(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1



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Quinn reels back as Azbar slashes his shoulder with its claws. He grits down and barely maintains the healing light that swirls around him. Quinn conjures a vine of thorns and whips it at the rakshasa but it misses. The druid then wills the healing light to bath over Jack closing some of his more serious wounds.

OOC: Concentration check: 1d20+2 10
Action: Thorn whip at rakshasa: 1d20+10 12 2d6 4
Bonus: Aura of Vitality heal on Jack: 2d6+1d4 14
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It had been a long time since the Rakshasa had experienced the sensation of pain, and the fiend miscalculated the strength and determination of his foes. His mocking smile turned to a sneer of frustration as Quinn organised the orcs and dwarves to distract Azbar while Jack and Valda joined Bible and Quinn in surrounding him.

The dwarves threw a hail of stones. While they didn't harm the fiend in any way, they kept him distracted while the orcs rushed forward with a fierce battle-cry. Azbar stepped backward while leaning forward to receive the charge, and Jack pushed his dagger into the Rakshasa's back. As the creature roared in sudden unexpected pain, Bible and Valda stabbed him in the chest over and over.

His form suddenly shifted, as if he could no longer hold to the mortal plane. He sneered and snarled, "I will return! I will eat your eyes for this!"

Defeated, the fiend left behind only rags and a patch of orange-furred skin that quickly turned brown and rotted away.

OOC: Sorry I've taken so long, gang! Eoghan mocked the Rakshasa and the Orcs and Dwarves threw stones to distract it. Bible, Valda, and Jack brought it down, while Quinn healed Jack for 14. (& I fixed Quinn's HP-THP mistake).


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Bible doffs her helmet after cleaning and sheathing her sword. She looks thoughtfully at the rags and skin on the ground and turns to Jack.

"If I am not miskaken," she says, scratching her head through auburn braids, "you know him from... somewhere, an' he's the reason you're here!"

She thinks again and says, "But what I want to know is, what was he doin' down in the gianks' cellar, diskguised like a dwarf?"

She steps over to the company of dwarves and says in her politest tones, "My good dwarves, thisk spook in dwarf's shape that you've seen us defeat jusk now, was he among you long helpin' with the eggs-cavations, an' if so, what were you lookin' for an' where might those be?"



"Harmock was one of oor best dwarves," a dwarf answered Bible, "This blasted fiend coold nae have been impersonatin' 'im fer verra long."

Another one ventured, "We'd tried t'escape, aboot a fortnight past. I'd thought Harmock ta've been killed in th'attempt. But theree was, plain as day."

The first continued, "Aye, I kennit now - Harmock WAS killed, an' this beastie took 'is place. I'd bet gold that the giants had him come tae find oot our new escape plan from within."

The other dwarves nodded in agreement.


Jack stared vacantly at the pile of rags, dagger still drawn, while Bible and the dwarves talked. Then, shaking his head as if coming out of a dream (or nightmare), he looked up while smoothly sheathing his dagger.

"I have something," he growled while pulling off his pack. After a few moments of rummaging, he pulled out a carefully folded note and held it up to the party. "Found this, along with the dagger, among Azbar's stuff a while back. The Guild had trouble translating it. Said it was some kind of elvish script, but nothing they recognized. Best they could tell is it was instructions for that fiend to support the giant's efforts. As to why - and who sent it - they could not say."
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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
"That's something we need to tell to Lord Falldur. Especially if he can return. One such as him, immune to natural weapons, could go through soldiers like wildfire.

"But come, each of these fights drain our meager reserves. Either we need to find an exit, or locate a place we could sleep."

Quinn nods at Eoghan. As they speak Quinn continues to bath his friends with healing light.

"Yes we need to rest. My magic is nearly spent."

OOC: I have seven more rounds of healing from Aura of Vitality. I rolled them below who needs healing. I think I can get everyone up to full or close to it with these rolls.

Healing Aura: 7#2d6+1d4 11 10 13 10 11 10 13

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