(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1

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Jack noded at Bible's suggestion to explore the tunnel to the right. Stifling a yawn he added, "Right, plain forgot about it." He then turned his lantern towards the opening.


While Jack had been checking out the cistern and the strange rooms to the west, Bible had noticed a smaller tunnel to the north-east. It appeared to have been dug by those hulking bug-creatures, but it looked promising: it climbed upward as it went.

It was dangerous crossing the underwater creek. A dwarf, tired from her ordeal digging all the previous weeks, slipped and fell in. In a case of strange bedfellows, she was pulled out by an orc. The two grunted at each other as the closest they could come to a "Thanks" and a "Don't mention it."

After everyone was safely across, Jack and Bible led the way up the tunnel. It was long, winding, and it narrowed as it went. It quickly became apparent that there was no way that Cordit would fit through in her ape-form. The spell would need to be dropped.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Eoghan looked at the others seriously.

"I suggest I drop the polymorph. Any place too small for Cordit is likely unappatizing for the giants even if they can squeeze through. If it leads to the surface, good. but even if it leads to temporary safety where we can rest that will be a big improvement."

Eoghan prepares to drop the spell, waiting for any last minute cries to stop.


Cordit shrunk back down to a halfling. She understood the need, but she was clearly disappointed, saying, "It sure was fun bein' a big ol'ape!"

The group travelled up the tunnel, which wound back and forth and grew narrower, more unstable, and of a softer earth. Increasingly roots and debris hung from the ceiling, and occasionally, when someone brushed a root, dirt fell on them.

Finally, it came to an end. Either it had collapsed ahead, or the creatures that had dug it had given up. It was too narrow, wet, dirty, and unstable to make for a good spot to rest. The dwarves looked around and had a brief discussion among themselves before saying, "We ken that we cannae be more'n a hundred feet, two a'most, from the surface. Some o'us brought oor shovels. D'ye ken we shood try t'dig oor way oot?"


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
"You got to be yourself now, me sweet Cordit," Bible says in response to her friend's disappointment. "Look at me! Fiskblood I am, an' Fiskblood I'll stay. I ain't changin' for no one."

She listens to the dwarves suggestion and says to her companions, "If dwarves want to dig, let 'em dig I say!"

She stands back to give the dwarves room to work and keeps an eye on the tunnel's ceiling for any signs of an impending cave in should her help be needed.



Sure enough, the dwarves, who were skilled at the work they were doing, were in too much of a hurry to get out for the conditions of the tunnel. To make matters worse - while they had tools - they lacked proper equipment in the form of support beams. With no other choice, they safely collapsed the end of the tunnel twice (both times causing the group to have to move back to continue to breathe).

But finding that no way out revealed itself both those times (not even after an hour of clearing the resulting debris), they attempted a third, larger collapse. This time, things went quite badly. Even with Bible's warning as the side of the tunnel that had been expected to hold fell inward (the orcs and others had pulled well back). Four dwarves were buried.

"We must get ta them quick!" said a remaining dwarf, looking to the adventurers for aid, "Afore they run oot o'breath!"

OOC: That'll be STR or CON checks for anyone who wants to pitch in. Athletics can apply, as can any tool proficiencies that you think might make a difference. I just remembered that you left two captured Orogs, more orcs, dwarves, and four rescued humans in the crypt-barracks. I assume that you are finding a way out before returning to rescue them, but it's going to have been more than an hour. Someone can go back and get them while the dwarves are digging, if you like. Heck, Tamanar can go with some orcs to do it (not that they get along very well). But needs must.


dc15, with Advantage for Dwarves to dig out without any mishaps:
Check: 2D20.HIGH(1)+3 = [3, 1]+3 = 6 Oops.[/ooc]

Quinn had stepped back from the end of the tunnel as the dwarves began to dig. Though the druid was more comfortable under the stars he did take the time to commune with the earth as he sat. The sounds of the collapsing tunnel and shouts from the dwarves brought him back and he moved towards the commotion.

"Stand back I can get them."

Quinn then begins to shift his armor and pack meld into his body as fur sprouts all over. In seconds where the druid once was now stood a giant badger. Quinn ambles up to the caved in dirt and snuffles around then begins to dig.

OOC: Using a wild shape to become a giant badger. It has a burrow speed of 10 ft.

Using keen smell to try and locate the dwarves to dig them out.
Perception check to find buried dwarves: 2d20k1+9 16

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