Custom divine abilities, portfolios, etc.


Because science is traditionally tied to psychic abilities and the paranormal. Although I can easily see science being tied to metaphysics (magic) as well. I really don't see science as being separate from magic. I see magic as merely being misunderstood science or possibly science as the rationalization of magic.

In either case Krusty has really botched the Science portfolio by not...

A. Making it magical


B. Not detailing the psionic portions properly by splitting them into disciplines.


C. Simply making the science portfolio by using preexisting spells that are actually written up somewhere.


D. Simply riding the world of the you cannot have opposed portfolios rule...which would be simplest.


E. All the above.

I guess it really all just depends on how he wants to go about it. But it could be easily fixed in a number of ways.

I see huge problems with the science portfolio as it is.

For example...

If I take the science portfolio and the time portfolio. I end up losing all my spell-like abilities and spells because I was stupid and took the science portfolio.

The science portfolio needs desperately to be able to work in conjunction with other portfolios. But as it stands it doesn't even work well with itself since it cancels out it's own spell-like abilities.

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Hello again! :)

Adslahnit said:
I'm trying to come up with a Boundaries/Dualities/Opposites/Concordance (Life and Death, Day and Night, Existence and Nonexistence, Reality and Fiction/Fantasy, Good and Evil, Law and Chaos, Male and Female, Light and Dark, etc.) portfolio, based on characters such as In-Betweener from the Marvel universe and Yukari Yakumo from Touhou. Basically, an extremely versatile (but master of none) portfolio that revolves around the concept of blending the borders between cosmic dual opposites or even flipping them around outright. Still working on getting it together and balancing it though.

Sounds cool! :)

Adslahnit said:
Additionally, it's hard to think of an opposite to this portfolio, seeing as how having an opposite to a portfolio of dualities itself is quite paradoxical and ironic. Any suggestions?

The opposite could be any immortal with a double portfolio. Duality versus Singularity in effect.

Phantom Llama

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Something more or less required for a build I'm working on:

Analytic (Ex, Cosmic)
You determine everything through rational analysis.
Prerequisites: Int 70
Benefit: You may use your Intelligence modifier in place of your Wisdom modifier for all purposes.

Phantom Llama

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Even given abilities like Unknowing/Sacred/Profane BMSS letting you apply your Wisdom modifier repeatedly?

Off the top of my head, it could be expanded to allowing your Intelligence to sub for Wisdom in all circumstances, so it also covers prerequisites.


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You'd still have to meet their Wisdom 40 prereqs, since you sub your Intelligence bonus not your Intelligence score, so I am not sure how much of an issue it is. That also imposes similar limitations on divine spellcasting ect. that use your score to determine your highest spell level castable, ect.


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Spell [Effect]
You create effects that mimic spells.
Benefit: Choose a spell you wish to mimic; you do not need to be able to cast this spell on your own. The effective level of this spell is equal to your divine rank, and targets subjected to it are entitled to a save (DC 10 + spell level + divine rank + Charisma modifier) if the spell normally allows a save.

e.g. Medusa, a divine rank 4 quasi-deity, wants to have a cursing gaze; she selects Spell Wrath for bestow curse; all within her Close range are now subject to a bestow curse, DC 18 + Medusa's Charisma modifier

The effective level of this spell must be at least as high as the spell's own level. You may take this ability multiple times to attain higher-level spell effects. Each time you take this ability, your divine rank stacks for determining the effective spell level of the effect.

i.e. if Medusa wanted a petrifying gaze, she would have to take Spell Wrath twice, since she needs 6 spell levels for flesh to stone; if she did so, she would have a petrifying gaze, with a DC of 22 (10 + spell level 8 [2 x 4] + DvR 4) plus her Charisma modifier.




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One I've been contemplating for a while.

Agonizing [Effect] [Divine]
You gain an effect that leaves your foes writhing helplessly in pain.
Prerequisite: Any evil alignment.
Benefit: Targets take a penalty on all rolls, saves, and checks equal to -1 per ten HD. This penalty does not stack with itself, or with any other pain-based effects, such as symbol of pain. This is a necromantic effect. Penalties from this ability last for one hour.
Special: This effect can be taken multiple times and its effects stack.
Each time it is taken it either applies to a different effect, or it applies to the same effect as follows:
Taken twice = Greater Agonizing [Effect], original effect doubled.
Taken three times = Superior Agonizing [Effect], original effect tripled.
Taken four times = Perfect Agonizing [Effect], original effect quadrupled.
Taken five times = Agonizing Mastery, use any type of agonizing effect.
Taken six times = Uncanny Agonizing Mastery, shape area effects to only target enemies.


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I wanted to post a character and a template, but formatting takes a really long time, so I'll just give you the links to the post as Dicefreaks. I don't have Ascension (won't buy till in print, will buy 1st day in print), so some things may not be done correctly. Coomentary would be appreciated, esp from U_K.

Template :


One specific question: What do we think of the Soulfount power that Killane has? Is it too much for a Cosmic ability? (bear in mind, I haven't seen Ascension)

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