Dark Fairytale IC

As Shildoor pulls his Flail out of the last remaining Zombies Skull, or what remains of it, he sheaths it and turns towards Colember. "What a splendid warm-up that was! Was it not?" before patting him on the back, perhaps slightly harder then intended.

He then calls up toward the others. "It's Safe to come down!"
Leaning his Massive shield against the nearest Wall he started to investigate the room


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Shavara puts an arrow back in its quiver as she climbs down. The stench of death is a new stench and she wonders if it will be different with non-zombies as she looks around for anything out of place.

OOC: Investigation [roll0] If perception is more appropriate, add 2


The boxes under the tarps appear to be full of chalk and various nuts bolts and gears. Colember can hear something coming from below, it sounds distant and echoing. Shavra finds something odd one section of the floor seems cleaner than the rest it's a trap door hinged so it opens inwards making it nearly invisible. Below the trap door is a tunnel that appears to have been carved by hand, it is dark and reeks of human waste but there is a definite moan of anguish coming from the far end.

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Leonan appears above
"Just call out to whomever is hiding there. I'm guessing we found our crazy. Hiding from his own creations."

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