D&D 5E Underwater Adventures!

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Sahuagin 2: Chopped to pieces by Stamr's Moon blade! (From the first hit. Not sure what you want to do with all those options...we'll say they were within 20 ft, so what did you want to do?)

So that's Tentacle guy and all six Merrow still living, but not happy, and only one Sahuagin still ticking. I think it's they're turn! But that'll be the next post. So exciting![/ooc]

So the first is a hit, and I can move 40', so that's another attack (which I think will hit). Maybe that was already factored in? If not, then maybe he can attack the still-swimming Sahaugin before he moves.

But now he's 40' away and frightened. Can he swim towards one of the Merrow without heading for the tenatacular guy?

Xander slashes at the Merrow as they swarm Tai-Tai. The strange half-elf targets the most injured to try and cut down the number of enemies their group would be facing.

Action: Attack the Merrow on Tai-Tai. Will attach the closest Merrow that is injured if possible. If I can't get to the injured without getting an AoO I will attack the closest enemy.
Two attacks with pact blade at Merrow: 2#1d20+8 14 26
Slashing damage on Merrow from both attacks: 2#1d8+5 12 8
Charisma Save: 1d20+8 22


OOC: Ok, a lot happened! Gonna do this one thing at a time.

The Quippers swarm #'s 5 and 6, ripping into them, burrowing their way inside the creatures. They both swat uselessly at the little fish, and then begin to jerk. They go still a moment later as the Quippers begin to eat them from the inside out.

#2 feels something invade his head, [roll0], and shrugs it off.

Merrow #3 lunges at Tai Tai, but misses, and his trident goes into Merrow #1, piercing his already wounded flesh and ripping a nice hole or three into the creature's heart. It stops moving, and Merrow #3 gasps in shock.

As Jamoar lets loose with his electrifying breath, only Merrows #2, 3 and 4 are still moving.

#2: [roll1]
#3: [roll2]
#4: [roll3]

And they...

Perilor manages to snag the last Sahuagin, breaking its neck with a well timed hit.

Silence falls upon the squid man, and he looks shocked for a moment, before setting his teeth in determination.

Corus manages to slash one of the remaining Merrow as it writhes in electric pain, driving his trident home.

Tentacle Guy: Barely injured and silenced!

Merrow 1: Killed by friendly trident
Merrow 2: Injured from Dragon Breath
Merrow 3: Barely Injured from Dragon Breath
Merrow 4: Killed by Corus Trident mixed with Dragon Breath
Merrow 5: Quipper Poop
Merrow 6: Quipper Poop

Sahuagin 1: Quipper poop
Sahuagin 2: Chopped to pieces by Stamr's Moon blade! (From the first hit. Not sure what you want to do with all those options...we'll say they were within 20 ft, so what did you want to do?)
Sahuagin 3: Dead
Sahuagin 4: Charred Husk from Lightning
Sahuagin 5: Charred Husk from Lightning
Sahuagin 6: Charred Husk from Lightning
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With only two of his Merrow left and unable to utter a word, the squid man sits, impotent. So he doesn't sit. He skedaddles. The Merrow see his example and disengage themselves, booking it.

The moment the squid man is past the barrier of the Silence spell, he looks back and growls in some horrible language, and the water around you beings to swirl. You feel it, like a rip tide, pulling at you, threatening to overwhelm you and throw you about!

Make a Strength (Athletics) check to swim out of the whirlpool! (DC 13)



The Merrow are not so lucky! They are pulled along the whirlpool, having not been able to get out of the perimeter in time. They are bludgeoned to death on the ocean floor by the ripping current!

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Stamr has spent so little time underwater, and now suddenly finds himself facing new choices, new directions in combat. He is disoriented, and still frightened of the creature before him. Yet as the reality of the physical world impedes on his sences, he begins to gain focus.

Stamr feels the tug of the whirlpool, and believes he can swim comfortably out of it.

OOC: Strength (Athletics) check [roll0] vs DC 13.

If he is still frightened, he will swim away. If not, he will close and attack the Tentacle guy.


Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
Jamoar powers through the burgeoning maelstrom straight at the fleeing tentacled spellcaster. Unleashing another blast of lightning breath at the creature when he neared to within 10' of him...it. Once his barrages are unleashed, Jamoar glides back through the waters to be 20' from the creature.

OOC: Strength (Athletics) check (1d20+5) [20] vs DC 13
Dragon's Breath (lightning) DC 15 save for half; 4d6 [21]
Quickened Chromatic Orb attack 1d20+7 [19]
Chromatic Orb damage (lightning) 4d8 [23]
He also takes 3 additional thundering damage being within 10' of me and then moves back 10' after casting his barrage


A bit of hope rises in Kaeldos's chest as he sees the squid-headed monster turn tail. But then it looks back and casts at the group once more. The young triton swims away, still frightened of the sorcerer and the move saves him from the conjured whirlpool as it barely has time to tug at him as he swims away.

OOC: STR(Athletics) [roll0]
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Too late does Perilor realise that his opponent has moved out of the silent water, and when he sees the man cast another spell, the sea elf tries hard to get out of reach of the devestating rip tide. He is not fast enough, however, and the wave carries him away.

OOC: Athletics check: [roll0] (fail)


OOC: Whirlpool damage: [roll0]

Success takes Half damage. Failure takes all of it and is stuck in the whirlpool and must try again on their next turn. I will allow someone who succeeded to Help those who don't on their next turn to give them advantage.

BTW, the squid guy is trying to get away. He did this as a means to keep y'all distracted.


OOC: Squid guy was at least 15 ft away from the closest combatant when he bolted, and he swam 30 ft away, pausing briefly to give you a whirlpool for your birthdays. So that depends on how far Xander can swim.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
OOC: Stamr.
Half damage: 6 points damage (39/45).
I don't know if I get another chance of a Charisma save. If so, vs DC 14 [roll0]. (or maybe it's worn off/no longer being concentrated on?)
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Round 2

As their enemies fled, the squidman turned and cast another spell. A whirlpool formed, pulling at Corus.

Athletics: 1D20+7 = [11]+7 = 18

Corus managed to swim free of the current, though not without taking some battering, watching as the remaining Merrow got sucked in and bludgeoned against the seafloor. Corus was about to go after him with the others, but Perilor was stuck in the current. Corus swam toward the whirlpool again, holding out his trident for the sea elf to grab and help pull him out.

OOC: Help action to get Perilor out.

Action (Extra Attack): 2 attacks
Reaction: Opportunity attack

Character Sheet
AC: 19
HP: 46/52 HD: 6/6d10+2
Initiative: -1
PP: 10
PI: 10

Channel Divinity (1/R, DC 13)
  • Nature’s Wrath
  • Turn the Faithless

Divine Sense: 3/LR
Lay on Hands: 20/30

Divine Smite: 2d8 radiant+1d8/spell level higher than 1st (max 5d8)+1d8 vs fiends/undead
1) 4/4: Bless (C), Compelled Duel (BA, C), Cure Wounds, Ensnaring Strike (BA, C), Fog Cloud (C)(1/LR), Speak with Animals (R)
2) 2/2: Aid, Gust of Wind (C) (1/LR); Misty Step (BA); Moonbeam (C)
3) 0/0: Wall of Water (C)(1/LR)
4) 0/0: Dominate Beast (C, DC 15, beast with innate swim speed, 3 charges; recover 1d3/dawn)

Treasure hunting in undersea city
What killed the leviathan?

Kaeldos Nalorn - Triton druid (land)
Jamoar Gallentra - Half-elf storm sorcerer
Tai-Tai - Water genasi battlemaster
Perilor Kelpwood - sea elf monk (shadows)
Stamr Cavehaven - dwarf rogue (scout)
Xander Corvus - half-elf hexblade

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