Unearthed Arcana Your current use of Unearthed Arcana material

How much UA/Supplements (WotC) stuff you allow in your games?

  • Core only

    Votes: 19 20.7%
  • Core + a few selected cherrypicks (<20% non-core)

    Votes: 22 23.9%
  • Core + many options (20-80% non-core)

    Votes: 12 13.0%
  • Mostly everything but with exceptions (>80% non-core)

    Votes: 21 22.8%
  • Basically everything

    Votes: 18 19.6%


I voted mostly everything because I allow my players to bring anything they might be interested in to the table. But it's all subject to review. That said, I've read through everything and there's only a few things I flat-out wouldn't allow. Most of it is fine with minor tweaking (not sure I would allow the Mystic though).

Most of the players in my group are fairly new to the game and they've started to take interest in the UA articles.

Only 1 player has used anything yet: the Minotaur race from Waterborne Adventures. Another player was considering the Swashbuckler path for his Rogue but doesn't look like he's going that route.

They are also really interested in the Downtime article. Go figure.

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Here's what I allowed for my Curse of Strahd game. Note that this was right after the Warlock/Wizard "issue" had been released. Anything after that hasn't been reviewed as much. Also, SCAG is not used, but Elemental Player's Guide is permitted but no one has picked anything more than a spell from it. The Ravenloft options didn't wow anyone, either.

Few racial variants (kinda). Based on the "humans are preferred" text in the adventure, I actually encouraged more human-looking characters. Human, half-elf, aasimar, and tieflings. Tieflings were reskinned back to the 3E almost-human appearance. All the PHB races (except drow) were actually available. I just made a point of there being in-game consequences for selecting those races. I did allow (Eberron) changelings, as well, but pointed out that, while they could pass for human easily enough, it would be extremely bad if they were discovered.

Classes/kits (assume PHB options, only listing UA extras):

Barbarian: Ancestral Guardian, Storm Herald
Bard: Glamour, Whispers
Cleric: Forge, Grave. Note: these were presented as granting martial weapon proficiency, instead of heavy armor because personal preference.
Druid: Twilight
Fighter: Arcane Archer (contender, but ultimately went with Ranger)
Monk: None offered. Probably would have looked harder, had I realized we were going to end up with a "China/Japan comes to Eastern Europe" instead of the more traditional setting.
Mystic: As written except no Far Realms.
Ranger: PHB version permitted, but latest UA rewrite promoted. Beast, Hunter, Deep Stalker, Horizon Walker.
Rogue: Scout.
Sorcerer: Favored Soul, Phoenix, Sea, Stone
Warlock: Hexblade, Raven Queen.
Wizard: None permitted.

Spells: Various. Starter Spells article all looks good and will probably see use as characters gain spells.

Feats: Would selectively allow racial feats. Would not use skill feats.

Downtime activities look nice, but haven't had any downtime since it was released.

Current party:
Aasimar Devotion Paladin
Aasimar Favored Soul Sorcerer
Half-elf Moon Druid
Human Open Hand Monk
Human Hunter Ranger (UA variant)

Previously used:

Prior UA Ranger (with 2d6 hit dice and Ambuscade). The 2d6 hit dice played well. Ambuscade was way overpowered and annoying. The character started as a Rogue and multiclassed into Ranger, so that may have been a factor in the Ambuscade being annoying. The player was not a true power-gamer (competent, not aggressive), so it was done for RP, not to game the numbers.

We also used action points for Eberron, but allowed PCs to swap for a Dragonmark, if they wanted (basically, limited selection free feat at 1st level; count AP as a feat). Used the races from the UA Eberron, but did custom Dragonmarks.


I'm big on letting my players play-test UA material, and also some 3PP options upon my approval.

The problem a lot of us have is that there just isn't enough available time to play as often as our respective Inner-Gamers would like.

I'm not religious, so this is strictly wishful thinking: I like to imagine that there is an afterlife where all gamers go when they die (let's call the world "Gamerstory") where we could each live lifetime-after-lifetime, including ones where we are the NPCs in other gamers' stories.

The Shakespearean quote (from the play "Julius Caesar") "A coward dies a thousand times before his death, a hero dies but once" is often misquoted as "A coward dies a thousand times, a hero dies but once."

The misquote is the way I first heard it, and it immediately seemed to me to favor the coward. After all, to die a thousand times, you've got to live a thousand times.

That's a thousand times more pizza, along with every other thing you enjoy in life - like role-playing games! Well, girls and boys, it's the coward's lives for me!

<If only.> <Oh, sigh.>


I think I've allowed everything a player has requested. Ask and ye shall receive.
I wouldn't be happy if a player used UA stuff without asking though.


I had to change my answer, because I initially responded with what we actually use. But what I allow is almost everything.

No reasonable request should ever be unreasonably denied.

Flexor the Mighty!

18/100 Strength!
I'm not opposed to it but none of my players look at that stuff and I can't say I do either. Heck nobody has even bothered to look at SCAG for character options. So they are pretty much just PH for characters.


Currently I'm using the "players roll everything" rule in one of my games, and we're trying out the new downtime rules soon. Oh and my girlfriend is adding the Arcane Archer subclass and the new barbarian subclasses to the character options pool for a Zelda-themed game she's starting.

That's the extent of the UA material that's in use currently in any game I'm running or playing in.

I did not vote, but basically have the same approach as [MENTION=6801213]akr71[/MENTION].

I don't use any of it, but my players have never asked so what I would allow I don't know. Probably most of it.

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