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Hadnt occured to me but wheres their Modern, Alternity, Marvel or Star Wars type games they had in previous editions?
Do we actually need those updated? They are still playable as is. Besides, other companies do/did those genres better.


Do we actually need those updated? They are still playable as is. Besides, other companies do/did those genres better.
Do we really need them, no. ANd Im not saying these games specifically but it'd be nice to see WotC expand beyond D&D and d20 IMO.

When 5E came out I liked it in theory but the more I played/DM'ed it I started to dislike it until I got to the point where I dont think I'll play it again. 3E was a great step forward to eliminate AD&Ds hodgepodge of micro rule systems, innovative and I think it didnt overstay its welcome. For me with this upcoming "new" edition seems too much like 5E to be considered new and different enough to catch my interest, though I wish it was. In all fairness the new edition is still ~18 months away Id guess so hopefully Im proven wrong. I was just hoping for a more extreme change in the rules i.e 2E to 3E or 3E to 4E. We're playing 2E now and are happy with it for the time being.
Oddly enough I found some of my 2e class kit books recently and started thumbing threw them again. 30 years later I still enjoy the way those made my teenage imagination take off, and still fun to read!


Like, uhhhh what? You can't buy digital versions of official fifth edition D&D books on DMsguild or Drivethru.
you can, but it is a very small number of charity products like

Pretty sure I read this as ‘products for official 5e’, as opposed to any other TTRPG, rather than WotC content for 5e
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It seems like younger players are really mostly only aware of two older settings:

1) Dark Sun

2) Planescape

And they're aware of them primarily because older player keep bringing them up, and both of them have a very positive reputation - helped particularly by the PS:T videogame which is also a legend in videogame circles, even if relatively few people have played it. But basically anyone who knows what a CRPG is has heard of it, and more people besides that.

This is based on discussion in various places - reddit, Discords, Twitter, YouTube, etc. You often get people who are in that age range who know one of those two. Birthright gets some discussion but it's not really "high concept" so you can't explain it as quickly and easily as those two. Spelljammer also got a lot of discussion until it came out. That was the other big setting people hadn't actually played but discussed a ton. Greyhawk and Mystara very, very rarely come up, and people tend to just know Greyhawk as "the original D&D setting", if at all. This is anecdotal, note.

Birthright is a D&D Mass Combat setting.

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