D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Hit or Flop?

OK, we can't accept D&DHaT is not the party start, but this doesn't mean it have been a failure. The movie is fun, and now audience know MCU has got a new rival. Mario Bros is more popular, but Paramount will recover the investment.
Just to clarify, are you saying D&D is a rival for the MCU or Mario?

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Mario Bros is now rival of D&D in the box-office. Of course we know this is more famous and popular than D&D.

Seriously I believe D&D has got the potential to become rival of MCU and Star Wars if Disney don't make good productions.


Objectivity they're not. They made several times their budget from box office alone so tyey eithermade a good amount of profitfor the higher performing ones or were around breaking even for the lower performers. The DnD movie will only make around it's budget or a little bit more at the box office, which means it's theatrical run is going to lose money.

Now if you said you feel they're bad films I would agree, I gave up on them after the third. I have heard Bumblebee is better but haven't watched it.
Yes. That was the joke.



Note the movie that D&DHAT is almost just tracking domestically — Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore — see the spike for Black Adam that D&DHAT doesn't have. Unless something wildly changes, $100M is probably domestic revenue. But FB:TSoD made 3x internationally what it made domestically instead of the more normal 1.5x. So it probably ends up at approximately $225-300M worldwide given it isn't Potter universe. Again, assuming something doesn't change.

This is wild to me given the positive reviews, as I thought it would have hit status given them, but the advertising was really poorly done. Maybe that's the big influence.


it’s hard to see a movie that might have 250-300 million in total box office as a flop.
Only if you ignore the rest of the context… Avatar 2 would definitely have been considered a flop at that point, as would some other movies.

This is like saying ‘it is hard to not see a car costing $10000 as cheap’… for a Lamborghini it is laughably cheap, for a 20 year old Nissan not so much


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Can we address that the ads completely lie about the entire motivation of the movie?

I had friends that were surprised about Edgin even having a daughter that was part of the film.

Yes! Of all things for the trailers to hide, this one baffles me. I knew it was a thing because I read the prequel novel, but a daughter in jeopardy is such an easy thing for general audiences to relate to, I simply cannot understand why they didn't highlight that in the trailers.

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