Blizzard at Revel's End (OOC) Temporary Hiatus


the magical equivalent to the number zero
I do try to keep up with the rate of postings in all PbP games, but occassionally I get too busy IRL to react quickly. (And I usually don't post on Wednesdays and weekends because I am usually away from a computer on those days.)

If I do lag, I am fine with my character being controlled by the DM for a while, or skipping a turn or two.

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Sorry. Last week was last week of classes, and everything in all my games seemed to get busier/require more attention, so I was slow in rotating through all of them. And I don't post weekends. But if you need to robot me for a turn, that's fine, just so I can keep track of things (I just had someone Dodge once, since I like to roll the round about once a week, and when I have time to write a GM post, I like to get it out there.) So no worries on that.

It's a bit more complicated when underwater and grappled...


I'd generally rather wait than take peoples turns for them. Not only is it more (and unwelcome) work, but I really, really dislike making my player's choices for them. Having lost players here and there (I've been pretty lucky overall - I haven't lost too many), I sometimes worry that people who aren't posting have ghosted (I wish more people would just tell me when they drop out. It's all good). At any rate, I'd rather poke you than take your turn, but just because I poke you, doesn't mean I'm unhappy to wait. If that makes sense.

I'll set myself a limit: I will wait for three (or more) players, but I'll roll the round if I'm only missing one or two. And I think, generally, I'll just let that player go twice in the following round. If they miss two rounds in a row, though, then I'll take control, I guess.

Getting two turns in a row can be better then acting row by row. And my original concept was "you just stand there dithering, unable to decide what to do." Two turns in a row is MUCH better than that. :)


Getting two turns in a row can be better then acting row by row. And my original concept was "you just stand there dithering, unable to decide what to do." Two turns in a row is MUCH better than that. :)
It is much better, sure, but it's still two-in-a-row after having had a round where you stood there. I'll probably make it so you lose both if you fail to act the second time.


@KahlessNestor I should never have bothered you about not posting your turn. While resolving round four, I was reminded that you had posted two turns in round three (not your fault - I was resolving things a few things at a time, so you rightly posted after I had resolved your turn, but before I'd rolled the round). So what you posted last will be your round five actions. Sorry about that, you'll have to wait for one more round. Hopefully it won't take me as long as the last two. I've got a couple of new tricks that should speed me up.


I just noticed this. Why didn't the damage come off the temp hit points? I think this is Lex's line:

Lex AC16 HP34/34 THP 1/12 Sp 3/4 3/3
Yup. My mistake. I knew you had THP, but when I went to copy the damage down on your line, it slipped my mind and I took it off your HP. Thanks, fixed now.

When did that happen? It's only been 3 rounds. What's the crab's climbing speed? I assume a shear cliff in not a natural terrain for a crab. A normal crab has a land and a swim speed, not a climb speed. Even if it's land speed is 40, climbing for 3 rounds would only be 120 feet.


I admit, I've screwed it up before. Let me see:

1) it's been four rounds, with the first one being the "suprise round" - I tried calling it round zero for a bit, but that's not how 5e works. So it was R1, and everyone but Thorbin, Lex, and Jathlin (and all the Sahuagin) were surprised.
2) The CrabRider has an action to command the crab to move or attack (recharge 5/6). He used it in Round 1, and Round 4. Round 2 and 3 he fired his blowgun.
2) The Crab has done nothing but dash. I was sure when I started that the crab would have a climb speed, but it doesn't. I'm not going to make it roll (let's say that the combination of a crab's 'grip' and the nature of the cliff makes the DC low enough not to bother). But I will make it climb at half speed. So 30 feet per round.

Round 1) It started 5 feet below the surface. This is why Lex wasn't surprised. He saw something down there. Then round 1 started and the CrabRider commanded it to climb. (His turn). The crab climbed to 10 feet up. Then it had its own turn, and climbed to 40' up. (Post OOC#188 calls this 50 feet, wrongly.)
Round 2) Rider fired his blowgun. Crab climbed to 70' up. (Post OOC#188 calls this 110 feet, wrongly. Post OOC#217 calls it 80 feet, also wrongly. Huh. Mistakes.)
Round 3) Rider fired his blowgun. Crab climbed to 100' up. (Post OOC#252 has this right).
Round 4) Rider finally recharged his command and commanded a move. Crab climbed to... 145 feet. Post IC#88 calls this 150 feet, wrongly. So do my notes.

So... 145 feet up at the end of round 4. Everyone is going for round 5 now, unless I've really screwed something up.

I have to admit, I've been confused many times while running this combat. It's probably a bit too big for any sane person, even if it were run IRL and with miniatures, it would be ambitious. It's a bit much for PBP. But it has taught me to keep better notes, so I should be making less mistakes going forward.

One of my mistakes early on was thinking that I could get away with handwaving all the non-pc-related combatants. But that was just too difficult with players, very rightly, trying to save NPCs who were in danger (causing them to turn away from 'their' enemies to fight NPC's enemies, if you see what I mean) therefore I needed to do it 'properly'. So my son and I ran the fight IRL, but we did extra rounds (the first time) but again the actions of the players (including Throbin's shocking body count) changed everything, so I had to backtrack and just play it out one round at a time. (This is one of the reasons that a few guards seemed to come back to life. I thought they were goners for sure, but the orca and shaman were killed much faster than I thought they'd be, and the guards had survived only one round of attacks).

Anyway, we've got it down now. If everyone can get their turns in relatively quickly, I'll see if I can get this round rolled as fast as possible.


Hey @FitzTheRuke,

Did you skip my post? I don’t see anything about Thorbin’s actions... Since the deck has pretty much been cleared, he’ll jump down to face the remaining fish man.



I was about to say, "What? I wrote a whole bit on Thorbin!" and then I looked... apparently I called him Valrin three times and Thorbin only once. I knew who I was talking about, though. I fixed it. Take another quick look.

Steve Gorak

Hey y’all,

FYI, I don’t want to create a pvp situation by having Thorbin refuse to give his weapon. He’ll resist, bc he fought for his freedom.

@FitzTheRuke, let me know if you need me to tone this down for the sake of the game’s good flow.


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