Dark Fairytale IC


Leaving the village behind for the happier you are wisked back away to the academy arriving in the teleportation chamber you quickly gather your selves and head towards the administration block in order for you to present your report. Asheena would not be impressed if it wasn't your first stop. Despite the fact you all smell appalling and don't look much better.

Following the long windy corridors of the Adminn block, which is located in a old catacomb is dark,damp and cold why they thought to put the offices down here who knows.

Entering the office you see a familiar face

She does not look happy to be here you figure you should make your report sharpish.

GM: It's up to you 3 to disclose the specifics of your mission to Asheena what you do and don't tell her will have impacts on things later down the path. Feel free to use the ooc thread to figure it out.

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Leonan, using some of his story training, quickly goes over the story, making it sound epic, or at least heroic. It includes all the details of attempted subversion by beautiful fey which heroes resisted, pain of anguished parents, terrible guardians of the fey (treants and the worg), tricky quicklings and tragic satyr. It includes (somewhat sheepishly) diplomacy and tentative alliance with other fey (pixies) which later proved prudent as they helped in the final confrontation - with heavy toll on their ranks.

It includes the fight at the center of the tree house, with children within the ritual circle and true face of the threat revealed and the final fight in which everyone spent its last before the hag was defeated.

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: [MENTION=6798581]Azurewraith[/MENTION], treasure :)

"After safely delivering the children back to the village, we made our way here. As you can see, directly from battle..." Leonan gestures at the tired and bloody group
"We found this in the hags home, it may indicate there are more trouble brewing in other villages." he offers the heavy ledger to Asheena..

OOC: Since no one objected OOC I'm offering the book - may lead to another adventure or we miss one :)


While leonan's story was impressive it is clearly lost on her. Asheena hardly even glances at the book before shrugging at it"Take it to the library." she mutters looking at the others assembled waiting for their report.

Charwoman Gene

Colember gives his report an accurate retelling, but peppered with his own self centeredness, he focuses too much energy on castigating the parents' stupidity in dealing with fey carelessly, and skips over much if the clues and evidence recovered, as he took little direct interest there.

River Song

"My lord has given a good accounting of the event," Kalveen says quietly. "From a personal perspective I am concerned that the villagers made an accord with this hag in the first place. Surely they should have realised that any 'gift' would have been tainted?"

Kaleth listens to the reports the others give. He keeps quite the others relay the necessary information with little embellishments. After the others have spoken Kaleth's voice appears in the back of Asheena's mind.

I believe the ritual was disrupted but there is no way to be certain. I would suggest checking in on these children over the next couple years. Fae magic can plant a seed that will slowly consume the children until they turn into twisted hags like the creature we fought. The rest of the report by the others is accurate and I have nothing else to add.

Kaleth inclines his head to Asheena and steps back waiting to be dismissed.

OOC: Once I am dismissed I return to my room and then pull the ring from my pocket and slip it onto my finger.

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