Dark Fairytale IC

Kaleth chuckles at the name sweet cheeks. He had some information to go on but needed to know one more thing. Then he can findout who this girl was and how her parents seemed to move her consciousness into a ring.

Amalia I would love to to help you perhaps find your mummy and papa. If you could tell me your family name I think I might be able to do that. Until I can locate them I will be your friend and visit you here every chance I can.

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Charwoman Gene

Suspecting Kalveen is only here out of loyalty, Colember dismisses him from his service. "The dark road is ahead I must face it without you, old friend."


Kaleth exits the strange plane with Amalia as suddenly as he appeared back in reality he feels a strong bond with the ring.

The next day everyone is awoken to some sort of commotion emanating from the the grand masters office, located next to the mess hall a large group of students appears to be gathered whispering to reach other, the collective hubbub is like the buzzing of a swarm of insects buzzing around.

The room suddenly falls silent as Taugris, your old instructor emerges from the room his voice bellows like a firework exploding in a echo chamber."The last person I see in this crowd will be cleaning latrines for a year" never in the history of history has a crowd dispersed faster.


GM: So apparently I lost a paragraph.... Here it is.

The departing crowd are all abuzz one student a dwarf who is possibly sober claims he saw the grand masters body lying on the floor, he also goes on to state Hamlin the halfling cleric was seen entering the room. No one is certain what is happening but it seems big.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Leonan approaches the door and his old instructor
"Master Taugris, can we help? And before you send me to latrines, I wasn't part of that crowd, we just arrived." he adds with a smile, but quickly grows serious.
"It is a serious offer despite my ill attempted humor."


Taugris smiles briefly before answering in a solemn voice "I don't think there is anything anyone can do to help." the man looks to want to say more but his postion stops him "Run along now you will be reviving another assignment from Asheena shortly."

GM: I'll hang fire in your next assignment until either tonight or tomorrow to ensure everyone is ready to depart.

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