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D&D 5E Underwater Adventures!


OOC: They're within 30 ft, so attack away.

If you win initiative, go ahead and go.

The Quippers advance quickly, both swarms...um...swarming over one unlucky Sahuagin. When they move away a moment later, the Sahuagin's skeleton, completely picked clean, falls to the ocean floor slowly, where it crumples into a pile of bones.

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Tai-Tai, forewarned by his weapon is already pointed straight at the enemy and as one of the larger creatures approaches he fast-swims forward impaling it with all three tines. Ripping the hooks out makes even more damage to the surrounding tissue and cloud of blood darkens the waters around the pair.

"Watch for the sharks!"

The kelp around his shoulders weaves passively around, ending up bunched up on his back, probably due to forward speed. It does make it safe from merrow attack however. The bulbs at one end of the plant scan surrounding waters for additional threats.

Attack vs frontmost Merrow; damage: 1D20+7+2 = [13]+7+2 = 22
1D6+6 = [1]+6 = 7
1D20+7+2 = [4]+7+2 = 13
1D6+6 = [5]+6 = 11
- if 13 misses add Precision attack: 1D8 = [4] = 4
to the roll

Perception: 1D20 = [13] = 13

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Unsettled by the human like creature with tentacles for a mouth, Jamoar unleashed a ray of icy magic at him. Then, to even the odds a little bit he swam to align as many creatures as possible, hoping to get close at least one enemy, then he unleashed a long streak of lightning, catching a few of their foes with one blast.

OOC: Ray of Frost, 60' range1d20+7 23
2d8 10 Plus creature is slowed by 10'
8d6: 35 [8d6=3, 5, 5, 3, 5, 5, 3, 6] quickened spell (2 sorcery points) lightning bolt
DC 15 to take half (unless you're doing something different with electricity in water
Plus any creatures hostile creatures within 10' of me when I cast lightning bolt take 3 additional lighting damage
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Stamr reacts swiftly and swims towards the nearest opponent that isn't a swarm. As he does so he pulls out his moon blade, which shines an unholy light in the subaquatic environment. He slashes... and then swims away. "Come and catch me, you silly herring" he shouts, his voice muffled because of the underwater environment and the air bubble that had still lodged in his throat. Still, he tries to draw off some of the enemy.

OOC: Hoping nearest opponent is within 20': move to it.
Action: attack: [roll0]. If a hit damage = [roll1]. Does it have an enemy school of quipper or one of us beside it? If so, add Sneak attack damage of [roll2]. Then move. Hoping he can move more than 40'.

If he will move more than 40', then bonus action to another attack: [roll3], with damage [roll4].

If it's a hit, and he won't move more than 40', then bonus action to dodge.

If it's a miss and he won't move more than 40', then bonus action to dash, for an extra 20'.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Perilor had been quiet so far. He was trying to discover the reasons behind Jamoar's grudge against the sea elves, but so far he had found nothing. Instead of agitating the half-human - for now - Perilor refrains from attacking the same target, instead focusing on another sahuagin.

Swimming towards it quickly, the elf takes a stab at it with his spear, holding it in both hands, then retracts the weapon and using the momentum, punches it with an elbow. Turning with the motion, Perilor's foot swings at the creature just before the spear again flashes at it.

OOC: Move up to one of several suahagin.
Attack (spear): [roll0] for [roll1] piercing damage
Flurry Of Blows (2 unarmed strikes; consumes 1 Ki point): [roll2] [roll3] for [roll4] [roll5] bludgeoning damage
Extra Attack (spear): [roll6] for [roll7] piercing damage

[sblock=Ki]Ki points spent: 1/6
Ki save DC: 14

Ki options:
Flurry Of Blows, 1 ki point, bonus action: Two unarmed strikes after attacking with unarmed or monk weapon.
Patient Defense, 1 ki point, bonus action: Dodge.
Step Of The Wind, 1 ki point, bonus action: Disengage or Dash, double jump distance.
Stunning Strike, 1 ki point, part of attack action: Target makes Constitution save or be stunned.
Shadow Arts, 2 ki points, action: Cast Darkness, Darkvision, Pass Without Trace, or Silence.

Cantrip known: Minor Illusion (Shadow Arts; DC 14) [/sblock]


OOC: Here's a roll to see how many of the bad guys are hit by the lightning bolt:


And their dex saves, with disadvantage due to water being conductive!
[roll1] or [roll2]

Just so we can keep this straight, I'll change this when I see the rolls:

Tentacle Guy: Barely injured and slowed!

Merrow 1: Injured and bleeding from Tai Tai's trident!
Merrow 2: Uninjured
Merrow 3: Uninjured
Merrow 4: Badly Injured from lightning
Merrow 5: Badly Injured from lightning
Merrow 6: Badly Injured from lightning

Sahuagin 1: Quipper poop
Sahuagin 2: Chopped to pieces by Stamr's Moon blade! (From the first hit. Not sure what you want to do with all those options...we'll say they were within 20 ft, so what did you want to do?)
Sahuagin 3: Badly injured (By Perilor's unarmed strikes! Both Spear attacks missed...)
Sahuagin 4: Charred Husk from Lightning
Sahuagin 5: Charred Husk from Lightning
Sahuagin 6: Charred Husk from Lightning

Xander misses cleanly! Twice!

So that's Tentacle guy and all six Merrow still living, but not happy, and only one Sahuagin still ticking. I think it's they're turn! But that'll be the next post. So exciting!
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"Form up!" The tentacular man says, cold and frostbite clear on his flesh. The Merrow tighten their formation, though the lone Sahuagin merely throws his spear at Perilor as he tries to swim away (you get an AoO.)

Spear to Perilor: [roll0]
Damage: 4

The Tentacle man's eyes go slack, and he seems to swell without actually changing size. When he speaks again, his voice is different, booming, all encompassing in its finality and awesomeness, seeming to come from some distant world where the owner of the voice, obviously not the man himself, is ruler without rival.

"Vrackoom breesee compaltor!"

The words reverberate into your very souls, fear welling from within. (Make a Charisma save, DC 14, or be Frightened for 1 minute.)

The Merrow team up on one enemy at a time, all choosing Tai Tai, as he is closest. They have apparently decided to focus their attacks.

OOC: There are six Merrow, and they each get 2 attacks. Going to do three here and three in the next post.

Morrow 1:
First Attack: [roll1]
Damage: 11
Second Attack: [roll2]
Damage: 11

Morrow 2:
First Attack: [roll3]
Damage: 11
Second Attack: [roll4]
Damage: 11

Morrow 3:
First Attack: [roll5]
Damage: 11
Second Attack: [roll6]
Damage: 11


Morrow 4:
First Attack: [roll0]
Damage: 11
Second Attack: [roll1]
Damage: 11

Morrow 5:
First Attack: [roll2]
Damage: 11
Second Attack: [roll3]
Damage: 11

Morrow 6:
First Attack: [roll4]
Damage: 11
Second Attack: [roll5]
Damage: 11

Ouch! Seven hits! That's 77 HP! You down for the count, Tai Tai, unless you have a means for mitigating some of those attacks!

Everyone else, make your Charisma Save vs DC 14, and you're up!
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