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Mike Myler



Mike Myler

Mike Myler

Epic Monsters: Mongolian Death Worm
  • 5
Today’s Epic Monster is supposedly found in the Gobi Desert, said to be so toxic that even its touch can kill. If you're thinking 'Mongolian Death Worm' give yourself a gold star!
EN5ider #302 - Intriguing Organizations: House of the Reclaimed Soul
  • 0
Going to Hell soon or already there? EN5ider has just the thing for wayward folks like yourself in Intriguing Organizations: House of the Reclaimed Soul!
Mythological Figures: Loki
  • 71
Today’s Mythological Figures post is definitely not a post about one of mythology’s greatest liars and manipulators, the master deceiver and traitorous god that humanity calls Loki!
EN5ider #301: The Not-So-Lonely Road
  • 1
Today's issue of EN5ider is a clever historically-sourced article that makes medieval overland travel exciting and engaging with just a few rolls of the dice!
Epic Monsters: Elizabeth Báthory
  • 3
We’ve already seen her in the Mythological Figures side of this column but ENWorlder Rafael Martin pointed out that since her body went missing after her burial that surely she must be a terrifying undead. I’m inclined to agree! So it is that today’s entry in Epic Monsters features another version of the Blood Countess, one twisted by evil into something even more monstrous than the woman was as the mortal Elizabeth Báthory!
EN5ider reaches a new milestone with #300 - Mini-Adventure: The Titan Gates!
  • 3
This is EN5ider's 300th ARTICLE! Thank you, wonderful patrons, for helping us reach this seminal milestone. To mark the event we've got an extra compatible, extra-mapped, extra awesome issue you definitely need to check out: The Titan Gates mini-adventure!
Mythological Figures: Elizabeth Báthory
  • 13
Today’s Mythological Figure is one of the most notorious serial killers in history. All told between 80 to 650 people—all of them young girls, mostly servants—are counted among the victims, and it took authorities decades to act on the murderous scourge. We’re talking about the Blood Countess: Elizabeth Báthory!
EN5ider #298 - Villain Spotlight: Rosie Arkwright
  • 0
There are only a few days before Halloween and EN5ider has a creepy entry today that's sure to bring a bit of terror to your game. Should Rosie herself not make the cut, her and a few of her fellow ragdoll friends⁠—their grim needles glinting in the darkness, blood-soaked strings swinging with drops of crimson—are certain to do the job.
Epic Monsters: Frankenstein's Monster
  • 9
Epic Monsters is going for one of the—if not the—most iconic creatures in all of literature, one who simply cannot stay dead and very frequently is misnamed. Did you guess Frankenstein? You’re the target of a hundred internet memes but you’re close: we’re talking about Frankenstein’s Monster!
EN5ider #297 - Monster Salvaging
  • 0
Halloween is nearly here so the next couple EN5ider articles offer a bit of creepy or gruesome content for your 5E game. With that in mind today's offering is all about corpses!
Mythological Figures: Hayreddin Barbarossa
  • 18
Mythological Figures is tackling a man of many, many names today—titles well earned and somehow less numerous than the seemingly countless battles he won on land and sea on behalf of the Ottoman Empire. Prepare yourself for Hayreddin Barbarossa!
EN5ider #296 - Technomancy Gremlins
  • 2
Today's EN5ider article offers 13 unique items that aren't quite enchanted trinkets or proper magic items—they're in between the two and have their own dramatic flair. Whether you're in need of a reliable barber on the go, a way to perfectly memorialize a moment, or just to find your way there are now some very flavorful options in store thanks to these Technomancy Gremlins!
Epic Monsters: Mothman
  • 20
Epic Monsters is off to the valleys of West Virginia today, chasing after a furry flying cryptid known in the region as the Mothman!
EN5ider #295 - Mini-Adventure: Desert on the Road
  • 1
There's more adventure on the docket for EN5ider this week as we take you to a spontaneous desert, the arid and heat-blasted landscape a sudden and strange sight amid much more tolerable climes. How did such a thing happen? Who is responsible? Can such a thing be undone? Read on to find out!
Mythological Figures: Hippolyta
  • 18
Today the Mythological Figures column is returning to Ancient Greece and once again we’re looking at a queen of the Amazons. This one however is infamous for being the only one to ever wed, and plays a part in not just the tales of Theseus but Heracles as well (although boy howdy is it up for debate as to how). We’re talking about Hippolyta!
EN5ider #294 - Zeitgeist #8: Diaspora (Part 2)
  • 4
EN5ider continues the epic ZEITGEIST Adventure Path with an exciting intrusion to snatch up an important artifact and then recollecting significant events from over five centuries! Plus more NPCs and monsters than you can shake a stick at.
Epic Monsters: Anzû
  • 4
Epic Monsters is going way, way back for today’s post—we’re talking Gilgamesh or earlier. The divine creature in this post is known for soaring through the skies, keeping the company of goats, and appearing in many ancient religions: if you guessed Anzû give yourself a star!
EN5ider #293 - Enchanted Trinkets: Something for Everyone
  • 0
Today on EN5ider we're continuing the Enchanted Trinkets series: reasonably priced magic items with minor, flavorful impacts that make them fun to have around but not unbalancing for GMs to hand out as rewards, only really making a difference when an adventurer breaks an enchanted trinket for it to have a more profound impact.
Mythological Figures: Admiral Blas de Lezo y Olavarrieta
  • 28
The Mythological Figures column gets a lot of interesting requests but this one will stick with you like a peg-leg caught in a hole on deck. The astute historians among you may get the clue but if that’s not you, read onward and check out Admiral Blas de Lezo y Olavarrieta!
EN5ider #292 - Mini-Adventure: Cult of the Rat God
  • 0
EN5ider is as fond of the classics as anyone, and today's articles delivers that in spades! If you've been hankering for a fun one-shot or a quick city sidequest, definitely take a look at this rat-infested mini-adventure.



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