(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1


To Eoghan, the stream (and the tunnel it moved through) appeared to be navigable for all present (other than Cordit in ape-form who was too large). On the other hand, it seemed likely, from the way that the sound of running water echoed up from the tunnels, that the stream came back out of the wall somewhere ahead and passed across from right to left in another chamber further ahead.

Listening ahead now, Eoghan could hear a crunching noise coming from a tunnel to the left. An ominous chewing noise that filled him with a sense of unease.

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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
"I think, that is, the stream opens up elsewhere from the echos, and I think we could ford it. But to the left," his large frame shuttered, "is a most disagreeable chewing sound. Likely whatever odious pet the thane keeps. Or whatever pet the odious thane keeps. Gah, that vicious mockery is still echoing through my head."


Unfortunately, Bible was right. She followed the sound as it echoed through the large chamber and she rushed to see. As she approached the sound (in a tunnel forward on the left) she saw a hulking creature that looked like a cross between an ant and a gorilla. It's strange multi-faceted eyes reflected light from various torches, and it grabbed the half-eaten body of poor Tenibor and began to slide down a hole in the ground, very much like the holes that were scattered about the chambers.


(The "blood" looks like a bunch of tomatoes because I told it that he was "sleeping and covered in ketchup" to get past the censors. I apologize if you find this in poor taste. I'm really just trying to get rid of a character that is missing his player. I honestly loathe killing PCs, myself.)


Bible rushed forward, with Cordit following behind (the halfling-turned ape was struggling to make her way between the room's large stone pillar and the tunnel that Bible was charging up).

Bible reached the creature, and felt a wave of wooziness wash over her as she looked into its strange, multifaceted eyes. She punched at them, and it turned away from her. The wooziness washed back like a wave on a beach. But Bible glanced around and in the darkness around the corner of the tunnel, she realized that two more of the creatures were crawling up from nearby holes and heading for her, even as the other one tried to retreat with Tenibor's body.



GM: Encounter: Umber Hulks

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: Tunnel Debris; Visibility: Dim (torches); Cover: Walls Hazards: Holes
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells (Etc) * (Notes)
Bible AC19* HP 60/85(95) THP 8/8 HD 3/9 PP16 AS 0/1 2W 1/1 Ind 1/1 (Pro.fG/E)
Eoghan AC15 HP 74/75 THP 8/8 HD 3/9 PP19 SSdc17 0/4 0/3 0/3 1/3 0/1 BI 4/5
Jack AC17 HP 55/66(76) THP 8/8 HD 9/9 PP20 LK 1/3
Quinn AC17* HP 62/62 THP 0/8 HD 9/9 PP19 SSdc18 2/4 0/3 0/3 1/3 0/1 WS 1/2 GB 0/4 CO 1/4 ET 1/1 DS 1/1 H 1/1 MS 0/1 Ba 1/1
Valda AC19* HP 33/83(93) THP 8/8 HD 8/9 PP15 AS 0/1 2W 0/1 RNdc15 2/3 GM 3/4 RS 3/4 Ind 1/1
(NPCs - Going Forward)
Cordit AC12 HP 11/11 PP12
-as GiantApe AC12 HP 41/157 THP 8/8 PP14 (time remaining: 24 mins)
Tenibor AC13(16) HP 0/56 dead
Tamanar AC12* HP 36/52 PP12*
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
Umber Hulk AC18 HP 93ea PP10*TS Escape dc16
-UH1 85/93; UH2 93/93; UH3 93/93
GM: Begin Round One
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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Eoghan jumped slightly at Bible's shout, turned to sprint, and saw Cordit's huge form blocking him. Showing knowledge of both acrobatics and athletics, he ran, leaped, swung off the giant ape's arm with his feet running against the wall of the cavern for a few moments to drop in front of him. He gazed at his companions and called out: "For Tenibor!"

OOC: Dash Action, moving to DU57 including counting ally as difficult terrain.
Bonus action to use Bardic Mantle of Inspiration. Following people gain 8 tHP (most already have) and can use their reaction to move their speed without triggering OAs.
Jack, Valda, Quinn*, Taminar*, and ... Cordit.
* Quinn and Taminar are the only two to benefit from the 8 tHP, everyone else already has them.

Figure we need to get up to the combat fast else Bible is toast.

@FitzTheRuke , is Protection from Evil and Good still up on Bible? It has a duration of 10 minutes. Aberrations are one of the categories it helps protect against.

"You can move through a nonhostile creature's space. In contrast, you can move through a hostile creature's space only if the creature is at least two sizes larger or smaller than you. Remember that another creature's space is difficult terrain for you."

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