Do you see Full Casters played at your Table?

Do you see single classed full casters at your table

  • During 2022-2023, my games have 3 or more play a single classed full casters to over level 7.

    Votes: 49 59.0%
  • During 2022-2023, my games have 2 single classed full casters played to over level 7.

    Votes: 17 20.5%
  • During 2022-2023, my games have 1 single classed full caster played to over level 7.

    Votes: 11 13.3%
  • During 2022-2023, my games have no single classed full casters played to over level 7.

    Votes: 6 7.2%


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For all my games since the start of last year:

Game 1: 5 full casters, 2 half casters
Game 2: 2 full casters, 1 half caster, 1 noncaster
Game 3: 2 full casters, 2 half casters
Game 4: 2 full casters, 2 noncasters
Game 5: 3 full casters, 2 noncasters
Game 6: 2 full casters, 2 halfcasters, 1 noncaster

Total: 16 full casters, 7 half casters, 6 noncasters.

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Like, completely single classed? Like a cleric 1/wizard X wouldn't count?

Correct. Must be single classed. I’m mirroring the question from the other thread.

And I would consider warlocks to be a full caster.

And, sorry for not being specific, but if you haven’t played past seventh level, you shouldn’t vote at all.
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Note, I wasn’t making any judgments about tables. Just a counter point to the idea that fighters are this hugely popular class that need no adjustment at higher level.

The fact that single classed full casters are so dominant in groups points to the idea that at higher level play, the non-caster classes might just be getting left behind as everyone gets on the caster wagon.

But it’s early days yet and we haven’t seen that many votes.


Well, it's not like a survey conducted in this way on a site like this is going to give data we can extrapolate from, anyway. This seems like you are looking to generate evidence to support your hypothesis, rather than seeking to actually test it. As Karl Popper noted, it is easy to find evidence to support something that we already believe.


In the two campaigns that overlap in this time period, I've seen:
  • 2 Bards
  • 2 Warlocks
  • 2 Clerics
  • 1 Druid
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Last two campaigns never even got to level 7, but they had more full casters. The current playtest campaign at level 9 has only a cleric as a full caster, with a warlock and ranger as half casters (barbarian and rogue round out the party).


Cleric druid wizard sorcerer maybe artificer & warlock out of 12-13 total classes with no filter or data point for groupsize. This treats a count from a group of two or three the same as a group of five six or more, any results of this worse than push poll are almost certain to be just as skewed towards a desired result or pure GiGo as the recent poll over a very narrow selection of a single class's archetype.

I'm not sure there is anything this could show no matter the results

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The current campaign I'm in has 2 (my Wizard and our Cleric). We would have 3, but the Bard's player has some health issues, and thus missed a few sessions. The other two players are a Ranger and a Monk.


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I'm not sure there is anything this could show no matter the results
The purpose of the poll in the other thread is to show a ratio between Fighters that have intentional nonmagical flavor versus Fighters that have magical flavor − with the reality that many tables lack a nonmagical flavor.

Separately but relatedly, the data in the DnDBeyond character sheets can establish precise ratios between magical Fighters and nonmagical Fighters, at each level.

By contrast, the poll in this thread might demonstrate that every group includes a full caster, whence magic is ubiquitous in 5e. Nonmagic is phasing out.

This opens the door for the Fighter class itself to be more mythic at the highest tiers.
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