 2 attacks
Reaction: Opportunity attack

Character Sheet
AC: 19
HP: 50/52 HD: 5/6d10+2
Initiative: -1
PP: 10
PI: 10

Channel Divinity (1/R, DC 13)
  • Nature’s Wrath
  • Turn the Faithless

Divine Sense: 3/LR
Lay on Hands: 20/30

Divine Smite: 2d8 radiant+1d8/spell level higher than 1st (max 5d8)+1d8 vs fiends/undead
1) 4/4: Bless (C), Compelled Duel (BA, C), Cure Wounds, Ensnaring Strike (BA, C), Fog Cloud (C)(1/LR), Speak with Animals (R)
2) 1/2: Aid, Gust of Wind (C) (1/LR); Misty Step (BA); Moonbeam (C)
3) 0/0: Wall of Water (C)(1/LR)
4) 0/0: Dominate Beast (C, DC 15, beast with innate swim speed, 3 charges; recover 1d3/dawn)

Treasure hunting in undersea city
What killed the leviathan?

Kaeldos Nalorn - Triton druid (land)
Jamoar Gallentra - Half-elf storm sorcerer
Tai-Tai - Water genasi battlemaster
Perilor Kelpwood - sea elf monk (shadows)
Stamr Cavehaven - dwarf rogue (scout)
Xander Corvus - half-elf hexblade


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"How about we find a home base, one defensible structure and clean that up. We then spread out from that and fall back to it as needed." Tai -Tai offers the summary of all ideas..
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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Stamr starts swimming for the stadium. He sees an entrance there, the small crack, and it's the most obvious way in that has a chance of not attracting attention.

"Follow me" he suggests to those more at home under the sea, and he swims off.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: Kobold Stew wants a decision. If you want something else, just do it, and Stamr will fall in line.

OOC: I was just commenting on you going for the dome and we had same or more votes for the palace.

Tai-Tai stops his swim toward the palace at the plant companions tug. Seeing Stamr going toward the dome he shrugs and follows. It is not like he is the man in charge in here. And at least now he has a choice to follow or not. But the surroundings are proven dangerous and he swims behind Stamr looking around carefully.

Epic Threats

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