(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1

OOC: So looking at the last rounds HP and adding in the healing I did to Jack for that round I should be able to heal everyone up to the below HP. If someone else wants to double check my math that would be great.

Jack: 66 (Healed 11HP)
Valda: 81 (Healed 36HP)
Bible: 80 (Healed 20HP)
Tamanar: 47 (Healed 11HP)

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Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
"And a &!* job he did of prevenkin' your excape. Arf arf arf!" Bible chuckles in response to the dwarves. Then, turning more serious, she says, "I'm sorry to hear about your friend."

Hearing Jack's tale, she exclaims, "A fiend workin' for the gianks! Tha's cerkainly troublesome news, an' it explains how you knew he was here for you to take your revenge, Jack. Now that it's over, I hope you'll be stayin' with us."

She thanks Quinn for the healing energy and, feeling refreshed, says, "Sinsk ol' Abzdar was tryin' to prevenk our excapin', I suggesk we continue along the same route."

She begins moving along the passage in the direction they had previously been going before they were stopped by Azbar and the roper.


Valda collects the bow she dropped while the others are talking. The tiger demon was pretty weird, and the particulars of that, and their next move are probably better left to someone else. She follows Bible and the rest as they continue down the passage.


Jack looked up at Bible as he carefully tucked the note away. "This was just the beginning," he whispered. "I won't be satisfied until I find out who or what summoned it to begin with."

"They are going to pay, just like this thing did,"
he added as he stood and nudged the pile of smoking rags with his boot. "Lead on."


One of the meeker dwarves (who had not said anything before now) mumbled something and the dwarves began to chatter amongst themselves in their tongue. Finally, one remarked, "Alga 'ere wants us tae warn tha' there's long been a rumor that the Chief keeps some kindae 'pet' nearby their cistern. The caves we be coomin' oop tae seem t'be natural - formed by water. An' the water runs this way; which will be how the cistern is filled. Makin' the cistern - if ye ken me - also this way."


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Bible stops at the dwarves' mention of the chief's pet.

"Now that you mention it," she says, scratching the back of her head, "it was Harmock, or er Abzdar, that suggesked we go thisk way. Now we did see Ten-bor goin' thisk way, an' posskibly he was under some enchankment, an' he might be in need of our help. So whaja all think? Keep goin' an' help our friend if need be or find another way out? As for me, I vote we keep goin'"

She waits for some of the others to reply.


Onward, then. They made their way up the third tunnel only to find that all three led to the same airy chamber. The ground crested a rise and began to slope back downward. Jack discovered, on the left, the torch that Bible had thrown into this room when they had searched the cellblock. Sure enough - there was the hole that they had been told that a Drow had used to escape his cell.

On the right, Bible found that the dwarves had been correct in their description. An old underground stream flowed out of the wall and downward, forward, into a tight tunnel. Here and there, pillars of natural rock supported the ceiling far overhead. The chamber had another unusual feature. Here and there, there were deep holes that led away into darkness.


(The red line was the reach of the Roper, and can be considered Difficult terrain where its tentacles still lie, limp tripping hazards).

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