D&D 4E Will you buy 4e?

Will you buy 4th edition?

  • I will buy it sight unseen

    Votes: 283 38.9%
  • I might buy it, after initial reviews

    Votes: 163 22.4%
  • I probably will not buy it, but might eventually

    Votes: 172 23.6%
  • I absolutely will not buy it

    Votes: 63 8.7%
  • I have no idea

    Votes: 47 6.5%


Depends on the product, but right now my inclination is "no". SWSE gave me a nice d20-ish framework to build the kind of fantasy games I want to run, without any of the D&D baggage. If they made 4e based on SWSE, I'd just have to strip all the baggage out again, which would leave me with my SWSE conversion anyway.

In short, I can't imagine what they'd do with it that would improve things. And I sure as heck ain't subscribing to online-only content. So unless they come up with something that really takes me by surprise with its sheer awesomeness, I don't have any use for it.

That said, I did buy the occasional D&D adventure or sourcebook when I was a HERO-only guy too, if it had cool ideas in it -- I just threw away all the game mechanics attached. So it's conceivable I might buy adventures or sourcebooks for 4e, too even if I don't do anything with the game itself.

-The Gneech :cool:

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I figure they've been working on this for a while, but May 2008? That's not far at all. I want my core books in pretty decent condition when they're released: solid rules and top-notch editing. Are they really going to be able to do that in 8 months?


As it stands now, I will not likely be buying it. I've been slowly trying to ease off my WotC purchases for the past few months anyhow, now it looks like it's time to just cut the cord and go cold turkey.

I have far too large of an investment in 3E to really have any desire to start over. As it is I'm in the process of clearing out my already overwhelming collection of gaming materials, I don't need to be preparing to add to it.

I may eventually get it, but I figure I've got enough material to keep me campaigning in 3E for some time.
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4th ed will really have to completely stink on ice for me not to buy it. Otherwise, I'll have my PH in May, the DMG in June and the Monster Manual in July.


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BlackMoria said:
If this is indeed an announcement for 4E, I am disappointed - not by 4E coming out, everyone know it is coming sometime, but the fact that WOTC has used disinformation on the customers / fanbase by basically stating that 4E is still quite a ways away, that it was not in active development (as of D&D Experience '07 when the alleged statement was made) and that any announcement concerning D&D will be announced at D&D Experience.

I feel like I was lied to.

I feel the same way.

Now I am not naive enough to believe everything that I am told, and I certainly knew that 4E was on the way. But the commitment that WotC made after the magazine debacle to improve communications and interaction with its customers was one that I actually believed. Their masterful disinformation campaign was well done, with every WotC voice on these boards and others towing the same line.

Kudo's to them for keeping it under wraps for as long as they did. Shame on them for feeling that was the best way handle the launch of the latest edition.


Slumbering in Tsar
EricNoah said:
I don't see it in my future. I will certainly follow the news with interest. But as I've said elsewhere, a) I have so much 3e stuff I couldn't use it all in my lifetime, and b) I have little faith that the accompanying digital initiative will be all that great, particularly the character generation parts of it. Just based on their track record with such.



I am going to predict that I will continue to buy 4e Eberron sourcebooks, but only if they continue to abide by the rule that the setting is static and if they are not simply a rehash of the 3e books.

I might buy the 4e core rulebooks if I buy into the 4e Eberron sourcebooks, if it is easy to convert 3e into 4e, and if the rules are actually good.

Of course, the only 3e books I have that are not core and not Eberron are Monster Manual 2, Manual of the Planes, Deities & Demigods, Draconomicon and Frostburn, so I am not exactly hurting as badly as many others here. I suppose with the advent of 4e, I'll be looking to pick up a bargain priced copy of XPH.
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Ridley's Cohort

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Buying a new core book or three is something I would probably do automatically. The open questions are whether my gaming group would bother to use them, or whether I would buy and follow on supplements.

Mean Eyed Cat

I'll buy them. I still have most of my 1st edition books, all of my 2nd edition & 3.0 books and now I'll get to add my 3.5 books to the heap in order to make way for the 4th edition books.

My wife spends money gambling. I buy RPGs. Both are not investments -- just different forms of entertainment ;)

Brutorz Bill

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Not really interested....

You can count me out. My group has fully emraced the coolness of C&C. I enjoy running it + I can use my entire library of gaming stuff with it. Don't need to send anymore of my money Wotc's way. They are only making the change to make a quick buck, I quit playing Warhammer years ago for the same reason. "hmmm profits are not currently equal to the Pokemon Craze??!!,, I know let's make a new edition and make the fans buy all new books!'

Nah, not me! :p


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I voted the second option, but most accurately, I'll have to wait to see it with my own eyes.

My other main system, HERO, tried out a version with the FUZION rules. I hated them, and didn't buy any of the product.

If 4Ed is (IMHO) the bomb, I'll buy it.

If 4Ed is (IMHO) a pretty good game, I'll buy it.

If 4Ed is (IMHO) more akin to FUZION HERO? I'll drop the bomb on it and wait for 5Ed.

At any rate, given that my current DM is running 3Ed (not 3.5), I don't feel that much pressure to stay current. I mean, I buy the 3.5 stuff for my own use- I'm planning on running a campaign next year- but I don't need any new stuff right now, now, NOW!

And all of that is for physical books only. The digital-only stuff can...uh...rot. I don't even bother getting "web enhancements" or free downloads of the RPGs or music CD/DVDs that I buy now.


Now that WotC has said that they will take influence from SWSE and Bot9S I'm even more excited to give them my money!

4E can't get here fast enough if you ask me!

I'm bound to pick up a PHB at some point.

I've always been interested in the way RPGs are designed, so I can't imagine not being up to speed with D&D.

Whether or not I'll ever play it is a different matter. We've probably got over a year of gaming before we complete WotBS, Pathfinder should be arriving in the mail soon, and there's a ton of unplayed 3.5 adventures sitting on my shelf.

Presumably, WotC want people playing as well as buying, so I expect there'll be a big campaign to show how much fun 4th edition is to play. They might end up convincing me to give it a try.

Mystery Man

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Mouseferatu said:
This poll is just a tad premature, don't you think? We don't actually know much of anything yet. Without calling out any particular person, I can absolutely guarantee that a lot of the "Absolutely yes" votes will change to "Nah" by the time it's released, and a lot (probably even more, to judge by precedent) of the "Never!" votes will change to "Yes" once we learn more about it.

Right now, people are voting based almost exclusively on gut emotion and knee-jerk reaction.

I'm a slave to the WoTC machine, I'll probably have it preordered. Won't be able to help myself.... :heh:
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I can't imagine why I would buy it, given my current playing habits, but I will not say absolutely "no".

Very little chance, though.

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