How I'd fix Star Wars


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The core cast of the sequel trilogy are all great, so to some degree I would do what they've announced they're doing, and make another movie with them, set 10 years later or so. I know they've only announced Daisy Ridley, but if they have any sense they've get Boyega and Isaac back, too.

And do just one movie - with ideas for more if it's well-received.
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I think i'd take the money and put it toward more whimsical sci-fi stories that aren't tied to existing IP, but then i like art for art's sake.


The first thing we need to do to salvage Star Wars is to rewind back to 1998. Then come to a consensus that Dark Empire never happened. (Though I think that was already largely accepted even back then.)
And then we sit down to rethink what we actually want from the new upcoming prequel movies and how it will affect the established Expanded Universe continuity.

nope, go all the way back to 1980 and continue the story completely redoing episode 6 and everything that came after.


Starting from zero a new IP? Possible but hard to get the same level of popularity, at least in short term. Even other IPs haven't could. If it was so easy, then comic publishers or videogame studios had created their own space fantasy.

Who should be closest would be Starfinder by Paizo. Maybe Amazon after "Legend of Vox Machine" could dare to talk with Paizo.
Video games like HALO and Mass Effect seem to do a good job creating new military sf universes, even if successful film adaptations are rare. Hollywood is in a bad rut right now but a new space opera universe is surely possible.

I'd be inclined to time jump a few centuries forward in time - far enough that the Skywalker name is still known, but the details have become hazy. Drop in a line or two somewhere along the road about the ship designs being "timeless classics", or whatever, and keep on using X-wings and TIEs.

And then don't bother trying to 'fix' it. Just try to make good films.
I kinda think that this is really overall the best thing to go forward. Instead of trying to "reimagine" anything, just jump forward, and have another Star Wars story where the details of the past don't matter as much. The name Skywalker, Mothma, Solo, Vader, Palpatine could be as vague and rumoured as Plaegius or Darth Bane were in the prequels.

To be recognizable, I guess we'd still need Jedi and some Dark Siders - would it still be Sith, or can the franchise accept a new order?

The X-Wing and TIE Fighters however I think would need some "reimagination" to be plausible, wouldn't it? There should definitely fighters and starships with similar roles, and you can do a lot of potato designs, triangle designs, solar panels and wings without copying pre-existing ones 1:1.

Here we would be talking about spin-off, and this can be totally OK, but the key is a right production, with good stories. An idea could work very well in the first season but later it becomes a "jumping the shark".

My suggestion is allowing the fandom to create their own fan-fiction.


What if it was to take place in a timeframe in which the Jedi could have legitimately become legend? Something like 1000 years after the original trilogy? Archaeologists come across an old Jedi temple complete with Lightsabre, Kyber Crystals, and various treatise on The Force. One of the grad students is "of the bloodline" and is interested in the myths, because of the family history*.

*I've never had an issue with the idea of bloodlines that are strong in The Force any more than I have an issue with Sorcerers having bloodlines in D&D. That doesn't preclude people obtaining Force abilities in other ways, any more than it limits magic use to just Sorcerers in D&D.

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