(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1


Jack tried to keep his aim steady on the thing that had Tenibor, but the additional beasts were a distraction. Next thing he knew, he had turned around and bumped directly into the giant ape behind him, crossbow hanging limp at his side.

"What on Oerth?" muttered Jack while wiping fur from his face. Shaking his head, a mental flashback of those eyes suddenly hit home...

OOC: Jack is exposed to two gazes. He succeeded his first save (barely) but failed the second. He rolled a 6 for the gaze result, which is take no actions but move in a random direction. Given the tight quarters, I had him move into DU49 and into a fury mass of ape.
Charisma saving throw (DC 15): 1D20+1 = [14]+1 = 15
1D20+1 = [12]+1 = 13

Confusion result: 1D8 = [6] = 6


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Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Seeing the creature carrying Tenibor's body away, Bible determines to hold true to herself and do right by her fallen companion.

"...no matter what," she swears to herself through gritted teeth.

Feeling herself being subsumed into the gaze of one of the creatures, she focuses her entire being on resisting its effect.

OOC: Bible uses Indomitable to reroll the 10.
Charisma save: 1D20-1 = [18]-1 = 17

She draws her sword and attacks the hulking creature to her right.

"I am still me!" she spits as she stands facing her foes.


The strange insectoid monster's gazes were hypnotic, causing Valda to feel like she was on the edge of dreaming. She tried to resist but everything became hazy as she started to stumble around unconsciously.

Like Jack, making two saving throws.
Charisma Saving Throws: 1D20+1 = [20]+1 = 21
1D20+1 = [8]+1 = 9

Gonna try Indomitable like Bible on the failure.
Indomitable Charisma Saving Throw: 1D20+1 = [7]+1 = 8

Unfortunately that is a no go on that.
Confusion: 1D8 = [5] = 5

So, going to be moving in a random direction it looks like.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Eoghan moved up to right behind the wall of fur that was the polymorphed Cordit. He peered on either side and even under while chanting to himself, until finally he had a glimpse of one of the foes and released the song's arcane potential.

"You brother I have met before / squashed him right on the kitchen floor."

Followed quickly by a mighty strum across the bandore and "Bible, stay true!"

OOC: Move to DV53.

Vicious Mockery on UH2. DC 17 WIS save or 8 psychic damage and disadvantage on next attack. My first max damage, hope it lands.
Vicious Mockery: 2D4 = [4, 4] = 8

As a bonus action, I grant Bible a Bardic Inspiration die. @Hriston , once in the next 10 minutes, after seeing the result of a roll, Bible can add 1d8 to the result. Hopefully this will keep from confusion.

Including the Bardic Inspiration from last round, Eoghan should be down to 2/5.

Has to look at them to cast, so here's my confusion roll for next round: 23. Wow, someplace my +10 to Charisma saves comes into play.
Charisma save vs. confusion - BARD STYLE: 1D20+10 = [13]+10 = 23


In spite of the strange wooziness that came over her as she looked into the big bug-creature's strange eyes, Bible kept her wits and was determined to rescue Tenibor, even if it was only to return his body to his people. She thrust her sword into one of the creature's joints and it squealed a high-pitched sound combined with the clacking of its mandibles. But then it viciously tore at her, clawing and biting. The other one also wanted a taste, and it pulled and tore at her from the other side as they bumped together, trying to be the first to get the best piece of the sailor.

Jack and Valda would have helped, had they not been put out-of-sorts by the creature's mesmerising eyes. They stumbled about in confusing until both of them bumped into Cordit, still struggling to fit her way up the narrow tunnel. She picked them both up and gently put them down behind herself, safely out of sight of the creature's eyes, which she had somehow managed to avoid looking at before now.

Eoghan sang a tune in his deep rumble that mocked the creatures, and he called out to Bible as one of them stopped chewing on her for a moment to hiss at him. Tamanar shook off the mesmerising effect and moved up to help Bible, but he only managed to pound ineffectively on the thing's big shoulder chitin with his bugbear's morningstar as it ignored him for the moment while tugging at Bible.

OOC: Bible did 12 to UH3; Even with disadvantage from Eoghan's mockery (which did 8 damage) on the first strike, the Umber Hulks did 50 (!) total to Bible. Jack & Valda bumped into Cordit, who used her action to move them behind her (sorry if that becomes frustrating. You CAN do ranged attacks past her, she just grants 1/2 cover to your target. You can also move through her space, as difficult terrain, which I suppose then takes all 30ft of your movement. Huh. Tamanar saved but missed. Just @VLAD the Destroyer Quinn to go to roll the round!


Quinn is in shock at the ferocity of the creatures assault. Knowing that he needed to do something or his friends would die he draws on his dwindling reserve of power to summon a wall of fire over top of the creatures. The heat from the flames does not touch Bible.

OOC: Action: Casting Wall of Fire it will start at DV46 and go to DY48 then up to EA42, I think that is 60ft. If there is more distance available then have the wall continue along row 42. Heat will be pointed away from Bible.

All 3 Umber Hulks will need to make a DC 18 Dex save or take Wall of Fire Damage: 5d8 29.

Quinn AC17* HP 62/62 THP 8/8 HD 9/9 PP19 SSdc18 1/4 0/3 0/3 0/3 0/1 WS 1/2 GB 0/4 CO 1/4 ET 1/1 DS 1/1 H 1/1 MS 0/1 Ba 1/1


Quinn chanted and a wall of intense heat and flame burst along the ground and raged upward. The big bug-like creatures shrieked and scrambled, abandoning all desire to eat anyone. Even the one with Tenibor's body dropped it, and splashed into the water of the underground stream. But it was too late - after thrashing about in the water, it lay still on the surface, dead.

The other two made for the nearby holes, diving in to get away.

OOC: Quinn did 29 to each UH. They will flee if you let them, but as they don't have a turn yet, you could conceivably try to kill them as they go. I'll post a round roller and a map anyhow and you can decide on your turn.


GM: Encounter: Umber Hulks

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: Rubble; Visibility: Dim (Torches); Cover: Walls Hazards: Holes
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells (Etc) * (Notes)
Bible AC19* HP 5/85(95) THP 0/8 HD 3/9 PP16 AS 0/1 2W 1/1 Ind 0/1 (Pro.fG/E)
Eoghan AC15 HP 74/75 THP 8/8 HD 3/9 PP19 SSdc17 0/4 0/3 0/3 1/3 0/1 BI 2/5
Jack AC17 HP 66/66(76) THP 8/8 HD 9/9 PP20 LK 1/3
Quinn AC17* HP 62/62 THP 8/8 HD 9/9 PP19 SSdc18 1/4 0/3 0/3 0/3 0/1 WS 1/2 GB 0/4 CO 1/4 ET 1/1 DS 1/1 H 1/1 MS 0/1 Ba 1/1
Valda AC19* HP 81/83(93) THP 8/8 HD 8/9 PP15 AS 0/1 2W 0/1 RNdc15 2/3 GM 3/4 RS 3/4 Ind 0/1
(NPCs - Going Forward)
Cordit AC12 HP 11/11 PP12
-as GiantApe AC12 HP 41/157 THP 8/8 PP14 (time remaining: 23 mins)
Tenibor AC13(16) HP 0/56 dead
Tamanar AC12* HP 47/52 THP 8/8 PP12*
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
Umber Hulk AC18 HP 93ea PP10*TS Escape dc16
-UH1 dead; UH2 67/93; UH3 55/93
GM: Begin Round Three?


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
"Let them go, they're afraid of us so won't come back - and they have little to do with our mission. We still have to get all of these people to safety."

Eoghan's gesture takes in the dwarves, the orcs, and the former prisoners equally.

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