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Warriors Of The Coast OOC


Though small, Seawell is a prosperous trading town with a good location on the coast of Q'barra. Next to it is a long peninsula that features mostly swamplike terrain. The inhabitants of this peninsula include tribes of lizardfolk, plus several kinds of reptiles and amphibians. Most of these creatures don't bother the town, and Seawell's militia is experienced at repulsing raids by the more aggressive lizardfolk.

A large reef extends the entire length of the peninsula on the side away from Seawell. This great wall of coral is a favorite site for fishermen, but it has always presented a serious hazard to ships approaching from that direction. Thus, about 45 years ago, the people of Seawell built a lighthouse on a small promontory near the reef, about 200 yards from the shoreline. Operated by a family that lived inside it, this lighthouse ensured that ships could easily steer clear of the reef.

A few weeks ago, ships stopped arriving from that direction. Three ships are now overdue, and the people of Seawell have begun to suspect foul play. Thus far, however, they have not been able to investigate because of increased raiding by the lizardfolk. Something has stirred them up, and the town militia has been too busy repulsing raids to mount an expedition to the reef.


Here are the submission guidelines...

2nd level Eberron campaign set on the coast of Q'Barra
All books from the Eberron campaign setting and all 4 main Complete books allowed
No psionics
28 point buy
Max HP and gold at 1st level
All characters will have spent at least a year in Seawell
Submit crunch, history, and appearance
All characters receive two additional feats over their normal starting amount. These should be selected for interesting "fluff" purposes, rather than strict crunch.

Characters currently playing:

Ari Osten Human Hexblade [stonegod]
Jango Silversun Elf Sorcerer [Valmont]
Khalia ir’Indari Human Archivist [drothgery]
Nelson Luttin Human Bard [James Heard]
Skarghash Half-orc Rogue [Brogarn]
Taviss Jarga Human Ranger [Ringmereth]

Character selection will be made based on types and interesting concepts (not first-come-first-serve). Because the game takes place in a small coastal town in Q'Barra, the more the character's history and concept makes use of the area and the reasons for being in Seawell, the better chance you probably have to be selected. As much as you might want to play your kobold warlock... if you have to really struggle to shoehorn him into the town, the more unlikely it'll be that I'll select him. I'm probably going to take 6-8 characters because invariably we'll have two people or so drop out or barely post after the first week. Please note that this game will lean more towards character interaction than combat, so if your posts don't tend to be more than 2 lines of unspoken dialogue, you probably won't like the game much. I usually will post a couple times a day M-F but rarely over the weekend (and I make it a point to finish any combats or big plot points before the end of the day Fridays so you don't get stuck waiting for me).

Finally, in reference to some comments I read quickly on the other thread about characters that had already been submitted before the Big Bang, I'm open to negotiation if you want to bring in rules from other books (like racial substitution levels and such). However, please bear in mind that it's your character history and appearance (and your writing skill) that'll have more of a bearing on your selection than any sort of attempted uber-creative crunch build. The crunch only goes so far in PbP games, whereas your skills as a creative writer have much more of a focus. Don't sacrifice the important part in order to pull in rules from sixteen different sources to create an uber-crunch character.

Thanx folks! Selection will be made probably early next week (or whenever I think I have enough submissions to create a good party). And if any old threads that had some of your previous games are still accessible because they took place before Dec 2005, please provide links so I can see if your writing style will work out well with the game. Of course, if all the threads are destroyed, then don't worry about it. Thanx again!
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First Post
Ok, I'll repost background and stats of my character as soon as I can.

I'll also post more information on me as soon too. I don't know if you had the time to make an idea of my style before the board crash.

Reminder to everyone. I'll play a Changeling Warlock who have been slaved and forced to become a spy and after some painful event for him, he has decided to flee and hide in a small village where he has started his life anew.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Yeah, the thread is back!

I have an idea of a human hexblade monster hunter. Had him all posted on the board (as did a few others) before the crash of 2006. I'll post him when I get home work work tonight.

Garrick's background - expanded

I'd be interested in submitting a character. My concept falls in line of an explorer type (looking in the future towards the Extreme Explorer PrC). Perhaps human, perhaps changeling. Undecided in which direction as of right now, but I will get a submission in ASAP.

Garrick Yandson, Male Human Rog1: CR 1; Medium Humanoid ; HD 1d6+2(Rogue) ; hp 8; Init +2; Spd 30; AC:14 (Flatfooted:12 Touch:12); Atk +1 base melee, +2 base ranged; +1 (1d3+1, Unarmed strike); +1 (1d6+1, Rapier); +2 (1d6+1, Javelin); -3/-7 (1d6+1, Sword, short; 1d4, Dagger); -3/-7 (1d6+1, Rapier; 1d4, Dagger); AL CG; SV Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +0; STR 12, DEX 14, CON 14, INT 14, WIS 11, CHA 11.
Skills: Appraise +3, Balance +3, Bluff +2, Climb +3, Decipher Script +3, Diplomacy +2, Disable Device +3, Disguise +1, Escape Artist +3, Gather Information +3, Heal +1, Hide +3, Jump +3, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +3, Listen +3, Move Silently +4, Open Lock +3, Search +3, Sense Motive +1, Spot +2, Survival +1, Swim +2, Tumble +4, Use Magic Device +2, Use Rope +3.

Feats: Action Boost, Armor Proficiency: light, Relic Hunter, Simple Weapon Proficiency, investigate, improved initative.
Languages: Draconic, Common, Reirdan
Weapons: Dagger (2 gp); Javelin (1 gp); Sword, short (10 gp); Rapier (20 gp).
Armor: Leather (10 gp).
Goods: Coin: gp (32) (32 gp); Explorer`s outfit (10 gp); Locksmith`s tools (5 gp); Identification papers, standard (2 gp); Traveling papers (2 sp); Lamp, common (1 sp); Backpack (2 gp); Bedroll (1 sp); Block and tackle (5 gp); Bolt Cutters (6 gp); Candle (4) (4 cp); Coin: cp (6) (6 cp); Case, map or scroll (2) (2 gp); Chalk, 1 piece (2) (2 cp); Crowbar (2 gp); Flask (3 cp); Flint and steel (1 gp); Grappling hook (1 gp); Hammer (5 sp); Ink (vial) (8 gp); Inkpen (1 sp); Coin: sp (3) (3 sp); Marbles (2 sp); Oil (pint) (3) (3 sp); Parchment (sheet) (4) (8 sp); Pouch, belt (2) (2 gp); Pulley (5 gp); Rope, hemp (50 ft.) (1 gp); Sack (2) (2 sp); Shovel (2 gp); Tent (10 gp); Torch (3) (3 cp); Vial, ink or potion (2) (2 gp); Waterskin (full) (1 gp); Whetstone (2 cp).

Garrick is a well built youth of 19 years. He is 6'2", weighing 200 lbs.

He has auburn hair that he wears shoulder length, but keeps pulled back in a ponytail, and has hazel eyes.

He wears an explorer's outfit, usually a dark brown and tan color scheme, and wears a hat. He keeps his rapier strapped to his left hip, his dagger in his right boot, and his javelin is carried underneath his backpack.

Most of his gear is kept in his backpack.

Personal History
Garrick always had a feeling that he didn't need to be in Whitecliff. He wanted, nay, needed adventure. His life of being a locksmith's apprentice had never, ever been what he really, really wanted to do. His family had come to Q'Barra after the end of the Last War, leaving Cyre for the promise of a new start, a better future. Garrick had been little then, didn't know his older brothers who died in the Last War. The only thing, outside of his mother and father, that Garrick knew, truly knew, was lore in books he had dug up. Lore about ancient treasures and runes. And those are the things that Garrick wanted to find -- not only for the "reward', but for the trip, the journey, the adventure.

Life in Hope, his parents being homesteaders, was eventful, yet boring. The daily struggle for survival never made Garrick feel on edge. He longed to see the rest of the world, to discover the undiscovered, to attain the unattainable. Making up his mind, Garrick packed up what he owned, and headed off. He made his way from Whitecilff to Seawell.

Garrick was, at first, intimidated by all the kobolds and lizardfolk, but quickly picked up some of the lizardsfolk's language and was able to converse and trade with them, getting information from them about local ruins and such. For a year, Garrick has been making Seawell his home "base". He has become friendly with the local folks, and is quite concerned about the rumors that the family that owns the lighthouse may be have fallen to foul play, and has already volunteered to make an "expedition" to the reef to investigate.

When Garrick first arrived in Seawell, he took up a job with the local blacksmith, Beryon. Beryon gave Garrick a job, mainly because of his experience as a locksmith. Garrick took up residency (temporarily) in the inn, renting a room, paying what he could, working off what he could not. The innkeeper, Morinda ran the tavern (“The Green Lilac”). Morinda Garrick under her wings, and he became friends with her twin children Jango and Jina. From working in the inn, Garrick met many other townfolk, and quickly became accepted as a “local”. From working in the inn, he met Helena, a perky, cute brunette girl, roughly Garrick’s age. Her family owned and operated the lighthouse off shore, and the 2 quickly struck up a friendship, and it quickly bloomed in to a romance. Garrick was tutored in Reiarden by Helena’s mother Julia, and some basic sailor skills (climbing, swimming, rope use, etc) by Helena’s father Carl and her brother Stephan.

Of course, the working was only a means to an end, giving Garrick his chance to explore the area around Seawell. He was never gone very long, as he usually went out along, and others, like Citen, a town guard, would get worried, and even arranged a search party once when Garrick was late coming back into town. Citen was worried that Garrick had rough afoul of the lizardfolk.

Garrick had found a set of ruins about 7 miles northwest of the town, and had made that his area of “exploration”. The ruins were set back in the jungle, grown over with vines and such. It consisted of a large central building, with a smaller building at every corner of the larger one. Garrick headed into the nearest small building, to start his exploring. It was a 2 room, stone block building, with a door set in the middle of the wall, dividing the room in half. When he opened the door, he found a passage way leading downward, but blocking the doorway was a large, lizard man. Garrick’s hand instinctively went towards his rapier, but stopped when he saw that the lizardman was injured. Garrick had already picked up some basic Draconic from his dealings with the lizard folk on his journey to Seawell. Moving forward cautiously, Garrick saw that the lizardman had a large gash on his chest, and it appeared to be bleeding profusely. Garrick attempted to help the lizardman, and eventually learned the lizardman’s name, S’lar. He bound S’lar’s wounds, and helped him recover, if only a little. S’lar was ingratiated to Garrick, and the two became “friends”, as much as they could. They would arrange to meet at the ruins to explore more, and they taught each other their respective languages, S’lar picking up some basic Common, and Garrick learning more Draconic, enough to hold conversations.

The unlikely duo discovered that each little building in the ruins held an underground passageway that lead into the larger building, and each was one of the 4 ways in, as the largest building had no outer doors. From some searching and exploring, they deduced that it was an ancient temple, but to whom or what, they could not tell. Perhaps an ancient orc god or hobgoblin god. In the wall, behind the dilapidated alter/sacrificial table was a giant dragonshard. The pair attempted several times to remove it, but somehow, the shard rebuked their attempts.

More to be added soon.
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First Post
Okay, I'm putting in a placeholder for either Sanne d'Lyranader (CG female half-elf Rogue, has the Least Mark of Storm, figure sailor/trader skill set) or Khalia ir'Indari (LG female human Archivist, from Thrane, figure aristocratic scholar skill set), though I probably won't be able to drop in a complete character write-up until tomorrow evening (PST) due to work and my tabletop D&D game (which is tonight).

Why Archivist and not Cleric (or any of the Complete XXX divine casters)? Mostly because I think the class represents what I think an adventuring divine magic type should be -- someone who uses holy lore to provide ways of defeating the supernatural, and produces their magic from dusty old tomes.

* * * * *
Sanne d'Lyranader was born at House Lyranader's home base of Stormhome, off the coast of Aundair to two traders who worked out of the House's Wind Galleons. Sanne dreamed of working in the sky, of captaining one of the rare airships, and when she manifested the Mark of Storm, she was sure that she could make her dream come true. An apprentice voyage had gone well -- she was learning about airships, about trade, making friends on ship and in ports -- until a stupid accident that was, she had to admit, technically her fault destroyed valuable cargo. Which led to her being banished to the middle of nowhere -- at least, in Sanne's mind, a surface trading vessel based out of Seawall is the middle of nowhere -- until the higher ups in her House decide otherwise.

Sanne, though, has not given up on her dreams. She still wants her airship, and intends to prove that she deserves it.

For the past year, she's been trying to convince her captain that she really is capable of handling some responsibility, and has just about convinced him.

(mechanically Sanne starts as a Rogue; long term, she's Rogue X/Sorcerer 1/Dragonmark Heir X/Windwright Captain X)

* * * * *

Kahlia ir'Indari knows many in Thrane think her father is eccentric. Some of the High Cardinals say he's a heretic. And certainly his position as theocrat of the lands that were once ir'Indari ancestral holdings was mostly a political manuever to get him out of Flamekeep. But Lord Reverened Alistair is also one of the foremost scholars in Thrane -- or anywhere -- of ancient divine lore and the many supernatural threats to the world, and Khalia has learned almost all of what she knows from him.

So when her father asked her to go to Seawall to investigate an ancient mystery that had its roots near the town, she lept at the opportunity. But for the last year she's kept uncovering just enough to keep her from declaring failure and coming home.

(Khalia is an Archivist. Her build as an NPC in Shards of the Silver Flame gave her one level of Aristocrat -- the slightly older Khalia was Aristocart 1/Archivist 3 -- but NPC classes are hard to use in a balanced PC. Long term she might take the Loremaster prestige class, but it's probably better for her to stay Archivist all the way.)
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Count me in, too. I'm considering a warforged artificer with the racial substitution levels from Races of Eberron at present, although I might go with a rogue or perhaps wizard instead (either changeling or human on both -- if I do a changeling wizard, I'll peek at their racial substitution levels to see if I'll like it or not; I know I like the racial substition levels for the changeling rogue, which is highly tempting in and of itself). I'll prep a warforged artificer, a changeling rogue, and a human wizard to present some options -- I'm willing to work with it more as a fill-in for what may be needed or not.


First Post
The twins of Seawell.

Morinda and Klim had recently arrived at Seawell. Morinda was heavy with child so they decided to stay for a few weeks, untill the birth of their first child. Jango and Jina was born during a night of full moon, a night where they say that magic is in the air.
The two new-made elven parents were beaming with joy. Of course, wether it would be a boy or a girl didn't really matter (although Klim secretely hoped for a son to teach away the art of the blade, and Morinda, equally secretly hoped for a girl, to learn her the teaching of the arcane arts.), they both were incredibly happy when they got one of each!

They were supposed to travel on in a few weeks, they never got that far. Somehow they remained there, and with time became a well-known family in the town. Morinda started up a tavern in the outskirts, and Klim joined the militia and quickly rose in rank.

It soon became apparent that the kids, although twins, were as different as day and night.
Jango was silent, analytic, calm and always wore a slight frown on his face. Jina was the complete opposite; loud, boisterous, impulsive and always wore a big grin below her fiery red hair. When the twins reached the time of their maturity, they started training with their parents; Jina with their father, and Jango with their mother.

At a daily basis, they "work" as guards at "The Green Lilac", Morina's tavern. That is, if they weren't out adventuring. Jina usually lead the way, but Jango is always only a few feet behind his sister. Their favorite past-time is sneaking out of the town, towards where the lizardfolk live, and spy on the weird creatures.

At recent though Klim has told the twins to stay in the town. The more and more aggressive raiding of the lizardfolk have led the twins to search even more danger though....

Now, here's the thing: this is a pair of characters; Jango the Warmage, and Jina the Swashbuckler. One night they'll sneak out to take a peak at the lizards, and they will meet trouble. One of the twins will be slain/captured/unknown, and the other will barely escape. The remaining twin will decide to find out what happened to the other, and thus his/her reason for trying to help with the raiding.

Jango will be silent, analytic and calm, staying in the back and is content with following the lead of others. He is dark-haired, quite intelligent, and will offer his councel, if needed.
Jina will be, as told, loud, boisterous and impulsive. She prefers the role of leader, but she also realizes that her hot-headedness is not always a good thing. She'll spring to action, seldom bothering to think before acting, but she's really quite good at thinking afterwards...

Wich twin will die/dissapear, and wich will be played, is rather up to the GMs preferance, I'd love to play them both!


Great ideas thus far folks! Here are some thoughts for you to chew on.

Velmont: A changeling warlock is one of those "out there" characters that I'm guessing'll be very hard to bring into the world of this sleepy village of Seawell... especially in regards to helping the town out by checking out the problems with the lack of ships. Of course, if you can blow me away with a history as to who he is, why he's in Seawell, and why he'd help the town, then great. But I just wanted to warn you that you face a possible uphill battle with this particular concept. Feel free to keep working it, or submit more characters.

stonegod: I'll have a better idea of suggestions once I see a character history and such. Would your hexblade be a member of one of the Tharashk guilds? If he's a hunter, that might make sense.

Kralin: I like Garrick a lot. Simple but effective concept and good justification as to why he's in town and why he has a level of rogue. If you want to flesh him out a little further, feel free to create the ruins in the area that he's here to investigate and explore, and an NPC or two that he's either learning or gaining info from. Up to you.

drothgery: Of the two, I'm getting more positive vibes from your Lyrander character than your archivist. Mainly because the justification of why a sailor is in Seawell is easier to get a firm grip on than a bookworm sent down here all the way from Thrane. The dragonmark hook is also interesting. If you really wanted me to focus on the archivist though, I'd suggest working out exactly what kind of mystery would possibly make her come to Q'barra all the way from Thrane, because right now it's nebulous and not as plausible.

Azaar: Go ahead and write up as many of those concepts as you'd like, but just remember where exactly the scenario is taking place (a small coastal fishing town). This will hopefully have some impact on the type of character and race you choose, and what their history is in town.

Rayex: Very cool idea... starting with twins in town and having one of them getting captured. If you'd like to have a bit of mystery about things, do a crunch for both characters and if I select you, I won't tell you which one you'll play until the game begins. Feel free as well to expand on who the parents were and where to and from they were planning on going before they decided to stay in Seawell.


First Post
DEFCON 1 said:
Great ideas thus far folks! Here are some thoughts for you to chew on.


drothgery: Of the two, I'm getting more positive vibes from your Lyrander character than your archivist. Mainly because the justification of why a sailor is in Seawell is easier to get a firm grip on than a bookworm sent down here all the way from Thrane. The dragonmark hook is also interesting. If you really wanted me to focus on the archivist though, I'd suggest working out exactly what kind of mystery would possibly make her come to Q'barra all the way from Thrane, because right now it's nebulous and not as plausible.

I was hoping you'd have a few dark secrets burried around the town that I could build on, but I guess I could try and put something specific together. There's plenty in generic Eberron lore that would draw someone like Khalia to virtually anywhere (gateways to Khyber, Dhakkani ruins, Dragon Below cultists, etc.), but particularly the more unsettled regions, and places where groups hostile to Thrane and the Silver Flame have been active.

I've really like Khalia since I created her as an NPC, so I'm kind of trying to find a place to play her. Also, this group seriously needs a divine caster.

In Shards of the Silver Flame, Khalia had indirect ties to the Argentum (see Five Nations) through her father.


First Post
DEFCON 1 said:
Rayex: Very cool idea... starting with twins in town and having one of them getting captured. If you'd like to have a bit of mystery about things, do a crunch for both characters and if I select you, I won't tell you which one you'll play until the game begins. Feel free as well to expand on who the parents were and where to and from they were planning on going before they decided to stay in Seawell.

I love the idea. Will continue the work on these siblings tomorrow, as well as a bit more backgroun on their parents.


First Post
Id love to join your game with a half-elf druid. She has the mark of storms, Her father was from the house Lyrandar, and ran to Orthos, just after Koulton Brightwind did. Her mother was a simple half-elf. Both were pirates in Orthoss, in the Lhazaar Principalities with the Wind Whisperers. She was born on a ship, just after sunrise, and it is said the creatures of the sea rejoiced at her birth. She instantly bonded with a dolphin, and has the feat of ship's mage. She embraces her elven ancestry more than anything else, sometimes wishing her blood was pure elven. She follows the ancestor worship of the elves, and considers her dolphin companion her ancestor, like the Valenar elves think of their horses. She is constantly looking for traces of her ancestors(ancestry) along her elven line, and her 'true' heritage. Thats how she ended up in Seawall, There were rumors that some of her elven ancestors once lived in this quaint little village, before one daughter married a human sailor, and travelled with him to Lhazaar. She came here seeking any trace she might find of her ancestors, as well as talking with those elves who arrive by trader boats. She has spent over a year here, with little more than more rumours so far, but she hopes to find either a trace of her ancestors here, or catch a rumour from one of the ships that pass through. Becouse as of now, she is at the end of her trail of rumours.

(Im assuming this game will take place on a ship/at sea for a good part of it, if not, Ill take a seagull as my companion, but a dolphin would be a nobler anscestor :D)


First Post
Great, I love my cache! I've recovered what I've written in the previous thread.

Challenge, I don't mind. I've always favor games with good roleplay and challenge over one with a lot of combat and a master who is scared to kill his players.

My character is just under here, take a look at it.

[SBLOCK=Old Post]Here the draft. Far from complete and might change a lot until his final form.

By the way, what is the starting gold of a Warlock?

[B]Name:[/B] Norros
[B]Class:[/B] Warlock
[B]Race:[/B] Changeling
[B]Size:[/B] Medium
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Alignment:[/B] Chaotic Good
[B]Deity:[/B] XXXX

[B]Str:[/B] 10 +0 ( 2p.)     [B]Level:[/B] 1        [B]XP:[/B] 0   
[B]Dex:[/B] 12 +1 ( 4p.)     [B]BAB:[/B] +0         [B]HP:[/B] 7 (1d6+1)
[B]Con:[/B] 12 +1 ( 4p.)     [B]Grapple:[/B] +0     [B]Dmg Red:[/B] -/-
[B]Int:[/B] 14 +2 ( 6p.)     [B]Speed:[/B] 30'      [B]Spell Res:[/B] XX
[B]Wis:[/B] 10 +0 ( 2p.)     [B]Init:[/B] +1        [B]Spell Save:[/B] +2 vs sleep/charm
[B]Cha:[/B] 16 +3 (10p.)     [B]ACP:[/B] -X         [B]Spell Fail:[/B] XX%

                   [B]Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total[/B]
[B]Armor:[/B]              10    +X    +X    +1    +X    +X    +X    XX
[B]Touch:[/B] XX              [B]Flatfooted:[/B] XX

                         [B]Base   Mod  Misc  Total[/B]
[B]Fort:[/B]                      0    +1          +1
[B]Ref:[/B]                       0    +1          +1
[B]Will:[/B]                      2    +0          +2

[B]Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical[/B]
XXXX                      +X     XdXX+X     XX-XXxX
XXXX                      +X     XdXX+X     XX-XXxX
XXXX                      +X     XdXX+X     XX-XXxX
XXXX                      +X     XdXX+X     XX-XXxX

[B]Skill Points:[/B] 16       [B]Max Ranks:[/B] 4/2
[B]Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total[/B]
Bluff			   3 	+ 3   + 2   = 8 (14 with Balefull Utterance)
Concentration		   2 	+ 1   + 0   = 3
Diplomacy		   0 	+ 3   + 0   = 3 (9 with Balefull Utterance)
Disguise		   3 	+ 3   + 0   = 6 (16 with Minor Change Shape)
Intimidation		   2 	+ 3   + 2   = 7 (13 with Balefull Utterance)
Sense Motive		   2 	+ 0   + 2   = 4
Speak Language		   1
Use Magic Item		   3 	+ 3   + 3   = 9

[B]Languages:[/B] Abyssal, Common, Elven, Orc

Communicator (1/day - Arcane Mark, Comprehend Language, Message)
Point Blank Shot
Skill Focus (Use Magic Device)

+2 saves vs sleep/charm
+2 to Bluff/Intimidate/Sense Motive
Natural Linguist
Minor Change Shape

Eldritch Blast (1d6)

Balefull Utterance (+6 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate)

[B]Equipment:               Cost  Weight[/B]
XXXX                     XXcp   XXlb
XXXX                     XXsp   XXlb
XXXX                     XXgp   XXlb
XXXX                     XXgp   XXlb
[B]Total Weight:[/B]XXlb      [B]Money:[/B] XXgp XXsp XXcp

                           [B]Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push[/B]
[B]Max Weight:[/B]               XXX   XXX   XXX   XXX   XXX

[B]Age:[/B] 19
[B]Height:[/B] 5'4"
[B]Weight:[/B] 127lb
[B]Eyes:[/B] White
[B]Hair:[/B] Shoulder-Lenght Light gray
[B]Skin:[/B] Pale gray
Appearance: XXXX

Background: Two years ago, Norros arrived on the Lady Scarlet. Just another boat among all that came to Seawell, just another man that put his feet on the island. The only strange thing about him is, instead of leaving with his boat, he stayed on the island. No one in town knows why he has chosen to do so. He has rent a room and have kept it during those two years. During the day, he finds some small jobs in the harbor, during night, he goes into the taverns to drink with the others. Everyone who have come in contact with him have come to like him, a simple man with the heart to the good place. He might be a bit indisciplined, but people tells Norros is like the wind who push his boat in the harbor. But if one person would dare to enter Norros bedroom and would search under his bed, he would find a small chest where he hides a single letter who has never been read. A name is written on it: Eloïse. And if this curious person would dare to open it, he would discover the dark secret Norros have been hiding, even to his closest friend.

[SBLOCK=Letter]Dear Eloïse,

I understand your reaction of yesterday. I couldn't expect less of you. If I write this letter to you, it is not to ask forgivenessmyself of what I have done. I betrayed your trust. There is no forgiveness possible. If I write you down this letter, it is because I think I owe you the truth.

I'm borned in the region of Darguun. At that moment, my father was already death. He was not a good man, and he happen to have large debt. His creditor decided to pay themselves by making my mother there slave. So when I was born, I was already the pawn of someone else.

My mother tried to hide her heritage the best she could, but the baby I was could not do the same, I was too young to understand the situation I was in. So the creditor discovered I wasn't a human, but a Changelling. When they saw through the decption, they forced my mother, by threatning my life, to reveal all about her nature. She was the child of an old lineage of sorcerer. Herself wasn't one, she wanted to broke this tradition who have brought doom on us. The creditor then decided to take my education into there hands.

One of them, Farnok, an half-orc, was a wizards. He decided to teach me the mastery of arcane art. Instead of doing it itself, he summoned a minor demon, a quasit, to do it. So since I was four yeas old, I had for mentor a Quasit. One aspect of these demon, it is they are not faithfull follower, even less when they are bond to do something by some magic. This Quasit decide to teach me some dark arcana that I could one day turn upon my master. It is how I became a Warlock instead of a wizard like Farnok. He also helped me to master the magic within all magical items. That way, I would be less scare to use it and I could bring more trouble to the demon's master who was also mine. The Quasit wanted his vengeance for his captivity.

Farnok found the trick the Quasit was playing on him, but it took him years. My training was too advanced to start it from scratch. Illiewyn was the other creditor, that name might sound familiar to your ears. He was a dark elf, a member of the house of Valenar who has turned upon his house. For that, he has been cast away. He decided to take his vengeance. He was the one who had my mother. He trade it for me when he saw the potential I was for his vengeance. He completed my training, teaching me the ways to infiltrate an organization, using my dark arts to my advantage, or should I say, to his advanatge.

Once my training was finish, he sent me to you. He heard you were searching for a new maid. So I had to use my powers and my skills to become that one. It wasn't hard to convince your father. Illewyn knew exactly what your father wanted, so he told me what to say, how to act. I started to work for you. I was expecting to continue my life of slaves under your rules. I didn't expect to be serving someone so kind and so generous. It took not long before I fall in love with you. I would have liked, from the start, to reveal the sword that was hanging over your head, but sadly I had my own. Illewyn threaten me that if I failed him, my mother would died. At that moment, I had only two things that was counting to me, my mother and you. I couldn't give up my mother, so I played Illewyn's game.

But things changed this week. Two events have changed all the rules of the games. First, following an experimentation of Farnok, my mother lost her life. Illewyn lost his only hold on me. Second, he was about to make his first big moves in his plan of vengeance, one that would wounded deeply your father, something that would torture him for all his life, and it was your death. I was suppose to be the one who would have put the poison in the drink you take each night before going to bed. The poison would have killed you during the night, and your father wouldn't had been able to saved you. As the sun would have gone up, your soul would have long been away from your body.

I choosed to turn upon my master. I came to you last night, and reveal my true self. But when you saw I wasn't the maid I pretend to be, when you shout and attract all the guards, I couldn't do much than leaves. I just hope you heard my warning, that your life was in danger, that Illewyn wanted his vengeance. I don't know if I'll have the courage to gives you that letter, who reveal to you my past and my heart. I would also need to be able to reach you and gives the letter to you. But if it ever reach your hand, I would like you to keep it for yourself alone, and reveal to your father only Illewyn's goals.

For me, Illewyn will want my hide, and Farnok his not his only ally. He has many goons that would be please to kill me to have the favor of Illewyn. So I'll use the same skill he teach me and I'll go far from this land and I'll start my life anew.

Why he is in a small fishing town? Because he is hiding from his former masters and want to leave peacefully. Why would he want to investigate the lack of arriving ships? Because his only job is as a Laborer, and most job he can get is in the harbor.

For my style of play, just look at that thread. Around post 640, I have done a bit of nice roleplay... well, nice enough to scare my master that my character would leave the game :p
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The man with the probe
Zan moved -

All the links in my sig should still be valid, as I haven't updated it yet. I'm generaly pretty descriptive and inclusive when I can be as a writer though. We did play in one of Dr Zombie's games togeather.

Anyway, hope this is ok, I do plan on taking the Races of Eberon Changling Wizard sub levels. If you need to know what those are, let me know. It's mostly flavoring (like giving up a feat to allow for a morphing familiar), or in particular, Specializing in Transmutation and Illusion and forgoing 3 schools (which I believe I did on my sheet).
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DEFCON 1 said:
Great ideas thus far folks! Here are some thoughts for you to chew on.

Kralin: I like Garrick a lot. Simple but effective concept and good justification as to why he's in town and why he has a level of rogue. If you want to flesh him out a little further, feel free to create the ruins in the area that he's here to investigate and explore, and an NPC or two that he's either learning or gaining info from. Up to you.

Thanks. Before I go and start creating any ruins, are there any restrictions or suggestions you would like to make? I don't want to create something (IF I'm accepted and you be stuck with it and don't like it. Same goes for NPC's. If I were to create an NPC to flesh out, he/she would probably be a tavern keep (good for information and rumors) and perhaps a town guard (again, good for rumors and information on the lizardfolk). Even more, perhaps Garrick would have a "friend" (or not so aggressive) lizardfolk contact that he has been learning from.

Any suggestions you could give me in this area would be appreciated.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
DEFCON 1 said:
Great ideas thus far folks! Here are some thoughts for you to chew on.

stonegod: I'll have a better idea of suggestions once I see a character history and such. Would your hexblade be a member of one of the Tharashk guilds? If he's a hunter, that might make sense.

In my background, I made him a member of a Deneith mercenary unit during the Last War, but left afterwards in order to do monster hunting (and so they would not discover his Aberrant Dragonmark). Being a freelance Tharashk monster hunter would keep him steadily employed, and keep his Dragonmark away from prying eyes.

As for my RP, most of them died w/ the crash (as did over half my post count). You can see the remains of my character in drothgery's Shard of the Silver Flame (I was Saalin, the Aundairan Knight Arcane turned Silver Pyromancer). I am currently playing in Isida's Secret Scion, but joined in March 2006, so all those posts are history. I play Tondrek, the idiot-savant artificer bastard progeny of two Houses. Hopefully you'll get an idea of my style from there. I agree the PbP should be more RP heavy.


First Post
I'd like to submit one, if I may.

[h4]Amycoth Dyne[/h4]
Male Human Fighter 1

Amycoth ("Amy" to his friends) was born to an old sailing family in the Lhazaar Principalities. His father raised him to be strong of arm and quick of wit. By his teens Amycoth had earned his way onto a ship as a hand. He spent his youth on the ship earning the respect of the Seadragons. After a few years though, Amycoth had simply had enough. The sea bored him and while his friends onship were fine fellows, he just didn't see himself a sailor. When his ship made a run into Q'barra to trade dragonshards, Amy made his intent known, and the captain of the ship gave him his meager pay and left him in the small town of Seawell.

It's been two years since then. Amycoth Dyne spent some time exploring the jungles of Q'barra, working odd jobs in the city, and generally enjoying himself. While he isn't great at being persuasive, Amy has taken quite a liking to some of the children in town, and has been teaching a few of them the art of battle.

Amycoth Dyne is a tough-looking fellow. Standing at only 5'2", Amy has a wide build. He's a stocky fellow with thinning black hair and a wide beard. He keeps himself well-groomed and clean, and keeps himself well-dressed... for a former pirate. Though he isn't a well-spoken man, wisdom and intellect beyond his years are visible behind his eyes, and he's generally well-liked.

Statistics Block
Male Human Fighter 1

Str - 14
Dex - 14
Con - 12
Int - 14
Wis - 14
Cha - 8

Hit Dice:
d10+1 (11 hp)

Weapon Focus(flail), Combat Expertise, Improved Trip

Skills (Including ArmorCheck penalties):
Climb +0, Intimidate +3, Jump +0, Profession(sailor) +4, Swim -6

Common, Dwarven, Riedran

Class Abilities:

Race Abilities:
Medium, Base Speed 30ft, Favored Class Any

Base Features:
BAB +1
Grapple +3

Fort +3, Refl +2, Will +2

Scale mail, heavy steel shield, flail, composite longbow, 40 arrows, Supplies.

Armor Class:
18 (touch 12, flat-footed 16)


20 ft.


Flail +4 melee (1d8+2 bludgeoning; 20/x2)
Trip +4 melee touch (Trip; +6 Opposed Check; Free Attack)
Composite Longbow +3 ranged (1d8 piercing; 20/x3; 110 feet)



Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Ari Osten, Hexer Monster Hunter

Ari Osten CR 1 (0 xp)
Male human (Aundair) hexblade 1
LN Medium humanoid
Init -1; Senses Listen +0, Spot +0
Languages Common

AC 13, touch 9, flat-footed 14
hp 12 (1 HD)
Fort +2, Ref -1, Will +2

Spd 30 ft.
Melee longsword two-handed +4 (1d8+4/19-20) or
Melee cold-iron morningstar two-handed +4 (1d8+4) or
Melee spiked armor +4 (1d6+3) or
Melee longsword two-handed +0 (1d8+4/19-20) and spiked armor -4 (1d6+3) or
Melee cold-iron morningstar two-handed +4 (1d8+4) and spiked armor -4 (1d6+3) or
Melee alchemical silver dagger +4 (1d4+2/19-20)
Base Atk +1; Grp +4
Atk Options Hexblade's curse 1/day, Aberrant Dragonmark 3/day
Spell-like Abilities (3/day, CL 1, DC 12):
1st: chill touch

Abilities Str 16, Dex 8, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 15
Feats Aberrant Dragonmark: chill touch, Aberrant Dragonmark Gift, Skill Focus: Survival, Track
Skills Gather Information +4, Intimidate +6, Survival +5
Possessions longsword, cold-iron morningstar, alchemical silver dagger, chain shirt with armor spikes, backpack with waterskin, one day's trail ration, bedroll, sack, flint and steel, silk rope (15'); 3 sunrods, 3 torches; identification papers, traveling papers; 17.3 gp

Hexblade's curse (Su): Once per day, as a free action, Ari can unleash a curse upon a visible foe within 60'. The target takes a -2 penalty on attacks, saves, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage for 1 hour thereafter if they fail a DC 12 Will save.

Appearance and Personality

Ari is a striking figure: A tallish, well-muscled young man with black curly hair and brown eyes. His clothes are stark, accented by the wicked spikes on his armor and the thick black gloves and boots he wears. Beneath his left glove (the sinister one) lies his secret---a red/blue scar-like Aberrant Dragonmark.

Ari is not a lone wolf by any means, and enjoys the company of others. However, he takes his work very seriously and grimly. There is dark anger beneath his friendliness, an anger against all the monstrous things that prey on the Five Nations. Ari will do what needs to be done to hunt down his quarry, and will defend any charges to the death.


Ari is the son of well-off merchants in Fairhaven; they could have kept him out of the Last War. However, he fought with relish. But he did not fight for his country; he fought for money. As a House Deneith mercenary, he fought all over Khovaire. And what he found angered him---soulless constructs, vile undead, and other monsters. Thus, he utilized his Deneith ties to train himself as a monster hunter. Deneith found in him some spark---probably tied to his Aberrant Dragonmark he kept hidden---and trained him has a hexer. He used his skills successfully during the final years of the War.

After the War, Ari left Deneith---he did not want protection work, he wanted to hunt the creatures that prey on civilization. He thus began to freelance with House Tharashk. His last assignment, on the border of Cyre and Breland, put him in contact with a Cyran family moving to New Galifar. Ari protected them on their journey, and has stayed the last two years in Seawell, assisting with holding off the lizardfolk menace.


First Post
Just want to get in on this before too many applicants come flooding in. I'm working on a human ranger of dubius moral sensibilities (though not evil either) who served as a scout in Breland's army for several years at the end of the Last War. After witnessing the deaths of nearly all his friends in the last campaign near Cyre, he left the army after the Mourning, bitter and isolated. With little direction, he wandered with a group of refugees into Q'barra. He flatly refused to join the militia, but found the occasional raids to be a momentary outlet for his suppressed emotions, and fought mercilessly against the lizardfolk---to his eyes, at least they weren't fellow humans dying in meaningless wars.

As more refugees flooded into the area after the Treaty of Thronehold, he began considering putting his declining skills to better use than hunting game from his shack at the edge of town, but the new citizens of Seawall seemed more interested in fishing than counter-raiding lizardfolk or exploring the woods for dragonshards. In any case, the introverted woodsman had little initiative to find companions and seemed bound to continue his meagre lifestyle, but the townsfolk, concerned with the disruption of shipping and increased attacks, had other ideas for the ranger.

Will come up with appearance, crunch, etc soon. Maybe even tonight...


Hmm... barely have a chance to start, and already two of the three ideas have submissions. And somehow, I doubt I'm gonna be able to justify a warforged artificer in a small fishing town. Methinks this is (sadly) my cue to bow out of the running. I don't think I'll have a concept workable, especially by the start of next week. Sorry. :\

James Heard

I haven't finished, but I'm staking out territory with the beginnings of my submission:

Janias Aackland

Stormhome has long been the idyllic residence of House Lyrander, but it is also of Aundair. During the Last War it was saved the savages of major fighting, but not the desparate intrigues of clandestine spymasters. From his refuge in his parent's summer home Janias Aackland saw very little evidence of the true extent of the war, shielded from the horrors of war by a series of nannies and servants during the extended absences of his parents and older siblings. Janias grew up fully aware of, but protected from, the "family business" which was an ill-kept secret on the island. Tyman Aackland's import/export business was discrete and discerning, however the trade he participated in was proscribed by every civilized nation. Janias' father and family, you see, were slavers. For many years during the war a blind eye was turned toward his business because of his usefulness in smuggling goods less foul into the hands of Aundair agents, and his strong connections with several powerful noble families. Then, the war ended and so did the fortunes of the Aackland family.

His older brothers Bacherk and Hangrin were first, strung up for Crimes Against the Crown in Fairhaven. His father should have left sooner, but instead he disappeared into the Tower of Eyes, never to return. His sister was accosted by Aundair troops in Passage, and given no quarter. Fleeing Stormhome, his mother and nanny made it all the way to Sharn in the belly of an airship disguised as Silver Flame refugees. His nanny turned his mother and he in to the Sharn authorities less than a month later for the reward, and only Janias' quick thinking and luck allowed him to escape the city with his life and freedom. He weathered a storm-filled sea voyage to the seaside town of Pylas Talaear where he was beaten to within an inch of his life as a penalty for his crime of stowing away, and only the mysterious coin of a horrifyingly pallid elf of Aerenal bought him passage away from that city. Seeking a place far, far away from the vengeful Eyes of Aundair, he came to Q'Barra and Seawell, feeling that the more populous city of Newthrone might be home to more enemies than he dared face.

Physically, Janias isn't particular handsome anymore. His once straight limbs and perfect teeth are now somewhat of a mess after his near-death experience in Pylas Talaear, and his build isn't what it once ways thanks to nearly a year of poor nutrition and hiding. His mop of reddish-brown hair is unkept and matted, while one eye now perpetually seems to stare off into space no matter what the other one chooses. His teeth are still bright, but seem jumbled in his mouth, giving his speech a nasty slur which fortunately seems to mask his accent as well. The only thing particularly notable about Janias at all are the large green eyes that peer from beneath his brows which are knotted and etched with damage.

Janias' dragonmark revealed itself only very recently, and has emboldened the young halfling. Janias reasons, quite logically, that his Mark suggests that he might one day be able to strike a deal with powerful allies or at least distance himself from his father's crimes by a claim of adultery in his mother. If nothing else the large, vivid dragonmark displayed across his normally exposed chest, coupled with his recent disfigurements completes the break in appearance from the Janias of today with the child of years past. Even more resounding is the simmering condemnation Janias feels for the rest of his family for his misfortunes. Perhaps in Q'Barra Janias might make his own future to replace the one his family's crimes stole from him.

Inwardly, Janias is still one brutally beaten young halfling. He's spent months in the village of Seawell bouncing around living on his meager purse, tending the nets of coastal fishermen, and tending the wounds of wounded villagers with his newly found powers of healing. He even spent a short stint as a bouncer at a tavern called The Tipsy Scale that only ended when the barkeep realized that no matter how effective Janias was once a punch was thrown, his old bouncer Terk was much more effective at stopping them entirely due to his large, half-orc frame. Janias is slowly building his self-confidence back up, but since his stint as a bouncer he's been feeling amazingly better. Yes, his body is still traumatized horribly but he's began to let his naturally outlandish personality peek through occasionally too. He's still given to long sullen silences and shy around crowds sometimes, but he's also not above jokingly making references to "the other guy" when making references to his mishapen face. He's almost solemn in his reverence for elves, and openly suspicious of newcomers to town and anyone else he suspects of being Aundair Eyes.

Janias (Aackland) the Amazing Fist
Male (Aundair) Halfling Mnk 1
LN Small Humanoid
Init: +2 Senses:

AC: 17, touch 17, flat-footed 11
HP 8
Fort +3 Ref +6 Will +6

Spd 20 ft

S 8 (-1) D 16 (+3) C 8 (10 normally) (-1) I 14 (+2) W 16 (+3) C 12 (14 normally) (+1)

Feats: Monk Weapon Proficiency, Stunning Fist, Improved Unarmed Strike, Least Dragonmark (Healing)
Abilities: flurry of blows, monk unarmed damage, monk AC bonus, cure light wounds 1/day (DC 13, CL 1), +2 save v fear
Skills Balance +7 (4), Hide +11 (4), Climb +1, Jump +1, Move Silently +5, Listen +6 (1), Diplomacy +3 (2), Sense Motive +5 (2), Spot +7 (4), Escape Artist +5 (2), Tumble +5 (2), Disguise +2 (1), Heal +5, Profession: Sailor +4 (1)
Languages: Common, Halfling, Elven, Gnome


Nelson Luttin

Seawell has been home to generations of Luttins, and it is most surely the home of Nelson Luttin. Of unknown origin and ethnicity, the Luttins have in varying degrees enlightened and disgraced the landscape of Seawell for decades. Luttins, or so the stories go, were refugees from Cyre, or Breland, or X'endrik where they were jewelers, mercenaries, prostitutes, or the lost heirs of Galifar. In any case, Luttins can clearly trace their hand in each and every building in the entire town of Seawell and most of the bloodlines, through marriage or not, making the Luttins of Seawell nothing if not famous, or infamous, in their tiny corner of the world. All through town you can see the Luttin lip, the Luttin jaw, have your purse stolen by mischievous young Luttin cousins, or be propositioned by not so young Luttin patriarchs. Some even say that Luttins brought the famous Seawell green ale recipe to Seawell from a hidden laboratory in Karnnath, and it is true that Old Arnel Luttin was a bit wilier than the average Luttin and worked at the brewery - before he fell asleep at the furnace and burnt that building down. Aye, the Luttins aren't the most famous inhabitants of Seawell, but they're well known and occasionally well-avoided.

Nelson Luttin is a lad with large, oversized features surrounding beady, dull-looking eyes. Despite his appearance though, he's easily the smartest Luttin in decades to grace the streets of Seawell. His mum says he's handsome too, which makes sense. The sailor reported to be Nelson's father was handsome as well, much to the enragement of his pa.

Nelson Luttin
Male (Q'Barra) Human Bard 1
CG Medium Humanoid
Init: +0 Senses: Spot +2 Listen +2

AC 10, touch 10, flat-footed 10
HP 8
Fort +2 Ref +5 Will +4
Spd 30 ft

S 10 (+0) D 10 (+0) C 10 (+0) I 16 (+3) W 14 (+2) C 14 (+2)

Feats: Bard Weapon Proficiency, Light Armor Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Obscure Lore, Insightful Reflexes
Abilities: Bard Spells (4 0 Lvl/day), Bardic Knowledge +8, Bardic Music 1/day
Skills: Bluff +4 (2), Decipher Script +5 (2), Perform +3 (1), Spellcraft +5 (2), Use Magic Device +6 (4), Survival +4 (2), Swim +2 (2), Use Rope +2 (2), Profession: Sailor +6 (4), Craft: Architect & Engineering +7 (4), Intimidate +5 (3), Knowledge: Local +7 (4), Knowledge: Geography +5 (2), Gather Information +4 (2)
Languages: Common, Draconic, Riedran, Giant

I'm trying still trying to figure out what would make me happy with a cleric concept. I just can't think of a priest out in the middle of nowhere I guess. Anyways, as you can see I've half-fleshed out two submissions now. I can't decide which one I like the best, probably Nelson - because in my head he talks like a with a cartoon drawl. He's the hillbilly boat bard. Janias got worked on longer though, and he's probably got more potential for interesting plot hooks I suppose, unless we're talking about Seawell domestic plot hooks - like "Your brother ate my pie" and "tell your pa to stay away from my sister, she's too young."

Games I've participated in include Branding Opportunity's: The Reconquista and Insight's: Tol Haggerun Prophecy.
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