Dark Fairytale IC

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Asheena listens to all the reports, never once writing any of it down. "Good work, you over stepped your duties we shall have to charge them extra for hag extermination. As for going back and checking on these kids. ... Thats gonna be pricey." the woman drops 4 pouches on the table each contains 250g

You are given a look that says why are you still here. After being dismissed, Kaleth rushes off to his room.

Once in the seclusion of his room he places the ring on his finger and he is immediately warped to a strange black plane, there is no light yet no darkness. Looking around Kaleth can see his room and his body judging from the angle he is inside the ring. A voice suddenly fills the space it is soft a women's voice it is everywhere in the in this place.Hello? Is someone there? I am Amalia“ everything falls Silent once again.

Charwoman Gene

Colember seeks out the services of an armorer. He meets with Caleb Hammerhand to consult with him about ways to be better protected in battle. The dwarf is pretty rude and uncouth, and tells Colember that his best bet is a sturdy set of splint mail. Colember scoffs at the very idea. "Splint mail is effective, sure, but it would slow me down."

The dwarf responds, "You want to throw your money away? Sure, I can add some arm and leg protection to your breastplate, I'll have to make some modifications to it. To the tune of oh, I'd say 550 gold, half now, half on pickup in about a week."

Colember negotiates with the dwarf to sweeten the deal, and leave himself a little cash.

"How about 450 immediately? You know I'm going to commission a suit of full plate eventually, I'll remember who gave me help."

They settle at 485. Colember returns to his chambers tired and ready to sleep.

OOC: Persuasion; Insight: 1D20+7 = [15]+7 = 22
1D20+5 = [2]+5 = 7

Maybe it is a waste of time and effort, but I want one point of AC. The haggled price is up to DM approval. If not, he'll need to borrow some spare armor, like buy *ugh* splint mail and use that until he gets more cash.
I wanted to emphasize that Colember does insist on finer things, even when there is a cheaper, equally serviceable option. It's really just sell breastplate 50% buy half plate. 750-(400/2)=550

Kaleth looks around calmly as his perception warps into the strange ring. He looks down at where his hands should. He doesn't react when the omnipresent voice speaks. He scans the room looking for who or what may have spoken. He then speaks his voice cracking from lack of use.

"Yes, I am Kaleth. Pleased to meet you Amalia. May I ask who or what you are?"


The room fills with a childish giggling."I am me silly" It seems you are speaking to a little girl "I've been here a loooooong time, I think, it certainly feels that way. Do you want to play?"


"Hide and seek!" The disembodied voice squeals. The black, blank empty space suddenly becomes full of light dirt and trees a forest. "You have to find me"

After some searching, who knows how long it took? Time is hard to gauge out here. Kaleth eventually finds a little girl hiding behind a tree. Her dress rustles in the wind, a wind that certainly wasn't there a moment ago, she is stood with her back to you and no matter how you move you cannot change this perspective it is like she simply does not have a front to her body."Tee hee. You found me your fun, I like you let's be friends.


GM: provided Kaleth accepts he is attuned to the ring and 3 hours have passed.

Amalia acts as a familiar however she is a little girl and has no physical presence out side the ring. She can exert force, interact with objects, has a Darkvision of 60ft and a fly speed of 20ft. Amalia will not partake in combat and will act like a 5year old girl, she is under no obligation to do as you say and may do her own thing or get distracted, like well you know a child.

Communication can only be done between each other in what we will dub the ring dimension leaving your actuall body helpless.

Declining the offer will eject you from the ring without attuning you. You can probably stall giving her a answer as long as you can entertain her, or attempt to ask her questions.

"I like you too. How did you end up here all by yourself?"

Kaleth stops short of accepting the offer. Amalia seemed harmless enough but things such as this could be deceiving.

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