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Dark Fairytale IC

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OOC: Dealing with crazy work. Don't have much time or energy to post at the moment. Hopefully everything clears up soon. Move on without me and I will hop back in once I have my work stuff straightened out.


GM: In that case then init order as follows
If you want anything specific from the two absent players character's let me know other wise I'll just do what seems appropriate.

Leo pears out through the doors just as they shut and can see a large figure approaching through the storm, around 10ft tall and half as wide it's movements are slow and jerking, given that it sinks a good few feet into the snow as it steps you would assume it's rather heavy.

The doors slam shut and are barred. A series of crossbow can be heard snapping in unison from above echoing around the hall as the first thud hits the door followed by another then another.

A group of 5 guards appear behind you and stand ready, the pounding on the door continues it begins to give slowly at first but then with a crash the doors fly open. Standing before you is a mountain of a man, who is quite literally chiseled from granite.

GM: The room is a 30x30 square with statues flanking sides at 10ft intervals lot by torches the room is brightly lit. On the far wall either side the door is a staircase that leads up to the second level balcony which runs out side before re-entering the building.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Leonan shoots as soon as the creature becomes visible, the reaction triggered more by his quick reflexes than any thinking on his part. But his mind already works through the stories he knows.

The Academy theoretical knowledge was always boring without the story to make it stick, but this one...this one was a classic.

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Scouring the far corners of his mind the young sorcerer quickly realises this is a Golem, Golems come in many varieties yet this one doesn't entirely match any of the diagrams in text books or stories. Upon closer inspection the Golem appears to be part iron, part flesh and part clay. Typically Golems are very resistant to damage from many sources but given this Golems unique make up picking the specifics is difficult.

The crossbow bolt and hand axe both strike the creature the axe bounces off harmlessly and the bolt shatters upon impact, seeing the volly fail to cause the creature damage Colember moves up and takes a defensive posture, Kaleth does that strange thing he does with his mind but it also appears to have no effect.

The creature ambles towards Colember it's slow jerking movements leaving it just short.

GM: Round two, fight!

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