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Russ Morrissey



Russ Morrissey
Monte Cook Games Welcomes Charles Ryan as New COO
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As mentioned separately today in the daily RPG News, Charles Ryan is the new Chief Operations Officer of Monte Cook Games. http://www.enworld.org/newsimages/charles_ryan.jpgOne of the...
13th Age Goes to Press; Mongoose & Monte Tease Secrets; Ultimate Campaign downloads; plus ASK THE BA
  • 7
Dungeons & Dragons News D&D Cutter: Preview #3 -- Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter, written by R.A. and Geno Salvatore, weaves the tale of a family fiercely divided and at odds with itself, with a...

Against the Slave Lords Excerpts; 2nd Doctor Pre-order; and an Awakened Anthology!

  • 3
EN World News TO SLAY A DRAGON will finally be released... imminently. We're just doing a last proofreading pass. Expect a news article about it soon! 140 pages of goodness! This week in...
Hit Points; Running Epic Tier Games for FREE; plus DOGS playing D&D; and What's Your Go-To GMing Adv
  • 8
Dungeons & Dragons News Hit My Points by Mike Mearls - Time and again Mike has touched on the topic of healing and hit points in D&D Next. This week, he revisits hit points and goes over some...
WotC's Kim Mohan Retires; reviews of THE LOST DUTCHMAN and SEASONS; plus Why Do You DM?
  • 11
Dungeons & Dragons News Kim Mohan retired yesterday from WotC. He's been with TSR (and then WotC) since 1979! Amongst his jobs at the company, he's been Editor-in-Chief of DRAGON Magazine, and...

ENnies Dream Dates; Diana Jones Award Shortlist; plus SHADOWRUN 5E preview!

  • 0
Dungeons & Dragons News Art and Maps: Dungeon 214 -- "We get to explore one of the first D&D dungeons ever created and experience it in a whole new light, featuring the Dungeon! Fantasy Board...
Rich Baker Launches Sasquatch Game Studio; Is D&D "art"?; and we review SHADOWRUN 2050!
  • 2
EN World News Check out our official review of Shadowrun 2050! Neuroglyph says it's "A Magical Blast From the Future’s Past!" Is Dungeons & Dragons a work of art? How about Dogs in the...
Adventures for PATHFINDER and 4E; last day for Tome of Horrors minis; plus Killshot Reloaded; and Me
  • 2
Dungeons & Dragons News Epic Campain by Aaron Williams -- In this episode of the season, the Beached Leviathan celebrates our heroes' exploits during "The Night of Madness..." [A quick note -...

Love Letters to D&D; TO SLAY A DRAGON previews; and approaching the 2500th daily news post? PLUS CA

  • 5
EN World News In this week's Pretty Darn Fun (a look at new PDFs) we have 12 PDFs, 4 WotC re-releases, 3 adventures and 1 noteworthy Spotlight PDF. This week's column is stacked with good...
Upcoming video features; Forbes on D&D; PLUS Is sexism in gaming a problem?
  • 7
Upcoming Video Featurettes We've returned from the UK Games Expo, laden down with video footage for a few planned upcoming short video features. Titles are not yet determined, but here are the...

Away at UK Games Expo 2013

  • 1
I'm off to UK Games Expo 2013 in Birmingham for the weekend. I'll likely tweet the occasional thing, and regular news updates will resume when I return. I'll be there with a few others armed...

Exalted Primer; New D&D MOBILE GAME; Plus SCREW THE RULES!

  • 3
EN World News Hunters and The Hunted: The Mythopoetry of Bugbears by Kamikaze Midget. Rapture: End of Days – Can you outrun The Apocalypse in a Starship?! (A Review) Experience Point: Screw the...

Do You Read This News?

  • 202
EN World News In my never-ending quest to try to optimize the time I spend on different aspects of EN World, I'm trying to ascertain whether this news page is still popular or useful in the face...

EDITION WARS! Plus final Ultimate Campaign Preview: WAR; and TO SLAY A DRAGON

  • 0
EN World News I'll be at UK Games Expo in Birmingham this weekend (24th-26th May). If you see me, please say hello! I'll be with a couple of other people wielding film cameras and microphones...

New SANTIAGO website; Plus previews of Fangwood Keep and Gnome Stew's Odyssey!

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EN World News In addition to our new websites for ZEITGEIST and War of the Burning Sky, we now have a brand new site for the SANTIAGO: A Myth of the Far Future adventure path which is coming this...

Sale New websites for adventure paths; and more on sexism in D&D Next? Plus big OSR sale!

  • 0
New Websites for War of the Burning Sky and ZEITGEIST We have brand new websites for our two adventure paths: www.zeitgeistadventurepath.com www.wotbsadventurepath.com Both sites contain free...

Release Daughters of Lear wins $1000 contest! Plus ENORMOUS Pathfinder release list for Gen Con and Sean K

  • 0
And the Winner Is.... EN World's $1000 7-Day RPG Contest is over! About 40 people entered, and the winner was darkcyril, who has won $1000 with his Daughters of Lear game. Daughters of Lear is...

Warner Bros D&D movie not such a dead cert; PLUS Ultimate Campaign Preview

  • 4
Dungeons & Dragons News 2nd Edition [podcast] -- "In this episode, we look back at the creation of 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons—and who better to enlighten us than R&D's Steve Winter...

Tabletop Gaming News for Thursday, 9 May, 2013 [Monsters & Magic: A New OSR Game; Shadowrun 5th Edit

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EN World News I've cleaned up and redesigned EN World's FAQ. Let me know if there's anything obvious missing or wrong! Don't forget to vote in the $1000 7-Day RPG Compeition! Three days left...
Tabletop Gaming News for Wednesday, 8 May, 2013 [A New D&D Movie; PLUS preview art from ULTIMATE CAM
  • 4
ENnies: Last Day To Enter! This is it - today is the last day to submit your products to the 2013 ENnies. Any package with a postmark past May 8th, 2013, will not be accepted. Any e-submission...

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