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D&D 5E EB's Into the Eye of the Storm - PotA Campaign - IC

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Talin finds no traps (luckily), and looking down the dark corridor northward he sees it opens into another chamber. The body looks to be months old and probably not one of the missing hunters.

OOC: Marching order? Now that Talin is more melee I'm not sure how you all wish to proceed. Except for Niklos in the middle, lol.

OOC: "Clerics in the back keep those fighters hale and hearty.
The wizard in the middle, where he can shed some light.
And you never let that damn thief out of sight..."
-- Emerald Rose


OOC: I will allow one of the two rogues (normally not two in a party) to Help the other lookout for traps as you move through the tunnels.

They would have to be first and second in the marching order. So it could be something like:

Talin - making the perception or investigation check
Cyan - using the Help action
Niklos - everyone protecting the main healer
Terry - holding light source
Brakas - as rear guard

If Niklos and Terry are good that puts the others about were they said they wish to be.


A round, high-ceilinged cave opens here. It has two narrow exits, one leading east and one off to the west. A blood stain sits in the center of the cave, it is old and its spatter suggests a high impact.

Cyan and Talin spread out looking for traps along the floor and wall giving the stain a wide berth. As Niklos and Terry enter the "room" the sound of tumbling stones fills the air as two zombies hidden on a ledge above the entrance drops a box of large stones unto the first person they detect. After which they jump down from the ledge landing among the group, but not on their feet (actually one breaks its leg).

OOC: atk: Niklos, 1-2 or Terry, 3-4 [roll0] do to light
Terry = DEX save DC 12 [roll1], save for half
falling dmg #1 [roll2]
falling dmg #2 [roll3]

[sblock=Group Status]
AC:18, HP: 11/11, HD: 1/1(1d8), 1/1(1d6), WotS: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
AC:16, HP: 18/18, HD: 1/1(1d8+1), 1/1(1d10+1), SW: 1/1, BW: 1/1
AC:14 HP: 17/17, HD: 2/2(1d8+2), Channel Divinity: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
AC:16, HP: 15/15, HD 1/1(1d8+2), 1/1(1d6+2), Evil Eye: 1/1, Spells: 2/0/0
AC:16, HP: 17/17, HD 2/2(1d8+2), Channel Divinity: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0

AC: 8
1) 18/22 HP, prone
2) 20/22 HP, prone
necro cave_L2_PC.jpg[/sblock]


Captain Barakas Stormsword smiles as he draws his blade, feeling it shake with thunderous power as he slashes at the zombie!


Talin draws his rapier at the sudden sound of the falling rocks. He turns just in time to see the zombies land amongst his companions. As Talin is about to strike shadows ooze from the skin of his arm and shift up the blade forming a crackling dark aura around the weapon. As the elf strikes at the corpse the energy shifts up the blade and onto his target.

OOC: Casting Booming blade and attacking Zombie 2.
Booming Blade attack on zombie w/ advanatge: 2d20k1+6 25
Booming blade damage on Zombie 2 w/ sneak attack: 1d8+4+1d6 14
Initiative: 1d20+4 24
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