D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Hit or Flop?


As long as i get to be the frog
Only if you ignore the rest of the context… Avatar 2 would definitely have been considered a flop at that point, as would some other movies.

This is like saying ‘it is hard to not see a car costing $10000 as cheap’… for a Lamborghini it is laughably cheap, for a 20 year old Nissan not so much
Maybe to me and many others flop means something different than for you?

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If the film eventually does break even we may eventually get a sequel, but the process will likely be slow moving and may sputter out before it actually gets into production.

I would suggest looking at Detective Pikachu for an example. It's a film from an even more popular IP than D&D, had a budget of around $150 million (around the same as D&D, and likely had a similar marketing budget), made $433 million (which is likely more than D&D will make in it's theatrical run) and there's been occasional talk of a sequel but the development just seems to be spinning it's wheels. Your guess is as good as mine if a sequel will ever happen for Detective Pikachu.
Ironically enough the success of the Mario movie may actually push things into high gear for Detective Pikachu 2.
I would argue that making a follow up to.. a live action noir-ish detective story featuring pokemon...after you've adapted the only game where such a story takes place...

is.. perhaps..

more of a challenge than following up on a vanilla fantasy genre heist movie based a game with 50 years of content developed for it


maybe, but then your definition is not how this word is commonly used
It's pretty simple: movie I want to declare a failure for... reasons. Reasons that are good. reasons that are just. Reasons I will never elaborate on, but spur me on to staunchly defend my position that the movie was a failure.


As long as i get to be the frog
maybe, but then your definition is not how this word is commonly used
judging by all the people disagreeing with you, I’d suggest my usage is just as common.

If flop is about commercial success then you need to factor in all revenue streams. You are not.

If flop is solely about box office performance compared to expectations then I think the D&D movie met expectations (they weren’t super high - though there was some hope they’d roll a natural 20). The movie performed much better than all previous d&d movies. Etc.


As long as i get to be the frog
it’s even simpler than that… investment that does not make its money back, plus a profit to compensate for the effort, time and risk
Focusing on box office alone doesn’t give that picture. That’s been the biggest repeated counterpoint to that reasoning.


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