D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly

Prickly Pear


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Chrysagon and the last skeleton from his smashed urn struggled with each other to no great conclusion.

OOC: Both missed.

GM: Encounter: Papazotl's Tomb

(General Features)
Difficult Terrain: Bones, Chariot
Visibility: Various Lightsources (Incl. Chrysagon's Flail)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Chrysagon AC16 HP 54/60 (Rs. Nec&Rad, Im. Disease) HD 6/7 PP10* SSdc15 4/4 3/3 CD 1/1 LoH 35/35 bowed
Ghorukk AC14 HP 49/58 HD 6/6 PP12* AR 3/3 RE 1/1 2W 1/1 AS 1/1 UM 4/4
Imogen AC17 HP 51/51 THP 0/5 HD 7/7 PP12 SSdc12 2/2 FS 3/3 AS 1/1 2W 1/1 Lk 2/3
Myrral AC14 HP 58/58 HD 7/7 PP17* SSdc14 2/4 3/3 2/3 Ins 3/3
Ussal AC20* HP 49/59 THP 7/7 (Rs. Psn) HD 7/7 PP14* SSdc15 2/4 1/2 DF 0/3
Yassah AC15 HP 0/54 (Rs. Psn) HD 5/6 PP15* 2W 1/1 AS 1/1 WS 1/1 bowed
Dellrak AC15 HP dusted
Kupalue (Weed) AC14 HP 27/27 HD 6/6 PP13* regen3
Qawasha AC11(16) HP 45/45 HD 6/6 PP14 SS 1/4 3/3
Broodguard AC14 HP 9/45 HD 7/7d8 PP12*
Name * AC * HP * PP * Attacks * Spells * (Notes)
AC15 HP 22ea (vuln. bludge & thunder)
-Cld1 destroyed; Cld2 destroyed; Cld3 7/22;
-Cld4 destroyed; Cld5 22/22; Cld6 22/22;
Tombguard Skeletons AC15 HP 19ea PP11*
-TS1a 19/19; TS2a destroyed; TS3a 19/19;
-TS4a destroyed; TS5a destroyed; TS6a 11/19;
-TS1b destroyed; TS2b 12/19; TS3b 19/19;
-TS4b destroyed; TS5b 19/19; TS6b 19/19;
-TS1c NA; TS2c 19/19; TS3c 19/19;
-TS4c 14/19; TS5c 13/19; TS6c 19/19;
-TS1d NA; TS2d NA; TS3d 19/19;
-TS4d 9/19; TS5d 19/19; TS6d 19/19;
-TS1e NA; TS2e NA; TS3e 19/19;
-TS4e NA; TS5de 19/19; TS6e 19/19;
Feral Zombies AC8 HP16ea PP9* destroyed
Hunter (Bronze Shield) AC16 HP destroyed
GM: End Round Four; Begin Round Five


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Myrral rushes on, ignoring the skeleton clawing at him.
"Hey, you, rotten cricketies, pick up on someone your own size! Yuan-ti is already down." a pulse of vitality flows from him and as Yassah comes to hears "And will stay down! You need to kill others too! Idiots!"

Move: BA 70 taking OA if needed
Action: Aura of vitality (concentration)
Bonus: Heal Yassah for neurotic: 2D6#myrralsauraofvitality → 3(2 +1)#Myrrals aura of vitality :(

Prickly Pear

Chrysagon continued the battle with the skeleton and this time he smashed it to smithereens. Chrysagon rushed to the next skeleton and, with a mighty swing, the skeleton crumbled in a heap.
Next he is going for the cauldron in the corner.

Action: Attack with Staff of Striking + damage: 1D20+9 = [7]+9 = 16
1D8+6 = [5]+6 = 11
1D20+9 = [19]+9 = 28
1D8+6 = [7]+6 = 13

Assumption: these skeletons are vulnerable to bludgeoning damage. If so, one hit will kill the first skeleton (TS1a) and and the second hit will kill the second skeleton (TS2b or c). If not, then Chrysagon will still move but not attack the second skeleton.
Move: from AW60 to AU66

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