D&D 5E Underwater Adventures!

Xander is buffeted by the fast rushing water biut is able to pull free before being sucked into the maelstrom. He searches for the squid faced man that cast the spell and sees that he is fleeing. Xander swims towards the man seeing that he will not reach him he speaks a sharp word and vanishes in a cloud of bubbles, reappearing right in front of the fleeing man. Without hesitation Xander slashes at the man twice with his sword.

OOC: I will move towards the man and then use a bonus action to cast Misty Step to get in front of him. I will then attack him with my pact blade.
Two attacks with pact blade on squidface: 2#1d20+8 27 18
Sword damage.: 2#1d8+5 9 6

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Tai-Tai, frightened by magic of tenctacle guy still manages to recover some of his stamina in mad rush to get away. Running away from more powerful creatures isn't unknown to him, lone hunter that doesn't know when to run will not last long.

Thus, when the maelstrom appears, he easily pulls out of the current. The pain doesn't manage to snap him out of his fear however.

OOC: With fear affecting Tai-Tai and thus disengage and full move away from the caster, is Tai-Tai even in maelstrom area? Anyhow he is at 13-7 = 6 HP if affected, 13 if not.

Last round bonus action:

New save
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Squid man convulses, being hit by the lighting breath, but not a direct hit, then hit again by the Chromatic Orb. Then Xander appears in front of him and rips out a few of his face tentacles! That hurts!

Desperate, the squid man gestures a piece of tentacle, and squrming, ebony tentacles seem to grow from the very water itself! They thrash and grasp at Xander, and the Squidman bolts past Xander, continuing his exit.

Xander gets an Opportunity Attack. And he must make a DC 13 dex saving throw or take [roll0] damage and is restrained. In order to follow the squid man, you will have to go through the tentacles, and since it is difficult terrain, you can only go 15 feet of the 20, and therefore will have to make the saving throw again on your next turn. Succeed on both and you can follow him. Unless you can teleport again.

Anyone else who chases after the squid man will have to go through the tentacle mass if you want to have any hope of catching him.

Xander swipes at the man as he retreats. The blade impacts with the man and a concussive force smashes into him.

OOC: Attack on the squid-man with my pact weapon.
Attack of opportunity: 1d20+8 28 That is a critical. I am going to use my Eldritch Smite invocation to do an additional 4d8 force damage and knock him prone. This is a crit so I will be doing 2d8 slashing damage and 8d8 force damage.
Attack of opportunity critical w/ smite: 2d8+8d8+5 56 That is 12 slashing damage and 44 force damage.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Explode! Can you use smite after the fact? I play paladin in another game and I wasted good spell slots on misses


OOC: Yep. Even Paladin Smites can be called after the hit. That’s why Crit Fishing Paladin are awesome.

Also, he is definitely dead. Vlad, you may narrate how you kill him.

The man is thrashed about like a rag doll and slammed to the sea floor as if bitten by some giant invisible sea creature. As the blade is withdrawn from the man wisps of black tendrils stream out. Xander flicks the blade and the tendrils coalesce into a shadowy form of the squid faced man. Xander speaks to the shadowy creature in an incomprehensible language.

[sblock=Deep Speech]"Follow me until the next dawn. Protect me and my companions."[/sblock]

OOC: I am using my Accursed Specter feature to turn the now slain squid-man into a Specter under my control. I also completely forgot that I had taken Deep Speech as part of my connection to my Patron.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: To be fair I didn't look at everyone's known languages. If you know Deep Speech then it is comprehensible to you.
OOC: No, you're totally right, only two of us speak it - essentially everyone has Primordial/Aquan, I just thought there was good possibility there are more of us speaking it

[roll=Cha Save vs Fear]1d20[/roll]


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.

Tai-Tai flees for another several seconds before death of the squid-face breaks the magic infecting him and he stops. He returns shame faced and barely alive, leaving dark streams of blood behind.
"I need help or there will be shark attacks soon. I don't know I escaped death from those merrow and I don't intend to serve as fish food if I can help it."
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Round 0

“Be at ease, friend,” Corus said. He said a prayer and put his hand on Tai-Tai to heal him.

Cure Wounds 2nd level: 2D8+2 = [6, 5]+2 = 13

Corus rejoined the others. “What was that creature?” He stared down at the ruined city spread below them. “And how many more lurk therein?”

Action (Extra Attack): 2 attacks
Reaction: Opportunity attack

Character Sheet
AC: 19
HP: 46/52 HD: 6/6d10+2
Initiative: -1
PP: 10
PI: 10

Channel Divinity (1/R, DC 13)
  • Nature’s Wrath
  • Turn the Faithless

Divine Sense: 3/LR
Lay on Hands: 20/30

Divine Smite: 2d8 radiant+1d8/spell level higher than 1st (max 5d8)+1d8 vs fiends/undead
1) 4/4: Bless (C), Compelled Duel (BA, C), Cure Wounds, Ensnaring Strike (BA, C), Fog Cloud (C)(1/LR), Speak with Animals (R)
2) 1/2: Aid, Gust of Wind (C) (1/LR); Misty Step (BA); Moonbeam (C)
3) 0/0: Wall of Water (C)(1/LR)
4) 0/0: Dominate Beast (C, DC 15, beast with innate swim speed, 3 charges; recover 1d3/dawn)

Treasure hunting in undersea city
What killed the leviathan?

Kaeldos Nalorn - Triton druid (land)
Jamoar Gallentra - Half-elf storm sorcerer
Tai-Tai - Water genasi battlemaster
Perilor Kelpwood - sea elf monk (shadows)
Stamr Cavehaven - dwarf rogue (scout)
Xander Corvus - half-elf hexblade


Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
Jamoar watches as Xander wallops the squid creature to death. He continues to hold his lightning breath until it expires naturally just in case.

As Xandar chants over the squid faced man and a spirit rises up from his body, Jamoar grimaces. “That’s some dark magic there... how do you control it?”

Eying the spirit warily, Jamoar moves to inspect the body and see if the squidface has any information in him as to who these guys were and what they were doing here, now.

OOC: 6 rounds of Dragon breath left, going to keep it until it expires.

Investigation - 1d20+1 [12]
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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Stamr watches, afraid, and realizes he is holding his breath.

He doesn't need to. As Xander finishes the Tentacled opponent, he regains his composure and swims towards him. Suddenly breathing deeply and feeling the water inside his lungs.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
With the help of Corus, Perilor manages to escape the whirlpool. The sea elf looks at the tentacled guy with awe, but within seconds he sees Xander make short work of the impressive opponent. Relief washes over Perilor, and he looks at Xander with renewed appreciation. That guy knows how to fight!

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