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4E 4E indications - Has it slowed your purchases alreadY?

Has the threat of 4E slowed your purchases already?

  • Yes - I've nearly stopped with my 3.5 purchases completely

    Votes: 18 5.2%
  • Yes- I'm cautious on what I purchase now wait n' see

    Votes: 20 5.8%
  • Not really - I just buy what I want anyways

    Votes: 208 59.9%
  • No - I probably won't bother moving to 4E. Time will tell.

    Votes: 101 29.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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First Post
Not at all. The only thing that's slowed my pruchases is there isn't much coming out that's too interesting to me.

Lord Mhoram

Just the opposite. I am quite happy with 3/3.5 and could happily play it for years. In fact I intend to. With the concept of 4th coming I have a sense of closure for my collections, so I'm picking up the stuff that I was marginally interested in, so that I have it in the collection to be used, some months or years hence. :)

I virtually ignored 2nd edition, and went from 1st to 3rd. If fourth is anything short of amazing, and amazing in ways that I want to see it changed, I'll just stick with 3rd.


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Lord Mhoram said:
I virtually ignored 2nd edition, and went from 1st to 3rd. If fourth is anything short of amazing, and amazing in ways that I want to see it changed, I'll just stick with 3rd.
Same here - I totally missed second edition. And as I'm migrating my group over to True20, I'll probably skip any additional 3.5 rule sets like the PHB2 but continue picking up interesting settings like Hordes of the Abyss.

If anything, I'm actually spending money on some second edition material like Planescape, which I've heard great things about on this board.

No, though I haven't bought any WotC products other than settings books in a long time.

I have been looking at non-d20 systems (other than C&C) more as of late.


Not a real good set of options.

My answer is "Not at all", but I'm very open to moving on to 4E.

WotC being on a run of crap lately has impacted my buying, but that is completely different.

National Acrobat

First Post
I have three 3.5 books and no 3.0 books so this really won't impact me at all.

I don't DM 3.0 or 3.5 so I don't feel the need to buy the books at all. I have the bare necessities for me as a player.


First Post
Money and products that don't interest me keep me from buying more than anything.

Also, I don't want 4e to become a self-fulfilling prophesy -- nobody buys anything because of 4e rumors, WOTC doesn't make enough money b/c nobody's buying anything, WOTC releases 4e in order to make more money.

El Skootro


First Post
I continue to buy every Forgotten Realms book that comes out and I pick and choose from the core releases. As I have no intention of moving to a 4th Edition when it is produced, I'll likely carry on buying 3.5 for a time to pick up books that I passed over before (like the psionics books, tome of magic and the races books). I understand why WotC will eventually produce a 4th edition, I just have more than enough 3.0/3.5 books to run campaigns for a couple decades to come. I'd rather spend my money on other things. I will miss Dragon & Dungeon magazines though as doubtless they will switch to cover 4th edition and thus lose my interest in them.

Captain Tagon

First Post
Nah, giving up on d20 in it's current incarnation has slowed down my purchases. I'm actually interested in 4e, depending on how many sacred cows it changes, I might come back to DnD.

Geron Raveneye

First Post
Option 3 was the closest...just that I probably am not a real good sample person, as my purchases are mostly Basic D&D stuff I get from ebay as well as old 1E hardcovers. Although, I'm hunting for Tombs of Abysthor right now. :lol:

Well, my purchases from WotC stopped around the time they released 3.5, so no, the 4E rumors haven't really affected me. I'm still buying from Necromancer and Goodman, but most of my purchases, lately, have been 1E, OSRIC, or C&C material.


Hand and Eye of Piratecat [Moderator]
My vote is:
Not really - I just buy what I want anyways
I haven't been buying many WotC books (except for the Eberron books) for some time... but that's because I already have so many books that I don't need most of the new stuff right now, not because of 4e probably coming out within, like, 1-3 years.

Another reason for my reduced D&D purchases is that I'm currently more interested in other systems than D&D (i.e., M&M 2e, GURPS 4e, Exalted 2e and nWoD).
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My purchases have barely slowed down. And to whatever extent they have slowed down over the last year or so, the threat of 4.0 isn't the reason.


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I buy only the stufI need with the money I have.... So, each time I buy a new book, I need one less and I have less € to buy another one. This is why I buy less stuff than before, I guess. :p


actually my D&D purchces have gone up recently. I quit smoking recently so I keep the money I used to spend on cigarettes and use it to buy D&D stuff.

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