(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1


"Aye, agreed a spokesperson for the dwarves, "We'll mak camp soom distance Westward, an' then make fer the Cairn in th' moornin'."

This being agreed by the majority, the orcs led the group through the hills for another hour or so, before finding a spot with excellent sight-lines and an outcropping of rock for shelter. Other than the most exhausted or injured, everyone took shifts on watch, in groups of six, keeping a good eye in every direction.

A misty morning came to the hills with no alarms raised by the watch.

As everyone was rising, Cordit's stomach gave off a loud rumbling. She laughed and said, "I think there's somethin' of that Ape left in me tummy! A giant ape-itite!"

OOC: Finally, a Long Rest for everyone!

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Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Bible sits up with a start and removes the little stone pipe from her mouth where it had rested throughout the night making a faint whistling sound.

"Cordit! Ain't I told you punnin's the lowesk form of amuskemenk?"

As the group parts ways with the orcs to head back to the Cairn, Bible advises they give the Steading a wide berth and keep a careful lookout for anything lurking in the mist as they travel.

"Le's not get caught in no ambushk, not with everybody countin' on us," she says as she eyes the path ahead warily.

OOC: Bible AC19* HP 85/85 HD 7/9 PP16 AS 1/1 2W 1/1 Ind 1/1
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For the first time in weeks, Jack slept like the dead, a sleep free of bloody nightmares at long last.

In the morning he carefully went through his equipment and weapons. Going through his pack, he also examined the sack of gems and valuables they had pillaged from the stone giants. Was that really only a couple of days ago? It seemed an age.

His mind, now fully rested, considered all they experienced since entering the steading. Azbar was dead, which was good - but so many questions were yet unanswered. What was a fiend doing working with the brutish hill giants? And why were other giants there at the steading?

As he prepared to leave with the others, it began to settle in that killing Azbar was not the end of his quest for vengeance. Rather, it was a beginning.

OOC: Do we have any other casters in our group? I want to see if anyone has any extra spell slots they want to cast into my ring of spell storing? I am going to cast Faerie Fire into it before we long rest but have 2 more slots available in the ring.


Valda had been bruised and battered over the last day, but she was used to the feeling, from both her time living on the streets and her time as an adventurer, and besides, she felt a sense of satisfaction. Giants had always been in the back of her mind since the day they had destroyed her village, killed her family. Now, she had gone up against them and prevailed. She was strong, and that thought felt good. She slept as well as anyone used to keeping one eye open for cutthroats and thieves could before waking in the morning. That said, in the morning she was again cautious, the giants would not suffer an attack lightly, and who knew what else prowled these mists?

I think the bard is the only other caster we got now.


After storing spells and saying farewell to the orcs, the group and their dwarf, human, and elf knight companions made their way first northward, through a lightly forested area, then sough-eastward, avoiding the Steading in a wide clockwise half-circle.

As they came back into the grassy hills, they saw a sight that sank their hearts. Over the hills, east of the Steading (though thankfully closer to the Steading than to the Cairn) floated a massive flying castle.

The stories told by Bards and Sages were clear; it could only mean one thing: Cloud Giants had arrived in the area.


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