D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Hit or Flop?


And that's why Titanic was the biggest flop of all time. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
you are not making any sense here, but keep going

Titanic cost 200M to make and made 1,800M at the box office. I do not even need other revenue streams to see that it was a hit

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I don't accept those numbers.

See how it works? It's AMAZING.
yeah, I see that you prefer to live in fantasy land where numbers have no meaning or better yet can be replaced by whatever you want them to be.

I see that you want HAT to be a huge success no matter what the actual numbers say (and to be clear, I am not calling it a flop, I am just pointing out that you rather ignore them if they get in the way of your preferred narrative).

Keep going, but I am not interested in continuing down this path with you


That someone better
If the articles saying Shazam 2 is a flop is proof of it being a flop, then shouldn't the articles saying D&D HoT is exceeding expectations be proof it is doing alright for itself?

There are already a few articles declaring D&D to be a flop.

Plus D&D is in week 2, SzM2 in week 4.

And remember the week 3 fall off will tell the final tale. Give it a week or two then do a search.

Now if you said you feel they're bad films I would agree, I gave up on them after the third. I have heard Bumblebee is better but haven't watched it.

Bumblebee was much better. Probably one of the best ones. But it suffered from the reputation of the previous films. Which killed audience interest.

it’s hard to see a movie that might have 250-300 million in total box office as a flop.

I get it.. But if it doesn't make back it's costs, it is what it is.

Yes there post-release revenue streams, but studio's rely on up-front box office earnings to quickly recoup their costs to pay the debt incurred in making the film, and to bank a big chunk of profit right off the bat.

From a studio's point of view, the longtail earnings should be all gravy. They shouldn't still be trying to recoup their initial costs.

That is why generally speaking, hit or flop status is still determined at the box office.


Is my satire regulator broken in this thread or something?

This is the second time someone explained my joke at me.
maybe work on your jokes ;)

It is hard to tell what is satire and what is not these days. And I am not sure why you would ‘satirize’ what I said this way, that is misrepresenting what I said, not satire. It might be satire when directed at someone else in this thread, but you replied to me, so I assumed that was directed at my comments


A drop less than 50% is good. 61% off of good reviews is not great.
Well Mario on a long weekend is kind of a harsh competitor and a good reason to stay away from theatres this weekend if you don't like kids :p

I'm predicting the drop from week 2 to 3 to be way less dramatic.


The show I went to last Wednesday was also pretty full though that's likely because Mario had sucked up so many screens at my theater they only had DND on two screens that day.
Mario is only 90 min compared to 120+ for DnD, a theatre can show Mario 4 times in the time it takes to show DnD 3 times, it's not surprising a theatre would prefer to have as many Mario screens as they can


Can we address that the ads completely lie about the entire motivation of the movie?

I had friends that were surprised about Edgin even having a daughter that was part of the film.

Yes! Of all things for the trailers to hide, this one baffles me. I knew it was a thing because I read the prequel novel, but a daughter in jeopardy is such an easy thing for general audiences to relate to, I simply cannot understand why they didn't highlight that in the trailers.

This is truly baffling, honestly, and I wonder if Kira was added late in the production cycle? What version of the movie were those early trailers based on? Doesn't seem like there was that much reshoot for this movie either?

Maybe DnD is one of those movies that saved in the the Editing room and the whole 'we stole the wrong thing for the wrong people' realization added too much exposition and they just let people figure out the Red Wizard's plan on their own? I don't think the characters ever realize that Sofina got the horn from the Harper heist.

I think it's a really good comparison just because it's another big IP (honestly Pokemon and Pikachu are probably much better known with the general public than Dungeons and Dragons)
Pokémon is THE Highest grossing media franchise.

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