Critical Role Do you Critical Role?

Do you Critical Role?

  • Um...what's 'Critical Role'? Is it some kind of podcast or something?

    Votes: 3 1.3%
  • I've never watched a single episode.

    Votes: 51 22.9%
  • Not really. It's just not my cup of tea.

    Votes: 62 27.8%
  • Eh, I'll watch it every now and then, when I'm bored or whatever.

    Votes: 22 9.9%
  • Every now and then, when I can find the time.

    Votes: 29 13.0%
  • I'm a regular viewer. Is it Thursday yet?

    Votes: 35 15.7%
  • Yep. And Talks Machina, and Between the Sheets, and Handbooker Helper, and...

    Votes: 21 9.4%

  • Poll closed .


Recent threads (and national headlines) have got me curious: how many ENWorlders watch Critical Role?

EDIT: Sorry about the poorly-worded Response No. 5...I didn't intend to make it sound so similar to the adjacent option.
If it helps, pretend I said "As often as I can, when I can find the time."

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I've never watched the livestream (wrong timezone), but I watch it regularly on YouTube, and have started keeping up with Talks Machina now that it's also on YouTube.

Critical Role wasn't the first tabletop show I followed - I was a fan of Geek & Sunday's Tabletop series, and watched Titansgrave, but for ages Critical Role's long episodes were off-putting. But I wound up getting into the story and eventually caught up with the show.

I don't often watch an episode through in one sitting, and I often watch them on a tablet while playing not-too-distracting games on my PC (FTL and Battletech work well for this).

I do watch a livestream RPG show on Sundays, a channel called Roll4It. They're more conveniently on British time, and run a variety of systems. They just finished a 19-week run of a Stargate show.


I love Critical Role. Have seen every show just ..I watch them when they come on YouTube.

Mostly listen to them. Four hour long shows are great when I'm in the car or can't sleep or playing video games.


Every episode, every week since they started. The game bears no serious resemblance to my own games, outside of the fact they're playing D&D, as we don't roleplay as much or to the extent the they do on the show, but all the same I've been hooked since the start.

The characters are engaging, as are the story arcs, and the people are genuinely great to just "watch". And I mean, wtf else am I going to do with that time? If I can't scrounge up four hours in a week, even with work, family, etc., then I have other problems to address. :p

I'll also watch most of their other content, though with far less consistency, except for Talks Machina and Between the Sheets which I've also come to enjoy.

It won't be for everyone, but its not trying to be. It's a more enjoyable way to spend four or so hours out of my week than watching most of the other crap that's on TV or streaming apps these days, unless I wanna watch IT Crowd, Always Sunny in Philadelphia or some of my other favorite series for the millionth time.


I can't stand watching other people game. Some tiny but influential part of my brain is screaming, "YOU could be playing right now!!!"

Li Shenron

I've watched parts of an episode or two of Critical Role and Sirens of the Realm.

It's an interesting idea but honestly it's not my kind of entertainment. Watching those quickly made me want to go and play the game or write adventures, for which I'm thankful but I don't think it was the intended effect. My feeling is always "why am I wasting my time watching someone else play?". (Before someone else starts wasting their time trying to explain me that the point is the same as for watching sports, be aware that I very rarely watch sports either, pretty much for the same reason)

What I think would be good for me from those shows is not the entertainment but rather the obvious fact that they could suggest me good ideas to use in our own games. The problem is that the shows are just too long, and the good ideas too scattered. I've been planning to watch more while doing chores such as ironing but I am way too quick at that.

And unfortunately I am not a native English speaker so as podcasts (which would allow me to follow them while driving for example) they are totally unlistenable for me, there are too many people giggling and speaking garbage on top of each other, I can't get anything out of it without the video. I need a podcast to be a lot clearer than that, I can listen to lectures but not shows.

So definitely not my cup of tea.


I'm gradually working my way through the podcasts of campaign one, up to 47 so far. I'll likely start watching when I catch up to date.

I am Spanish and we are very used to dubbing, our voice actors are very good (with an accent totally different by most of Hispanoamericans). I can read and write English language, but oral English is harder to be understood by me. And now I don't watch TV or movies at all.


Nope. For some reason it doesn't interest me. I much prefer Glass Cannon podcast and their live streams even though I don't play Pathfinder. :)


I don't watch it, too busy gaming and/or posting on message boards :D - but I'm grateful for all the great new players it's brought into the hobby!


Big Fan

Every week. We watch each episode over 2 nights.

At first it was great as we had many episodes to catch up on but now we're caught up, it can't come quickly enough. Never thought watching someone else play would be so interesting for us, but it is.


I tried watching the first season. Got about 10 episodes in before I got too frustrated with basically jumping to the middle of a story.
So I started watching second season. Around episode 20 I was completely board with the show. Everybody was fun and the story thus far was interesting, but I couldn't summon up the will to watch another episode.

I've tried watching/listening to other similar shows and I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to watch/listen to someone else play DnD, Pathfinder, etc. I want to play myself.

Not my cup of tea.

It just doesn’t represent a style of play that I enjoy. I have the same problem with Dice Camera Action or the D&D Beyond one (heroes of the vale?)

I watch live plays mostly to see how someone else does things (I almost always DM and don’t have a lot of opportunity to see someone else handle the game first hand).

Too much talking and not enough action or game-play. They feel too much like a show than a RPG game to me.
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I voted 'Regular Viewer.' I almost voted for the last option, but I don't watch the Handbook-er thing cuz I already know how to play and it was obvious that the target was people who wanted to learn how to play and create characters.

The reality is that, even though I consider myself a regular viewer, I am usually a week or two behind. I just don't watch that much TV - it takes me nearly a whole week to get through 1 episode of CR.


In late 2017, I would have said, “not my cup of tea.” However, not long after campaign 2 started, I went to, “yes, and talks machina, etc.” The amateurish production values of the early shows, and them still finding their stride, was really off-putting to me, but when I started watching the second campaign, the quality they were investing in it really drew me in. The earliest shows are still unwatchable to me, except through YouTube clips, but since then i’ve gone back to watch about episodes 75 onward of campaign 1, and catch up.

They took something that, when people have tried in the past, was as dry as dust, and really breathed life into it. Four years ago, I would have said that there was no way D&D would ever be a spectator sport, but these guys and Glass Cannon Podcast (and now Relics and Rarities) showed what is possible, and set a bar.


The High Aldwin
Honestly, until I saw about their Kickstarter I had never even heard of them. From watching their video, doesn't seem like something I would enjoy, but I can see how others might.


I tune in to Critical Role for 5 to 10 minutes every week as I "channel surf" through the D&D Twitch content to see if any play styles or productions pique my interest.


I've been a loyal watcher since the beginning of Season 1 on YouTube, as I put it up while I'm at work and listen/watch it in the background. Through most of Season 1 I was "on time" with my viewing, and only on occasion did I get two to four episodes behind (but would then cram a bunch to get back on track.)

With Season 2 I have fallen continually behind and right now am only on Episode 41 (out of 54). Mainly I think its because I haven't found the new characters as compelling as Season 1, and that the whole "pirate adventure" section right now that I'm in has been a bit of a slog (even with skipping ahead through many of the combat, which I've become less and less willing to sit through.) But on top of that I'm also a huge fan of Matt Colville... and he and MCDM has upped their amount of streaming and production (including now starting their game) and thus I've found myself more compelled to watch their stuff "on time". His World-Building streams as he fleshes out his setting's major city I've really enjoyed.

I think part of that is Colville is closer to my age (and actually is slightly older I believe) and thus a lot of his communication about the game that he's experienced over his lifetime has more impact on me because his frame of reference is similar to mine. Whereas most of the Critical Role cast is about a decade or so younger than I am, and thus what is important or influential to them isn't so much to me.

I will say though that its definitely BECAUSE the Critical Role cast are actors that I was willing to watch it in the first place. Every other stream that has been put out that has just "regular people" playing does absolutely nothing for me. Most of them are just casuals being led around the nose by the DM, not actually going after what they want. That's why I tried to watch Dice, Camera, Action when it first came out and could never get into it... because Anna Prosser was the only player who had a PC actually being an active participant in the story... the other three players all dragged their feet and had to be yanked by the hair by Perkins to actually care or do anything. And that frustrated the hell out of me. Three players all trying to cockblock the one other player actually making active choices in the game and pushing the story forward.

Actors at least know how and why to go after what they want in a scene and always have an objective to strive for. Which in turns actually pushes the story forward and makes the drama compelling. Most of these other streams have just regular people listen to a DM narrate what's going on for 2 minutes and then respond with stuff like "I open the door." Not exactly the most interesting thing to listen to in the world.
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It's on my list of "things to check out sometime when I have the time and brainspace for something that big." Along with Game of Thrones and Avatar: the Last Airbender.

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