Do you see Fighter players at your own table?

Do you see Figther players at your own D&D 5e games?

  • During 2022-2023, my games have 2 or more play a nonmagical nonmulticlass Fighter to over level 7.

    Votes: 56 44.8%
  • During 2022-2023, my games have only 1 play a nonmagical nonmulticlass Fighter to over level 7.

    Votes: 29 23.2%
  • Not in my games.

    Votes: 40 32.0%

My current impressions are:

• Fighter is a useful, versatile, enjoyable, and popular class.
• Players use the Fighter class in very different ways.
• There are about as many "old school" nonmagical Fighters as there are Monks.
• A significant segment − roughly 30% − never see this kind of nonmagical Fighter.
Actually your poll was for just the last year. Since campaigns can last years, your poll skews things a bit
• The Fighter has already become the magical, "gish", "wuxia", "mythic" warrior for many players.

Certainly, the nonmagical Fighter enjoys popularity − and is iconic − and is appropriate for 50th anniversary edition.

The surprise is, this kind of Fighter is irrelevant for very many players today.
Very many? How do you get that from the poll?

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What does "no mods" mean? Is this you just saying the player can't use anything that can possibly cause them to reach DC 30?
I think he just means “I said I can’t tell you it’s impossible and I don’t like the DCs being between 5 and 30 and a fighter can take a feat for a skill prof and expertise so at level 17 they have 12 plus stat to that roll so I need to make something up where that can’t happen”

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