Dark Fairytale IC


"I'm not sure one moment I was with mummy and her friends we drew on the floor and the walls then there was dancing, they all danced it was fun" the little girl giggles. Then I was here and I could walk, it's not so bad I can make this place into anything I want." as she says this the room turns to a grand ball room full of toys."It gets very lonely though but not anymore your her! Let's play."

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Kaleth looks around as the room suddenly changes scenery. He nods at her when she asks to play and sits down picking up a random toy and begins to play with Amalia. From waht she said it sounded like she was sick or injured. Is it possible that the mother bound her to the ring to try and save her life. He continues to question her as he plays.

"You couldn't walk before you came here?" Kaleth listens to the answer then continues. "This place is lovely. Is this all there is or can you do more? Are you able to leave?"

Kaleth continues to play pantomiming a knight fighting a dragon with two of the toys. He looks at Amalia wondering how long she had been inside this ring.


"I was sick for as long as I remember, papa built a chair with wheels so I could get around but it was hard. There is as much as I want her." Windows suddenly appear and out side them is a vast garden filled with intricate flower arrangements.


"I can leave, buuuuuut, it's boring none can see or hear me its no fun at all. Not like being here with you."

GM: Is anyone else up to anything?


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Leonan practices his new spell, blowing up himself or his surroundings, causing butterfly storms, changing color of his skin and in general being asked nicely to practice somewhere else.

He spends the evenings entertaining at inns for dinner AMD/or rooms depending on availability and 'approachability' of local wenches or nobles slumming who don't get offended by his satira.

Ooc: We leveled? After the hag I mean? I seem to remember some such...

Kaleth looks out into the garden that Amalia just created. He smiles under his mask, the girl seemed genuine. He would probably agree to being her friend, mainly to find out more about how she was bound to the ring. He looked down at the girl, deciding to ask one final question before making his final decision. This time instead of speak he tries to use his mind to speak directly to the girls mind.

Amalia do you remember your Mummy and Papa's name? I'm sure they are worried sick about you and I would return you to them if I can.

OOC: Not sure telepathy will work but need to know. If it does then I will know if she is lying when she answers the question I just asked.

Yes of course that is what you called them. But what did Mommy and Daddy call each other?

Kaleth continues to play with Amilia as he talks. He does not push with any of the questions and backs off in any seem to upset her.

I understand if you don't remember. I just wish to help you find them. I know if my daughter was missing I would be beside myself until I found her again.

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