D&D General DM Says No Powergaming?


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Sometimes leaning in to "adversarial" play makes the game more fun. Obviously, as the DM, I want to run a game that the entire table enjoys. But the monsters want to win and I try to run them like they know what they are doing. Beyond that we'll talk smack at the table and I express great glee when a monster gets a good hit in on a PC. When we played in person I had an "Obituaries" sheet posted on the wall behind me. I wouldn't run games like this at a convention or with strangers at a FLGS or with new players---well, maybe with new players; it would be good to have some death early in, so they get used to it. ;-)

For some traps and hazards, if you don't detect and/or avoid them, you die. No need to calculate damage when a few tons of stone drop on you.

I guess that I just don't see a problem with 5e system. It comes down to play expectations and preferences. 5e can be as deadly and challenging as the players want it to be.

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