(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1

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Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Bible sheathes her sword after wiping off the bug juice onto her skirts and retrieves her last healing potion from the pouch hanging from her belt.

"GAH!" she exclaims as she downs the bitter tasting liquid and wipes a few green drops from her chin.

"That'll keep me strong when we meet the giank-chief's pet."

She makes her way to the stream and lifts the body of Tenibor onto her shoulder.

"We'll getcha back to your people," she says and peers forward, waiting for Jack's report.


While Bible gently lifted Tenibor's body from beside the underground creek, the others shuffled forward and spread out in the natural cavern. Jack slipped through the hole in the wall into a hallway walled with stone slabs. He followed it northward, where he came to a spot that had once had the ceiling collapse, but had been half-cleared and was now supported by logs that had been placed by the giants.

The cleared part of the hall formed an intersection, where a tunnel led westward into darkness. Dim light from Jack's lantern just barely glinted on what appeared to be a portcullis, while northward the worked tunnel went down some stairs into an enormous circular cistern that was filled by the creek which poured through the eastern wall.



Jack crept forward carefully with his lantern to get a better view of the cistern and look for any exits. He then turned around and made his way back to the intersection with the passageway that led to the portcullis. Once there, he quietly placed his lantern down on the ground and slipped silently down the tunnel a bit to see if he could perceive anything beyond it.

OOC: Jack will move to the bottom of the steps with the lantern to check for exits. He'll then move back to the other passageway and will leave his lantern there before moving to DM28, using the cavern wall for cover as he tries to perceive what may be beyond the portcullis, wary that this may be where the chief keeps his 'pet.'
Stealth: 1D20+13 = [11]+13 = 24

Perception: 1D20+10 = [13]+10 = 23


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Eoghan chants deeply, first in Sylvan and then again in common, reverberating through the soles of your feet but still somehow soft and tender.

<May the whispering stream lull you to a peaceful sleep,
As the moon's soft glow whispers secrets of the deep.
May the rustling leaves sing you a soothing song,
As the wild creatures mourn for the one who has gone.

May the earth embrace you in its tender hold,
As the forest grows strong, stories yet untold.
May the flowers bloom vibrant, a testament to your grace,
A fleeting wisdom that leaves no empty space.

May the starlight guide you on your journey's way,
As the fireflies flicker, dancing through the day.
May the wind whisper your name through the ancient trees,

A memory held dear, a soul forever at ease.>


Much to Jack's dismay (though he suspected as much) there was no way out near the cistern. Water flowed from the underground creek into a vast, deep basin, and drained through three small fissures.

He climbed back up the stone steps and left his lantern to go down a poorly-cleared tunnel until he came to a portcullis. It was down, and the room beyond was large, dark, and appeared to have no obvious function. It was empty, and yet every surface other than the ground - walls, pillars, ceiling - was covered in two-foot long iron spikes. He could just make out a cave entrance on the north wall.



Satisfied, Jack quietly turned around and moved back to his lantern, picked it up, and then returned to the others.

"No good that way," he intoned in a harsh whisper. "Found the cistern but no exits. 'Nother tunnel to the left leads to some kind of cage or prison with nasty spikes. While it had another opening, I didn't like the looks of it. No, not at all. I say we double back to the guard room we first came down in. Methinks there was an another door or two we hadn't checked out there yet."

With that, Jack rubbed his eyes, fatigue once again washing over him.

OOC: Stealth to move back to the party:
_: 1D20+13 = [4]+13 = 17


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
"Ahoy," Bible whispers to get the others' attention, "wha'ja all think we continue on that way?"

She indicates with her shield arm the tunnel opening forward across the small stream and to the right.

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