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Dark Fairytale IC

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The Golem is shoved backwards by the force of the thunderous wave back towards the back of the cloud of glass shard insects. Accompanying the thunderous roar all light fades before returning to the room in a bright red flash. Standing in the center of the party with a smell of brimstone,a 9ft tall demon stands before you the upper part of her body belonging to a woman who was possibly once beautiful but is now covered in scars and burns from many battles. The demon looks confused and quickly assesses her surroundings before lashing with her many arms each with a wicked curved blade with serrated edges. The first strike deals a devastating blow to Leo catching him across his torso and taking down the entire length the rest of the attacks directed at the other party members are ineffective with the swings either going wide or bouncing off armour physical or magical. "Who dares summon me! Worthless mortals!" the demon then surges forward with inhuman speed shattering through the door

[dm] Sorry but Leo took a crit taking 24 points of damage, didn't turn out to bad in all honesty. Shildor and Kaleth still have their actions.[/gm]


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: @Azurewraith, I'll need a refresher on vitality points since I just got hit for more than CON HP
I'm at 24/48 now, but I received more than vitality HP in one hit.

"AArrrgh!" comes the eloquent reply from the stricken sorcerer as he look in horror at the creature that cut him.


GM: Your vitality is your con score and is used for determining your maximum hp. For every 10 points of damage a character takes it reduces vitality by 1, if it by a crit reduce vitality by double what would have been reduced. Losing vitality reduces a characters maximum hp as if there con mod had dropped so each drop from even to odd would reduce your max hp by your characters level. You regain 1+con mod vitality after a long rest, falling to 0 vit automatically reduces you to 0 hp

Man I'd forgotten all about this. Just need Kaleth's action.

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