Unearthed Arcana Your current use of Unearthed Arcana material

How much UA/Supplements (WotC) stuff you allow in your games?

  • Core only

    Votes: 19 20.7%
  • Core + a few selected cherrypicks (<20% non-core)

    Votes: 22 23.9%
  • Core + many options (20-80% non-core)

    Votes: 12 13.0%
  • Mostly everything but with exceptions (>80% non-core)

    Votes: 21 22.8%
  • Basically everything

    Votes: 18 19.6%

Li Shenron

The Unearthed Arcana "sprint" is over, and the column is going to slow back down to about once a month, leaving us with quite a lot of material to try out... after adding the feats from the latest article to my tracking list of available 5e material, I did some counting and here are the numbers of various stuff. The totals include material from PHB, DMG, UA articles, SCAG, and adventure/campaign supplements.

Classes: 12 base, 3 variants, 1 prestige, 107 archetypes
Races: 29 base, 11 variants, 39 subraces
Backgrounds: 26 with 4 variants

Various features and options (only those that were expanded beyond core):
9 Fighting Styles
57 Warlock Invocations
5 Totem Warrior animals
13 Downtime activities

Feats: 95

Spells: 316 core, 74 extra

Rules modules (non-core):
Action Points
Aether-Powered Devices
Custom Alignments
Encounter Building variant
Mass Combat
Modern Magic
Players Make All Rolls variant
Quick Characters variant
Traps Building variant

...probably forgotten a few :p

Note that these are approximate totals, because of various reasons: some material was slightly (or more than slightly) revised, some is likely superseded by other stuff, and "modern" options are bundled together as a single module.

We know that UA material isn't official, but much of it is actually usable.

I am interested in knowing what is your current choice of allowed material in your campaigns. I'll add a poll for a general check, but I am interested in the detailed list as well! Naturally, you might be running more than one campaign with different stuff available, in which case for the purpose of the poll just consider all your campaigns together.

Secondarily, I am interested in which options have been actually used in your game. If you write a checklist of what is allowed, you can mark with asterisks what stuff has been eventually already chosen by the PC or used by the DM.

Edit: I am not considering homebrew or 3rd-party material here, only WotC to keep it simple, but if you modified materials from WotC then feel free to count it in.
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I voted Basically Everything, but since my players don't read the UA articles unless I bring it to their attention, there has been very few requests for it to date. I'm open to all of it as long as there is a discussion prior to implementation.

I may not like all of the UA articles, but without first hand playtest experience my first impression is just that - an impression, not an opinion formed from experience.


I don't include any UA player options, although we did play a bit with mass combat a while back. For the most part, I still keep it to PHB and setting specific stuff. I will work with my players to make special options here or there, but they do not come from UA.


The stuff I allow and the stuff that actually gets used is wildly different.

I allow anything that I don't find overpowered or overly complex (or flat out broken, here's looking at you, Mass Combat) - and even then I only disallow something if I can't easily modify it to be less powerful.
My players use maybe a tenth of it? A class, subclass, or race. Maybe some combination of the above. Occasionally a feat.

But that's to be expected I guess.


The only UA material currently being used in the campaign I DM is the Ranger Revised dated 09/12/16. This does not mean that I am not open to allowing more UA material in my games but this is the only one any of the current players have asked to use. Should any others be requested, I would review them on a case-by-case basis to see how they fit into the current campaign but more than likely I would approve most requests to use UA material with rare exceptions.


All the spell domains are available, but none of my players have opted to use them. The only UA material my players have shown any interest in has been the Mystic.


First Post
I run AL stuff typically, so......

If I were running something outside of AL, then probably would allow Basically any Unearthed Arcana as long as I looked at it first, specific things like tunnel fighting style breaks action economy so would be flat out, the 2d6 HD ranger with their ambuscade ability also would be out as its got just silly things.


I immediately latched onto two subclasses when they came out - spell-less ranger and the swashbuckler.

Of course, we now have an official swashbuckler. But in my Mystara campaign I added the spell-less ranger and the scout as versions of rangers for races or cultures that either weren't very magic inclined (dwarves and halflings) or might be opposed to all that druid/cleric magic on the ranger spell list (Glantri).

I think lack of use by players in my current campaign boils down to them being unaware of the material.


It's PHB and SCAG only for me, or AIME for that setting - basically the books I own minus Volo's Guide.. I have no intention of running a game using Monster races from Volo's, as I prefer a game where many humanoid species are irredeemably evil, and do not allow any UA/Homebrew material whatsoever - not even the revised Ranger.


I have one player running a Mystic, and one player running a Shadow Sorcerer. I also have a goodly number of homebrew options available to take (new backgrounds, new feats etc.), of which some(?) of them might be either directly taken from UA, or adapted from UA,but I just can't remember specifically any ones in particular.

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