Dark Fairytale IC


GM: Hags form can covans? That's news to me. I'm not sure where this is going maybe a coven maybe a pact with a fey lord, maybe multiple lives. The idea literally just came from your post didn't really think just wrote. Figured it would give something to do while at the academy and lead into something else because saving small villages seems a tad beneath 10th level characters.

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Kaleth walks to the crumpled body of the hag. He raises his spear and plunges it through the creatures heart. He then turns to the others.

We shoudl remove her head preferably with a silvered blade. We should then burn the body.

Kaleth then begins to search the room. He is careful not to touch anything until he has some idea what is here. He keeps an eye on the others as they tend to the children. Noticing their dazed and strange demeanor Kaleth pauses in his searching. He hopes that they disrupted the ritual in time but was to exhausted to properly check the children. He would need to see to them at a later time to make sure their minds were still their own.

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Rummaging about Kaleth finds a couple of objects that catch his interest. The first Is a set of stones.


GM: Sending stones attunement.

Sending stones come in pairs, with each smooth stone carved to match the other so the pairing is easily recognized. While you touch one stone, you can use an action to cast the sending spell from it. The target is the bearer of the other stone. If no creature bears the other stone, you know that fact as soon as you use the stone and don't cast the spell.

Once sending is cast through the stones, they can't be used again until the next dawn. If one of the stones in a pair is destroyed, the other one becomes nonmagical

He also notices another item of interest a ring

Reaching out to touch this ring Kaleth senses great power but also something else, almost like the fragment of a great presence.
GM: Picking up the ring is safe. Wearing it will reveal what it is any questions feel free to ask.

Out side is certainly something to be seen the floor is littered with tiny the tiny corpses of the pixies their mutilated bodies lie strewn everywhere crushed by the might of the giant trees, which also lie defeated on the ground. A lone satyr lies lifeless by the moat which now runs dry. Finding wood Is easy given the two dead trees before long a two pyres are built ready to for Enid.

Kaleth slips the stones and ring into a pocket. He looks over the room one last time then follows the others outside.

Outside Kaleth scans the devastation. Moves beside the satyr. The creature was a pawn in this and did not deserve to die. He turns and begins to gather wood making another pyre for the state and pixies.

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Pyers built the evil that was auntie Enid is destroyed in the flames and her ashes scattered to the wind, she will never again torment the earth. The victory over Enid is bitter sweet as the tiny bodies of the fey explode in a shower of bright sparks.

The walk home is a solemn one the children slowly start to come round. Returning to the village there are many tears and smiles even a few scaldings.

Time is ever moving forward perhaps it is a good time to return home.
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: no one else investigated the warehouse? I'm good to go. Do we RP parents and the village or just the return to the academy?

I'm still unable to sit at the computer so my level up may be little slow.


OOC: Don't worry about it I know roughly how it pans out anyway. I have left the parents section vauge rp if you want my brain melted 4 hours ago

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