D&D 5E EB's Into the Eye of the Storm - PotA Campaign - IC


The zombies are assailed before they can even try to stand. But once they do there is a loud *thump* and rumble of thunder, that ecoes throughout the cavern as both booming blades go off almost simultaneously.

Terry cracks the skull of the most wounded creature and it falls like a sack of potatoes.

OOC: Cyan to finish the round.

AC:18, HP: 11/11, HD: 1/1(1d8), 1/1(1d6), WotS: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
AC:16, HP: 18/18, HD: 1/1(1d8+1), 1/1(1d10+1), SW: 1/1, BW: 1/1
AC:14 HP: 17/17, HD: 2/2(1d8+2), Channel Divinity: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
AC:16, HP: 15/15, HD 1/1(1d8+2), 1/1(1d6+2), Evil Eye: 1/1, Spells: 2/0/0
AC:16, HP: 12/17, HD 2/2(1d8+2), Channel Divinity: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0

AC: 8
1) 00/22 HP, dead [roll0] CON save DC 15
2) 05/22 HP [roll1] thunder dmg[/sblock]

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The zombie still flails about even though it is standing and its torso is cut in half. Both halves of body trying to fall to the ground leave it hard for the creature to attack effectively, an it misses by a mile.

OOC: 2d6? CON save [roll0]
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OOC: Jinx!

The dark engery seems to encircle the creature taking the remaining life force from the creature as it finally falls to the floor.

OOC: Combat Over

Talin scans the room looking for further threats. The inky black tendrils continue to wisp up from his exposed skin. Anyone who looks at his face notice the same black vapor around his eyes which have turned completely black. Talin sheathes his blade and takes a deep breath. The shadows clinging to the elf slowly disperse.

"I hate zombies."

With the threat neutralized for the moment Talin walks over to the left passage and looks down the hallway.


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"Agreed!" Cyan said shaking her head. "I can scarcely think of a more distasteful task." she said wiping the gore from her blades.


The left had passage is very narrow, but looks as if you could make it through. Talin can only see about thirty feet do to a slight curve in the tunnel.

OOC: Are there any tracks or disturbed dust that show recent activity moving through this cave? And perhaps favoring left over right or vice versa?
Survival is +5 [roll0] (Investigation is +0)


OOC: The path to the right looks unused. A well worn path crosses from the entrance to the left. It seems everyone likes to keep to the left, even Talin.


[sblock=Barakas taking a peek down the right tunnel]
The tunnel reeks of death and decay. As the storm sorcerer stops to look around the curve of the tunnel he sees...

Motionless humaniod figures dressed in dirty clothes or scraps of leather armor are propped against the walls of this cave. Some are little more than skeletons with wisps of hair and skin stretched tightly over their bones. Others are fresher. A few old shortswords lie on the dusty floor.

Looking back the others are moving on so the tiefling moves to guard their rear once more.

necro cave_L3_0.jpg

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